One terrorist down
how many more to go?

Not to Mention the
Terrorist in Chief
he's gotta
Go too.




What a miserable wretch.

I browsed around Blogtown - the comment threads are completely desolate. Somebody give the link to Dave in Shoreline who I'm sure could liven things right up.


Oh Mr. Shoreline deep down probably sees no problem with what this guy did but will play ball to make it seem his heart of conservative coal isn't what you think it is. Just blame it on the liberals because people like Christian wouldn't have been on the street if it were not for permissive policies.


Barr's a LOCK
on a USSC seat.

trumpf could always Pardon him
and have him in his back pocket too.

What these Repubs have sown . . .

If you haven't seen 'the Death of Stalin,' it's pretty fucking funny specially when you see how Common it is for the Autocrat -- and trumpf just LOVES Autocrats and if he could, he'd love to Be one, too -- Stalin just' shoots people. Well, he has lotta Helpers. But he doesn't need a phony reason or even a good one -- it's his Whim and his mood.

And you Don't
Gotta Like it.

Got a big family?


Now that's what i call a quarantine haircut


@7 C'mon, don't be mean. I picked Dave because he always gets lots of responses. And he's cool because he's always sincere. Its nice to have someone around who always says what he means. Its a refreshing change from all the facetious irony.


On the one hand, I'm glad Oregon abolished the death penalty. On the other hand, this is one motherfucker who deserves to snap, crackle, and pop in the electric chair.


Abolish prisons!


Here's to hoping for news that he begins to rot BEFORE his arrival in Hell!


@21, he's serving two true-life sentences consecutively, so your prediction has more than a wild chance of being spot-on..


Notice how he mindlessly submits to handcuffing, despite his yelling. He’s a trained animal. Not much of a human being to begin with, soon to be an institutionalized zombie. The death penalty would be a mercy to such people, which I could not grant.


"It is abundantly clear that we as a society... somebody must have failed miserably when it comes down to raising you," Fletcher told Christian. "It pisses me off... this has to stop, eventually."

What about the possibility that it's NOT society's fault, and this guy is just the proverbial bad seed?

@24 - do we know that he was home schooled? Would not surprise me, especially if "home" was a compound in Northern Idaho somewhere.


But should we not be abolishing the police and razing the prisons to the ground?


@17: And it's only you that still does COCAINE AND MALT LIQUOR. Why are you still so obsessed with endlessly reposting those words, btw?

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