Were still trusting polls I take it?
We're still trusting polls I take it? SEAN RAYFORD / GETTY IMAGES

Washington schools will be back in the fall: And it's going to be interesting. Students will have to maintain 6 feet of social distance between each other. According to the Seattle Times, it's not even certain how many classrooms are big enough to accommodate desks spaced that far apart. Kids who live further away from school may just need to walk since school bus crowding is a worry. Everything will be sterile. Kindergarten teachers might need to get rid of toys. Face coverings for all. And more.

Baseball's got a plan to come back: For a 60-game season. The season has been outlined in a way that will reduce travel for teams. There are other rule changes, too. Mostly though, a 60-game season will be vastly different than the normal 162 games in a season. Maybe the Mariners will finally make it to the World Series when no fans can attend. Opening Day will be either on July 23 or 24 and players will do another sort of spring training starting on July 1.

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Seattle's Aquarium and Woodland Park Zoo: Will reopen next week. In the meantime, did you know you can book a zoo animal to join your Zoom call?

The Seattle Times: Spells out the complicated relationship between Seattle Police Department Chief Carment Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Anyone else not able to sleep a wink last night? Just me? Damn. Okay. Please excuse any typos.

CHOP on the move: Looks like tents are clearing out of Cal Anderson and, according to Converge Media's Omari Salisbury, headed to the Space Needle or the East Precinct "to avoid a publicity stunt planned by Black Lives Matter and Black-led leaders."

One of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor has been fired: Brett Hankison was one of three Louisville Metro Police Department officers who allegedly killed Taylor after they busted into her apartment in March. They were supposedly investigating a drug charge but had the wrong apartment. Hankison "was found to have violated two standard operating procedures: obedience to rules and regulations and use of deadly force." Hankison fired 10 rounds into Taylor's apartment. He also endangered the lives of Taylor's neighbors by firing rounds that went into their apartment. Here's the whole statement from the LMPD chief of police.

Walmart bans Mississippi: Er, at least the flag. Walmart has announced that it will no longer sell or display any Mississippi state flags until Mississippi gets the damn Confederate flag off of there. The NCAA and SEC have also boycotted the flag.

Rhode Island's real name needs a change, too: Okay, so, Rhode Island was the state's nickname? The actual name for the nation's tiniest state is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations" which references slavery and really could using some paring down. For brevity's sake. Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo is making the change. Just Rhode Island now.

The weather this week: Get those fans on, baby.

Don't you hate it when this happens?: Iowa police chief says Facebook post calling protesters "road bumps" was "a total accident."

Biden gets a boost: I don't know why we trust polls anymore after the war flashback that is 2016 but the polls are saying that Biden is ahead of Trump. He's up 14 percentage points and is securing steady leads with Black and Hispanic voters, women, and young people. Even those college-educated whites—typically Republican strongholds—are evenly split among Trump and Biden. As the New York Times puts it, "the best news for Trump is that the election is still over four months away."

As for those primary races: They're still mostly up in the air since most of the states are getting their first taste of majority vote-by-mail (or as they're calling it absentee) voting. What's for certain is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has solidly clinched her spot in the general election. The other race to watch is the tight race in Kentucky. Which Democrat, Amy McGrath or Charles Booker, will duke it out with Mitch McConnell for his seat?

Facial recognition got the wrong guy: In January, a Detroit man was wrongfully accused and arrested for a crime he did not commit. Why? A facial recognition algorithm wrongfully matched his face with the face of the suspect. The man was Black. Facial recognition software is notoriously flawed when it comes to identifying non-white people. Last year a Detroit assistant police chief even raised the concern that false positives tend to occur more frequently with African American males. What's disturbing is that this is the first documented case of someone getting falsely identified by the software for a crime they didn't commit, but it's probably not the first time it's happened.

New Nessie pics: The clusterfuck that is 2020 wouldn't be complete without some good ol' fashioned cryptid news. A tourist in Scotland supposedly snapped some HD pictures of the Loch Ness Monster. At this point, I don't even want to bother with skepticism. Nessie, you look great.

Her except real: There's a newish app out there that lets you get an AI mate. It's called Replika. Users can start chatting with their very own AIs that learn and adapt and grow the more they're chatted to. It's romantic. You can sext them. They tell jokes. It was downloaded over a half-million times in April and traffic to the app doubled. People in lockdown were lonely. Read this journalist's experience with his AI, Reba.

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On my "to read" list for the day: My Family Saw a Police Car Hit a Kid on Halloween. Then I Learned How NYPD Impunity Works.

A reminder: There's a free crossword for you over at the Daily Beast.

Texas reported 5,000 new COVID-19 cases in a day yesterday: They're not locking down though! On top of their own little hotspot, Texans now have to worry about PAM, primary amebic meningoencephalitis. Also known as a deadly, brain-eating amoeba. It's swirling around in freshwater so avoid rivers and lakes cause if the amoeba gets in your nose you're toast.

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