When COVID-19 arrived in Seattle, I was furloughed like many at The Stranger. For six weeks I sat at home oscillating between banana bread baking and using my tears of frustration as lube. All my shows had been watched, all my books had been read. I was starving for connection with others and the outside world.

Later when I was asked to come back, I hit the ground running. A new project was on the horizon: CoFF. To be honest, my first impression was that no one would submit. The world was practically ending! But when the jury convened, we were unanimously blown away by the caliber of these entries. We knew we had something special to share with the world.

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What the final line-up illustrated for me was that not only were we not alone in this—from Los Angeles to London—but that people still had the capacity for joy and humor. Now that COFF Volume 1 has concluded and all the ballots are counted, the winning films emphasize that exact revelation. And if you missed your chance to watch COFF, no need to worry—it’s now available on-demand anytime here!

Please join me in congratulating these winning films:



Most Creative—"L’Oignon"

Lost Their Goddamn Minds—"Morning Routine"


Most Poignant—"A Covid-19 Love Story: Marc & Mary"