So the Coliseum has yet another corporate name?


As evil as Amazon is and as harmful as they can be, they do manage to do some good things, and this arena sponsorship is one of them. As is the company-wide pledge to go carbon-neutral--or as it WILL BE if they follow through on it.

Is Climate Pledge Arena the catchiest name? No, but boy, it sure beats Climate Change Arena.


Ah, "Chicks" ... PC at last!


CenturyLink and T-Mobile may think they're in the big leagues by having naming rights on our other pro sports venues. But Amazon shows it's in a league of its own by demonstrating it can afford to throw away money on the naming rights and not even use its own name or the name of a product. And in the midst of a pandemic too when we don't even know when spectator sports will return!

It is, shall we say, a ballsy move. Kinda like the Amazon Spheres.


I'm ok with Climate Pledge Arena.
Symbolism either matters or it doesn't, and if it doesn't then why bother tearing down statues?
The symbol chosen here is a declaration of a value. Virtue-signalling in the parlance of the right.
Amazon is signalling that value is a core value, and they are attaching it to themselves and to this city, a city known for its progressivism.
This feels authentic for us, the people of the greater Seattle region and we should not be afraid to defend our values.
Of course there will be people who mock us, but tough shit.


@8 You're right, "Black People In Management Positions Arena" wouldn't fit as well with the local culture.


"Bill de Blasio wants to paint the fabled & beautiful Fifth Avenue, right in front of Trump Tower/Tiffany, with a big yellow Black Lives Matter sign." - donald trump

Sorry, donald dear, but you destroyed that block of Fifth when you tore down Bonwit-Teller and put up your remarkably tacky tower. Age has not softened its vulgarity.

And while they're painting the street, they should rename that stretch of 5th avenue "Barak Hussein Obama Avenue"


I don't think Dixie refers to anything slavery or confederate related. It's a term for the southern states, like Cascadia is for the PNW. But, these are the times we live in.


Why don't any of the articles mention how much Amazon paid for these naming rights? Seems weird. Is it none of our business?

It'll make an ironic ruin someday, ankle deep in sea water, draped in mutant vines, the abode of bright tropical birds. Gaze upon Jeff's works and tremble ;)


Were they to rename that stretch of 5th avenue Barak Hussein Obama Avenue, and were Fake 'president' trumpf to shoot someone in broad daylight on Barak Hussein Obama Avenue -- say Barak Hussein Obama, for instance -- would he lose ANY of his aptly-nomenclatured 'base' -- including McMoscow McMitch, one of his most Importantest, thoroughly basest of suckerlings?

He IS the "president" after all.


"The Chicks" huh? When feminism and #metoo gets another crack at being the cause du jour, or at least leading clickbait, will "Chicks" be deemed inappropriate? What then - shorten the name to "The"?


Oh sweet Jesus it occurred to me "wouldn't it be a new low if Dixie cups felt compelled to change their name?" I was kidding but - well, just Google it.

Numbers for everything! Stop with all naming.



I googled the word dixie, and literally the first sentence of the first returned hit (the Wikipedia entry, FWIW) reads "Dixie (also known as Dixieland) is a nickname for the Southern United States, especially those states that composed the Confederate States of America."

Personally, I think we ascribe far too much importance to intangible and largely subjective things like words and symbols, but Dixie is primarily associated with outdated ideas of southern heritage, and yes, the confederacy.


The dictionary is your friend. Take it away, Webster's....

Definition of Dixie (Entry 1 of 2)
—used for a paper cup

Dixie geographical name
Definition of Dixie (Entry 2 of 2)
the states of the southeastern and south central U.S. and especially those which constituted the Confederate States of America

Sounds pretty slavey/confederacy to me....

As for "chicks": Feminism is about women being able to make choices for themselves, and that includes what they want to call themselves, so put down your smelling salts.

Finally, anyone who gets Terribly Concerned because a company wants to change their branding is a someone who needs to get out more. Granted, I have been upset by that very thing - when The Bon Marche became Bon-Macys I took to my bed for several weeks. But did I question Macy's right to rename the store? Of course not.

It must be so tedious to be so continuously angry about stuff that really doesn't affect one.


@23 @26 (especially 26 because you really come across as a dipshit) I did more than one google search, I didn't stop at the first one, and I certainly didn't rely on Wikipedia, and the consensus opinion I came to was that it either had something to do with the mason-dixon line or the fact that in New Orleans the $10 coin was called a dix. It is not synonymous with slavery or the confederacy. Although it certainly could be in various contexts. There was a song "I wish I was in Dixie" which was adopted by the confederacy. However Dixie itself refers to a region, like cascadia. Ante-Bellum is related to slavery and the confederacy as it means before the civil war.


FYI there are small towns named "Dixie" in WA. OR and MT.


Sorry, not MT. ID.



Exactly what I was wondering. I imagine it was well into eight-figures, and of course it leads one to ponder what else Bezos could have spent that on, like say, better wages and benefits for warehouse employees; actually following through on his so-called "climate pledge" (I guess people forget AMZN's carbon footprint actually went UP in 2018); more social service programs such as Mary's Place, et-al - any number of things besides naming rights for a sports facility that no one will EVER call by that name?

Which brings up the inevitable question: what will regular people REALLY call it? The Clip? The Clipple? Bezos' Fourth Ball?


Speaking of dumbAsses - just remember kids, you can't spell "Hickory" without using the word "hick"...


I'd go for naming it 'the Fourth Ball', except it's not a baseball stadium.
How about 'Bezos' Pucking Arena'?


So we have to base everything on what was OK with Abraham Lincoln? That seems kind of old-timey to me. But anything to justify pointless anger and fear of change, right Ol' Hickory?


I for one welcome the Big Green Blob


Is it just me, or does "Climate Pledge" sound like the name of a "green" furniture polish?


@43: Nobody is saying that "history is offensive". We don't have to have statues of Confederate slavery defenders to know history.


@7: She had a PR problem when she WAS governor-due to her aggressive and overbearing support for the construction of nuclear power plants and her backing of hardline Cold War military policies-including further deployment of nuclear weapons, she was known, during her term, as "Dixy Death Ray".


BTW, the term "Dixie" wasn't about an innocuous form of Louisiana-based currency-it was also the title of the nationa hate anthem of the Confederacy. In reality, the word "Dixie" had almost no usage that was not related to the antebellum era or the later fight to preserve Jim Crow.


Oh, and...BAD Proud Boy! BAD PROUD BOY! BAD, BAD PROUD BOY!!!!


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