Slog PM: Outdoor Protests Don't Seem to Cause COVID Spikes, Barricade Backlash in CHOP



Are CHOP "leaders" running a contest to see who can most quickly ruin whatever good will was built from the BLM protests? Without a unified message and continued harassment of actual residents of that zone, they are certainly doing their best to imitate Ben Garrison's horrible "art."


I refuse to believe that Garrison comic is real because it's lacking his trademark musclebound Trump Adonis and has far too few labels on things like the Washington Couch, the Space Needle, and the floor.


Dear me, where's Marcus Licinius Crassus when you need him?


Too early to know if there are any Covid spikes due to protests. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the infections to show. Even then it will be difficult to tell because most places had opened somewhat unless it’s NYC where it was still pretty locked down except for the protests. Being outside and having masks could mitigate the spread but there will be spread. Just like resuming life will result in some spread. The apocalyptic surge predicted by talking heads could be more hand wringing. The predictions and assumptions have been pretty hit and miss.


re the cartoon inscription : "Soros funded?"
Geez when all else fails - it gets blamed on a Jewish conspiracy- or the gayz!


@5 - totally agree. At first, any increase in cases would be confused by the variation in testing between jurisdictions and over time. In fact, if people started getting tested in large numbers BECAUSE they had been at protests and were concerned, that would lead to more of the cases that were there anyway being detected, and push the reported numbers up. What we need to watch for is to see if the number of deaths start to go up. That number is much less affected by variations in how many people decide to get tested.


No free press in Chopistan. Here's the video of the mob attack on a Q13 new crew recently:


If'n ya cain't Revoke FOX's Charter

ya CAIN Revoke FOX -- and Fiends!
Sayonara, FAKE "News"!
Adios, Uncle Snoopy!

See Ya Later


Nine billion dollars in debt, and that's probably low-balling it. Thanks for saddling millennials with debt again, you guys are the best. Totally gonna put you in a nice nursing home, promise ;)


Of course we are home to multiple mega corporations and trillionaires so those losses could be easily controlled but us middle class folks just hate taxing wealth so darn much. Instead, it's better to rely on building up more debt when we want to do something like build lightrail or replace a bridge.



I agree... we should cut off the unemployment benefits and reduce that future debt. We wouldn't want to saddle our precious millennials with this burdensome debt.

Meanwhile, I see Mexico has great places to retire and hard working people (just the opposite of the snow flake generation) who would just love to take care of older folks and who knows...maybe there is an inheritance it for them.

Hurry back to the CHOP Zone....its a great place to hang and think about your wonderful future.


@16 motherfucker is fallacies and strawmen all you know?

I know you dumbfuck Rightwing boot kickers love to steal tax payer money and hand it over groveling to your billionaire masters. But UI isn’t their money. It’s ours.

See UI is something workers pay into and collect from when they need it. It’s THIER money, you craven festering pustule.

Your suicidal brainwashing of voting in big authoritarian daddies that you worship and allow to rip you off in exchange for murdering black people is your personal Nazi kink. But it’s not how the system is supposed to work.

Same with police budgets. I get that you like the warm feel of a boot on your neck and cop cock up your worthless ass. But we’re the bosses. Not the police. That’s our money. And we get to decide how much they get. We’re the tops. They’ve the bottoms.

Turn your world right side up.


“Lord of the fly’s”


18 You kicked their asses beautifully. The slimy, gross, ass lickers of the 1% how they will twist and turn in the heat of our new day. Mess with our money will cost them big time.

Thanks again.


Poor old raindrop. Once again out of touch with what is going on. All you do for the status quo and to keep the vampires in power is for naught.

How is everything going at the chamber of commerce? How annoying to you that the majority of people are making a stand and being noisy about it. We are sick of classism and racism and working 2 or 3 jobs just to survive while you make snide remarks about us. Rant on while you rant on to empty rooms with your empty remarks. You can’t stop us.