Seattle Black Collective Voice Seeks to Reclaim the CHOP Narrative



There is no “narrative” to claim, other than magnanimously respecting the mayor’s directive to leave.



Okay, whitey...


@2: Check your privilege.



You two need to get a room already...


I thought this was going to be an anarchist utopia without the po po and other government oppressors... no?


@10 watch and listen to the press conference. The representatives said specifically that BCV is not dependent on CHOP's existence. Holding events at CHOP or having individual members being involved in CHOP-based organizations is not "hitching your wagon" to CHOP. They announce an event (now passed) in the conference that has nothing to do with CHOP... I think they have thought about this more carefully than you.


Go and set up your anarchist utopia out in the woods somewhere like the right wing lunatics do. We just want you to GTFO. Your vision is a disaster for our neighborhood.