King County Approved for Phase 2: Here's What You Can Do



Huge C19 spike is already happening and will turn into a tidal wave the way people are behaving now. So go out there and fuck yourselves up!


This is insane. Outdoor playgrounds are still off limits, but you can go to an indoor restaurant. This disease is spread indoors. You can't eat at a restaurant with a mask on. That is an extremely risky situation. In contrast, a playground has very little risk. Kids aren't likely to be right next to other kids, breathing their air. Even if they were, that could happen anywhere (e. g. on a field). These decisions seem to be completely ignoring what we've learned about how this pandemic is spread.


I was at Retreat Coffee in Greenlake yesterday. Looks like business-as-usual there. Fuck that place.


@2 While there are certainty some encouraging signs regarding the relative safety of outdoor activities, and the level of rigor required for Internet bloviation is astonishingly low, perhaps even we shouldn't get too far ahead of the science on this?


If we go the way of California, we will all party and have to go back to Stage 1.



The Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church saw the Skagit Singers' ante, and decided to go all in:


The thrift stores are open. I'm good.


Why are there no walk up testing sites in the downtown area? I live in Belltown and don’t own a car - How am I supposed to get tested? King County has the highest number of cases and deaths in the state, shouldn’t testing be accessible?


@8 I walked up to a free testing site on 6th Ave S in Sodo.


The Skagit Valley Chorale is not a church choir, and the super-spreader event mentioned was a regular rehearsal, not a service.