isn't that why they put fans over stoves?
admittedly, some fans just recycle it thru some 'filters' and then send it directly to the Children

Oh, and how 'bout that HYDRALIC FRACKKKING? Where those nasty Chemicals they inject into everyone's Aquifers -- they cannot tell you what they are because it's 'proprietary' -- the Citizenry'd rise up and bury the Gasholes were they to admit the shit they've been Feeding to US. And our wee Progenies.


"Natural" gas. "Clean" coal. "Pretty All Right" gasoline. "Could Be Worse" oil. "I Don't Want You Hanging Around With Him Anymore" nuclear. "Bad Stepdad" hydro. "Killed and Ate a Baby" wind.

We need dilithium-contained, safe, matter/antimatter energy, and we need it yesterday!


@3 - Unfortunately, China has most of the Earth's dilithium crystal mines.


@1 Induction stoves give gas a run for its money! They're pretty great.


We've got a gas fireplace that we use a lot when it gets cold--I guess we will be going back to burning up a cord of alder every winter.

If I was a politician who wanted to make "millions of new green jobs" happen, I would start passing laws that made it illegal to transfer properties unless they had carbon neutral systems. You got a furnace? You're not selling that house until it has approved carbon neutral heating. Some of the electricity you use come from sketchy sources? No sale until you offset that with a solar plant on your roof. Those jobs aren't going to magically appear--you're going to have to MAKE them happen. To really have an effect, you have to get granular, down to the individual household level.


@6: Then the houses would never sell. Beautiful home with a view for sale. No heat except for a cheap Chinese solar panel or two. Or they'd buy it and immediately hook up natural gas.

It amazes me how liberals think the sheer nobleness of their whacky ideas negate the impracticality and stubborn facts of what they're proposing.


@ Raindrop, my point exactly. When progressives promise that millions of family wage jobs will magically appear to replace all the energy jobs carbon neutrality will kill, they never say word about the mechanism that will make that happen. If/when they get their hands on power, these are the kind of draconian policies it would take to make it a reality.


meanwhile, the arctic is 100 degrees, the permafrost is melting and plenty of methane is being released for further pleasant cooking uses. oh, btw, the cost of gas has plummeted, but gee, PSE raised rates again last year, along with the salaries of its executives. so, let's whine about the liberals.


@8: got it

@9: You're right that whining is counterproductive. Let's hope the Biden administration implements economically practical climate change policies guided by science - such as solar powered substations that service neighborhood homes to supplement or replace gas or electric sources.


Scare-quoting natural gas looks pretty desperate when you haven't managed to come up with something else to call it.

You dig a hole in the ground, the gas comes out. You don't have to call that natural if you don't want to, I suppose, but it hardly seems like a mischaracterization.


it don't 'just come out'
Mother Earth is no cow
they gotta FORCE it out
by Injecting some BAD SHIT IN
and whatevertf they Pump into OUR

They don't gotta Clean It Up, either
they just . . . dissolve the soulless Corp
and We the Peeps gotta Clean It tf Up FOR them.

that's how they Make a Killing (many also own mortuaries
in the little villages they tend to Occupy) (wait'll the Locals catch on...).

if you don't LOVE Socialism*
you must not be a Fat Cat.

*for the Wealthy
whom have the Constitution
to not allow it make them Dependent
like it definitely Would a Poor Person.


Gas will have to compete for attention with Your Friend the Atom


@12 Sure, that's true for a lot of wells, but not all of them, notably not the early ones. There are even places on our mother earth where it seeps out of the ground without any digging at all!

Local nature-lovers can find one right here in our Washington State Parks, even:

I notice you couldn't think of anything else to call natural gas, either, and you're not exactly one to shy away from making up new terms for things when the opportunity presents itself.


"I notice you [yours, truly] couldn't think of anything else to call natural gas, either..."

yeah, well, I don't always accept
every Pepsi Challenge either, rbs.


@5 just for kicks I checked out Home Depot to compare prices on gas vs. induction. Induction ranges started out at more than double the cheapest gas ones. And you don’t need to replace all of your pots and pans with gas.

For most people, electric is fine. But there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind of the superiority of gas when it comes to cooking, which is something I really like to do (and I freely admit I’m not familiar with induction because I’m not made of money).

So what this looks like to someone with my kind of background is people who are a lot better off than I am coming in and telling me how I need to sacrifice for the good of the children (won’t someone please think of the children?) while they get to go on their merry way buying stuff that is just as good AND strokes their smug little egos at the same time. All that and getting to cluck your tongues at the poors too! What could be better?

Oh and let’s ignore the climate costs of replacing a perfectly good stove with a brand new one.


Corydon dear, it’s only been in the last few years that freestanding induction ranges have even been a thing. Previously, they were just drop-in cooktops.

If you ask me, induction is amazing, and far superior to corny old gas. And give me an electric oven over a gas oven every time.

But as someone who also loves to cook, I maintain that a good cook can cook on anything. You might have to pay a little more attention with electric coils, but you should be doing that anyway.


It's much harder to get an even sear with an electric coil, and induction "burners" today still have center hot spots and a steeper heating gradient than gas as you move up the side of the pan.

Sure, you can get by with anything if you know what you're doing, but there are a few things where you use the burner directly that you can't do with electric, like toasting large tortillas or blackening peppers, and other things really need true uniform heating, e.g. maintaining the season on carbon steel pans-- not something you'd care about if you use teflon-coated pans, but some people don't like 'em.

There's also a thermodynamic efficiency argument to be made for using gas (or oil) to produce heat directly, rather than losing energy to generate electricity at a central plant, transmitting it with further energy loss over wires, and then using it to generate heat. It's not a particularly convincing argument, I don't think, but this efficiency is part of what makes gas so cheap for your home stoves, water heaters, and furnaces.


@18 Mmm, far worse than the environmental impact of tear gas and pepper spray, I'm sure.

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