Seattle Police Officers Guild Will Face Expulsion Vote



I like and support public employee unions. But I abhor racist police unions that block all attempts at police reform. I'm not conflicted. Boot the motherfuckers out.


David, you are so funny. You're not conflicted at all. You have been sold and taken by the rules of oppression. You lather yourself in it and give many an easy target to semantically take down. I mean this, you're totally your own South Park character. Often, I watch that late at night and wonder what people like you do when you do. Clueless laughter at the obvious parodies. I recognize that they are professed libertarians or have backed off that now. However, you are a self parody. Level with the readers of SLOG. What is it you believe that the other readers do not? Explain, what got you to be such a dependable, rigid pin of vacuous, hateful nothingness.


Always use flash-bang and gas grenades with the union label when suppressing a protest or march. Remember somewhere our union's fighting, it's so exciting, to beat the kids. So always look for the union label when you gear up for the fight today!


I like and support our Firefighters.

Sometimes you have to do the right thing.


Are you a Gen Zer or Millennial Rich? Because you write like one. Lot's of hyperbole.


If police unions could be made to negotiate only for pay and benefits and banned from commenting on disciplinary matters or being involved in them in any way, then they would be fine and basically like any other union.


I don’t care who you support, Sawant is the Tim Eyman of Socialism. She literally gets nothing done. She’s incompetent and doesn’t care about Seattle only the Revolution. Even if you want that, she is definitely not how you get there. Also Teresa Mosqueda is dumb as fuck. There are ten million smart, capable minority candidates and this is what we fucking get? A lazy ass incompetent who can’t get shit done but she’s Left enough you give her a pass? cough Tim Eyman


@8 checking both the racism and sexism boxes in one post. Way to overachieve.