Washington Better Mask Up, Daddy Inslee Says



Do you need a note from your doctor for the medical exception?

Probably means a big pay day for the same batch of doctors who sign the papers for all those handicap parking permits.


Cue all of the men who dont want the government telling them what to do with their bodies.


This is not going to go over well at the hardware store in Grand Coulee....


@3 Ha, no kidding.

Batten down the hatches for all the huffing and puffing from the sheriffs who refuse to enforce.


@4 dude, you don’t go anywhere, do anything, or have any friends. So nobody cares if you wear a mask sitting alone in your shitty apartment all day.


Not sure how the mask requirement is any different than No Shirt,No Shoes, No Service for most (all ?) commercial spaces. Why the fuss from mask snowflakes?


@8 They are worried about mind control by the Bavarian Illuminati.


Am I the only one who's pretty much done with edicts from political leaders that they have no intention of enforcing?

I get it: COVID-19 is bad. We should protect ourselves, and we have an obligation to try to protect our neighbors. Wearing masks in public, Social Distancing, and good hygiene are things we all should be doing.

But I'm sick and tired of hearing; 'You can't get together in big groups, you can't go to church, you can only open your business when we say so', but when a bunch of self-righteous yahoos (right AND left wing) decide their gawd-given right to protest trumps health edicts, then Jay, Dow, and Jenny just shrug and say 'whatever'. And then we end up back at Square One.

I have an idea: rather than make edicts you're not going to enforce, just level with people and say, 'This is bad. In some areas, hospitals are full. We're ASKING everybody to do X, Y, and Z.

Give us the facts and our options, and make your recommendations, but as the kids say, 'Don't throw hands, Karen, if you're not going to finish it.'


Sargon, that’s ridiculous, even for you. Have you checked your temperature lately?


@9 i hear they brew a fine Pilsner.



No, the mask tells everyone "I don't know if I'm infected or not - so, for YOUR sake I'll assume I am and act accordingly, and you should do the same."

As for the rest of you he-manly patriotic Warriors For Freedumb, I realize this concept is incredibly challenging for pea-brained simpletons who developed their moral philosophy from reading an Ayn Rand novel at the age of 15, but NOT wearing a mask says to the world "fuck you, fuck your health, fuck everyone - I am a self-centered asshole who knows more about viral infections than all the experts in the world and I. DO. NOT. CARE." Fortunately, mask wearers ascribe to a higher moral imperative and we'll look out for you regardless, even though you don't fucking deserve it, because it's the right thing to do.

But, just so you know: my balls are ready and waiting - so, pucker up, incels.


This is bad science with respect to wearing a mask outdoors in public, like walking down a non-crowded sidewalk, or in a park with few people, spread out. Unless the science has changed in the last month when I did a review on this, there is no reason to wear a mask outdoors unless one is in close proximity to others, close being 2 meters or less. I have zero intent of wearing a mask when I am outdoors absent attending a street festival or chamber music in the park (oops, all have been cancelled). By all means in stores, buildings and the like. But outdoors, no way. And this governor has long ago lost my trust given his duplicitous treatment of business with regard to what is and is not essential or permitted. It was driven by politics and patronage, not by science. So he is not credible and has earned the right to be ignored.


@14 The words you want to use when you're trying to sound smarter than you would if you just said "believe in" are "subscribe to." The word "ascribe" does not mean "believe in," it is instead a synonym for "attribute," as in "Sargon's refusal to wear masks is more properly ascribed to toxic masculinity than to ignorance."

I'd suggest avoiding the word "ascribe" entirely these days; with the way it's thrown around on social media right now, even when it's used correctly it just makes the user sound pompous.


@16 I'm just guessing here, but it could be that's precisely why the order specifically exempts outdoor recreation with at least 6 feet of distance from other people.


@14 "no reason to wear a mask outdoors unless one is in close proximity to others, close being 2 meters or less." RTFA:
"outside where you can't maintain six feet of social distance."

Cool your emotions of dudely superiority.


Speaking of sounding pompous, @17 - how long did it take you to research, draft and write your picayune riposte? Longer than it takes to put on a fucking mask, I'll wager...


@20: good return


Good. Mask, wash hands, sanitizer when you can't wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Know the difference between a surgical mask and an n95. Learn how to properly disinfect- simply spraying and immediately wiping disinfectant does not do it. No need to wear a mask in your car. Don't like it, feel free to lick doorknobs.


@21, and you'll show that fascist Inslee when you end up in the hospital on a ventilator, which is where most high-risk people who get the virus are taken. He'll be sorry he tried to yank your freedom away from you.


@21 Golly, if only you'd gone to the mat like this over smoking in elevators when you had the chance, we could still smoke in elevators!


How in the fuck are we debating wearing masks when the middle of Capitol Hill has been overtaken by 20 year olds and homeless drug addicts? The mask is ridiculous. Arguing over it is ridiculous. Saying it is white male privilege is ridiculous. All you fuckwads on your high horse trying to protect your fellow humans from the scary Covid have done nothing about the destruction of your city. There are 7,100,000 people in washington state, 1284 have died from Covid. That is a .00018 rate. You are all afraid of your own shadows. If you want to wear a mask great, if not, that is ok also. I am not the flu police and either are you. You can take out your silly smart phone and start video shaming all who do not follow your wishes.


It'd be a whole lot easier and cheaper if people in the high risk groups were the ones we focused on protecting. People over age 60 and those with comorbidity factors.


I really curious on the legality of this. I guess it is a public health crisis, but it seems like it is an obvious first amendment violation. Anyone know the answer?

Regardless I wouldnt risk a fine that wouldn't be reviewed by the courts for several months.


Shorter @26:

"So what if a few thousand Washingtonians die because I'm a self-centered prick? There's millions more where those came from!"

Alternatively, we can change his scenario slightly for context:

"Last year 235 people in WA died in automobile accidents, that is a 0.000033 rate. Time to get rid of seat belts and airbags, because you're all just afraid of our own shadows. You want to wear a car restraint, great, if not, that is okay also. I am not the seat belt police and neither are you."


Wear double protection of you don't want to catch anything. A mask and a Mariner's jersey.


There are actual health concerns related to wearing cloth masks, the above link is good start to discussing them, and the study authors have an update related to Covid-19. The concerns are NOT about carbon dioxide build up.

Forcing the public into an experiment like this is highly concerning; keep in mind that the medical community as led people into serious danger before and this situation seems more driven by fear and TSA-style rules than anything else (or as grocery store worker told me in regards to masks: it's about optics.)

One quick example of medical damage to people: Thalidomide https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/23/health/thalidomide-survivors-usa.html)

Too many of our political leaders are Candidate Bs. Anyone who feels there is an overreach of power, a leading by fear mongering, etc. may enjoy these comics: https://crisiscomic.wordpress.com/covid-19-comics/politics/



Hope you don't need to visit a doctor or dentist anytime during the next couple years....


@31- comparing Thalidomide babies to wearing a mask? That's a stretch.



The COVID update posted by the authors clearly states that at the time of their original study (2015) wearing a cloth mask IN A HOSPITAL SETTING was not preferred:

"At the time of the study, there had been very little work done in this space, and so little thought into how to improve the protective value of the cloth masks. Until now, most guidelines on PPE did not even mention cloth masks, despite many health workers in Asia using them.

Health workers are asking us if they should wear no mask at all if cloth masks are the only option. Our research does not condone health workers working unprotected. We recommend that health workers should not work during the COVID-19 pandemic without respiratory protection as a matter of work health and safety. In addition, if health workers get infected, high rates of staff absenteeism from illness may also affect health system capacity to respond. Some health workers may still choose to work in inadequate PPE. In this case, the physical barrier provided by a cloth mask may afford some protection, but likely much less than a surgical mask or a respirator."

To my knowledge NO ONE has ever stated that cloth masks are superior to medical-grade PPE, because they're not. But they CAN provide some level of protection, and so are strongly recommended for use by the general public who: A.) do not have access to medical-grade protective equipment, and; B.) to reserve such equipment for use by health care workers in hospital environments where it's most needed.


@20 It doesn't take me any longer to put my mask on than it takes you to put yours on, so I know for a fact that you spend far more time typing up your enraged SLOG comments than you spend bravely suiting up to enter QFC or whatever other hot zone your business takes you to.

And this thing where you assume that anyone who disagrees with you on the internet doesn't wear a mask in public? Maybe don't do that. Beyond just being flat-out wrong, you're fetishizing mask-wearing, which exacerbates the idiotic politicization.

You know what? There are a lot of assholes wearing masks out there, too. Call me one of them if you like, but please stop being a furious little dipshit about it.


Don't be such a baby, TheOne. No one likes a whiner.


How much is the bounty for arresting people not wearing masks.

I'm sensing a business opportunity here.



Violence for a profit! Now you're thinking like a Republican!



So, are you wearing a mask in public or no?



You are totally right, I do not give a flying fuck if you wear a seat belt or not. I think bike helmets are useless as well.


I dislike having to wear a mask to protect stupid people, but that's what we do when we are good citizens. Republicans, being horrible people, don't understand that concept.

If nothing else, bike helmets keep the gore contained. Otherwise, their brains end up all over the street, and it's a very tedious clean up.


@MotherLover -- correct: protecting
the contents of an empty vessel
IS ridiculious.


ridiculous is what it is.


Biker dear, people of normal intelligence understand that during civil emergencies (like a pandemic) we need to accept some limitations on our freedoms (or, in the case of the anti-mask dumbasses, their freedumbs).

It's not because of fear. It's out of a sense of community. I'm sorry that you don't have any friends or family to care about. Maybe when this is over you should try volunteering somewhere?


Biker dear, are you always this melodramatic? No wonder you have trouble connecting with people.

This is not an instance of "taking people's civil rights away". It's a requirement that you wear a mask in public to help curb the spread of a pandemic. What civil right is that infringing on?

Step away from the internet, put a mask on, and go for a walk. You sound like you need some fresh air.


Please contact Governor Inslee to demand that he fire and replace Washington State Patrol Chief Batiste. Batiste issued a memo to local law enforcement saying the police will only 'educate' people who don't wear masks and won't enforce the penalties in the governor's mandate. Local sheriff's, including those in Lewis, Thurston, and Mason counties are now saying they will only 'educate' as well. While I don't think jumping to jail time is a good idea in a pandemic, why not ticket those who don't comply, maybe after one warning? People have had months to get educated. Those that still refuse masks are endangering the rest of us, and disproportionately black and brown bodies, people with disabilities, and the elderly. They are also setting back our economic recovery by causing case numbers to climb back up. It is time for consequences. Law enforcement's job is to ENFORCE the law, not make it. Chief Batiste is appointed by the Governor and therefore can be removed by him. Contact Governor Inslee
at https ://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/contact/send-gov-inslee-e-message


COMTE, Catalina Vel-DuRay, and kristofarian for the WIN!

@49: Thank you for the information and link.


@21: When was the last time you tested for rabies?


Thanks to the Democrats we are supposed to become sheep headed for slaughter with out any vote our dipshit governor runs to eastern Washington when shit goes south in Seattle then proclaims he is exercising his 1 st amendment right to why he is not wearing a mask time for a change west coast your governor (I didn’t vote for him ) has now idea how to handle life