Slog AM: A Fist Is Raised, Supreme Court Blocks Overturn of DACA, Portland Tries for an Autonomous Zone



In other news, Dame Vera Lynn passed away at 103.


"I couldn’t really watch it for that long a period of time, it was over eight minutes. Who could watch that?" ~ DJT

I'm going to step out on a limb here and presume that even trivial POTUS decisions often require more than 8 minutes of concentration...


I know it’s old news but here is your daily reminder that the president has the emotional development of a socially neglected teenager:


Fuck Bolton. He could have actually done something to stop this shitshow, but he's a goddamn coward who sat on his hands when it mattered. And now he has the nerve to give the Democrats shit for not expanding their impeachment inquiry when HE HIMSELF had the means to provide proper evidence for just such an expansion, but chose to hide behind process and subpoenas. What a dick. He can shove his little tell-all, do-nothing book straight up his bony ass.


Happy 78th Birthday Paul McCartney!
One of the giants of the 20th Century.


5 - He's only 5'10"


"...a shotgun blast to the face."
What a bizarre, macabre analogy.
Do conservatives really like this type of talk? Are they happy that their President shows signs of a disturbed personality?



The more unabashedly bat-shit crazy stuff he says or does the more he makes the rest of the GOP look positively normal by comparison, even if they really are all nothing but a knot of toadying boot-lickers.


So brave of Bolton to admit the president is unfit, something over half the country has been saying since November 2016.


@1, sad to hear. At least she lived long enough to hear the queen quote her classic WWII song as part of her inspiring pandemic message.

@5, good to hear. I recall hearing that on Paul Simon's 64th birthday Paul McCartney called him and sang "When I'm 64." It just pleased me to know that these two iconic songwriting geniuses were friends. Kinda like seeing Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, and Camila Cabello touring together, if you know what I mean.


@1 and it was written about members of antifa being reunited with their families. Why didnt you mention that part?


*We'll Meet Again, obviously


They aren’t autonomous zones guys. They are protest zones or encampments. An autonomous zone would not be relying on city and state services and have some sort of cohesive organization structure. Lack of structure is what’s going to bring the CHOP movement down particularly if they anger the neighborhood. They have the opportunity to make a good, just statement. “Cops bad, revolt now” is not a strategy. With the leadership vacuum the movement is likely to end in weeks rather than months. There are plenty of people out there that could assume those roles. They need to step up.

The sculpture looks great. That should stay as a permanent piece of art. More art like that, not just in Cal Anderson but around the neighborhood would be nice.


The Bourgeoisie will soon return to reclaim the means of production from the ignorant masses.


@11: It wasn't a necessary detail.


Kind of selfish to put that right at home plate.


We’ll meet again was a song to antifascists like my Dad and his friends who fought against the third reich in ww11.

I am proud to be an antifascist (antifa) too and carrying on their message.


"Taking a knee" comes form highschool football practice. A football game requires hours of endurance, so during practice you are not allowed to sit down and rest for the two hours or so of a typical practice session. The one exception is when the coach brings the entire team in and tells them to "take a knee" when he has something particularly important to say and requires 100% attention. Typical examples might be a pep talk for the big game, or saying goodbye to the graduating seniors, or announcing a star player has been banned from playing due to some disciplinary action.

For the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of kids and grown adults who played HS football or beyond, the act of taking a knee means taking a moment for solemn thought or reflection. I have a feeling it's not just upper class british twits who don't understand that.


You are wonderful German Sausage.


@18 - I'd guess that the vast majority of us who never played football didn't know that. And I'm neither British nor upper class. I like to think I am no twit.


@20: Indeed. Neither are you a racist or voted for Donald Trump.