Karen is nuts, and love and hugs to Karlos, who was a badass through the whole thing.


“So that’s the motherboard?”
“NO, it’s food!”




The police don't prevent crime, they respond to crime.
The police can't stop shootings.
This is the real world not "Minority Report".


What happens to the "Karen" thing if CBC Chair Karen Bass becomes VPOTUS?


@12 Cop-loving authoritarian says good things about cops. Is this really news?



Yah, I hear it's being sponsored by White People Who Don't Give A Fuck About Black Lives And Who Won't Be Assaulted By Police For Anything Ever.


"I have a black husband"- not anymore.


@5- thank you! That's what the vast majority of people don't get.



What does this have to do with Seattle, which isn't even in the top 50 U.S. Cities in terms of per-capita murder rates (although, I note both Houston and Dallas are -


The last time I looked, the largest Republican-run city in the USA was Jacksonville Florida - a fine town, I don't doubt but not a great metropolis. There is no way to compare Republican run big city vs Democrat run big city because there are no Republican run big cities. And this happens because of the structure of the two parties coalitions and as a direct consequence of post-war... blah, blah, blah.

I mean everybody knows the history of the USA since WW2. So why don't people relate it to current events in some kind of cohesive theory? Its vexing.



I'm from Detroit, and we protests against the violence in our community.
I'm pretty sure that they protest against the violence in their community in Chicago too.

In fact, this is a Chicago anti violence protest from last summer.


I can't stop watching that video, zero to Karen in less than 3 seconds. Funniest thing I've seen all day. Fuck all her apologists.


"Think of the NRA!"-Helen Lovejoy. Mo guns, Mo problems, Mo NRA, Mo popo.


So Trump himself now says he was NOT kidding in Tulsa when he admitted to deliberately trying to slow down COVID testing. That’s a bald admission that he wants, and still wants, to kill Americans so the infection numbers look better, right? What kind of psychopath still supports this shitbag? He should be pulled out of the White House and thrown in a damn prison.


White women who make false accusations need the death penalty. Karen's going to have to move now, lololol cheers to Karlos!


@34- they're called cornrows, you halfwit.


Horrible taking advantage of racial tension for self-serving publicity. Karlos has more in common with Donald Trump than the BLM movement.


will you boys just stop jerking off and waving yer dicks in public? it's so UNSEEMLY. you wouldn't catch women doing that.


@31: While it's commendable to go get the receipts to wave in that racist idiot's face, keep in mind how much time it took to collect them, when he is absolutely not going to read any of it or use it to reevaluate his racism. If anything, he's probably pleased to have wasted your time on it.

After 3.5 years of Trump* and who knows how many years of just being a dumbass, he's not going to change his racist views, regardless of how much proof you find for him.

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