A face mask with a slave owner on it.
A face mask with a slave owner on it. kovop58/gettyimages.com

Sorry, Washingtonians, You Must All Become Sheep For the Good of Humans: Yes, sir. You must wear a face mask in public places or risk spending 90 days behind bars and a $1000 fine. The initial hope was that citizens would just do the right thing on their own, but that did not work out at all. Sadly, the stick of the law is needed to combat the deadly virus, which, as you all must know, has gone out of control in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. Washington could easily be next. The pandemic is not over, no matter what the president says or does. So, rural and Red America. It's back to life. Back to reality.

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Some Gumps in Spokane Do Not Want to Hear That Face Masks Talk Despite COVID-19 Surge: Gov. Jay Inslee visited Spokane, which, according to the Seattle Times, has seen COVID-19 hospitalizations "double in the past week." The governor told the natives to just "wear a little cloth on your face.” The Spokane event had its protesters. The gumps were saying the same old nonsense about the Bill of Rights and sheep and snake treading and God. But the resistance to face masks only exposes an irrational allegiance to a leader who failed to manage and end the public health crisis. He instead tried to ignore this failure, which has cost the US over 120,000 lives, and focus on re-opening the economy. But the pandemic did not go away, and now Florida and Texas are halting the phased reopening. That's how reality bites.

The White House's Coronavirus Task Force Comes Back Today: After being gone for "nearly two months." We all saw what happened while the White House's task force was away. The real remained real.

COVID-19 to White House: "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here puttin' suckers in fear."

We Will Decide To Stay or Go: Says "new black-led group at CHOP." But the real issue in all of this is winning, claiming, taking over that precinct. The occupation will eventually evaporate. The only chance the movement has of leaving a lasting mark is if the East Precinct building is transformed into a community center of some kind.

Mayor Jenny Durkan Has Made It Easy for Restaurants to Provide Seating on Sidewalks: Fine, fine, fine. But let's think about this for a moment. Sidewalks. Who uses them? Pedestrians, of course. It's all they have in this car-centric city. What the mayor should do instead is just close certain popular streets and let restaurants set their tables on them. This would make it easy to dine safely during the pandemic. That said, and much more could be said on this matter, the "free, temporary sidewalk-and-curb-space permit," Seattle Times reports, "would be good for up to six months and would also apply to food trucks and carts, as well as retail shops that could display merchandise out front."

1 in 5 Seattle Renters Don't Think They Will Make July's Rent: Gene Balk gives Seattle a good jolt of the real economy.

Yakima County's Population Is Only 251,000: But as of now, the county has 7,000 COVID-19 cases. Think of King County. Its population is 2.2 million, but its total COVID-19 cases stands at 9600. Let your mind chew on that for a moment. Yakima will soon become Washington's premier coronavirus county.

Trump Is Still Trying to Kill Obamacare: In the middle of a pandemic. I have no words for this madness. It seems bottomless. Trump is that hole that knows only how to hole.



Fauci Is Finally Back in the News: He says the US is considering "pool testing," which "combines samples from multiple people at once, and would offer a way to minimize the number of tests needed." Sure, sure, sure. Just wear a fucking face mask America. And if you are racist, I'm fine with you using a Confederate Flag face mask. Really. Go ahead and do it. But just stand six feet away from me.

June Will Certainly Put an End to the Funereal Joy of Graveyard Economics:

Support The Stranger

Trump Finally Get's Something Out of the Supreme Court: As always, it's racist and will do jack in the way of American's current public health crisis: "Asylum seekers detained near the US border cannot appeal expedited deportation in a federal court."

According to Fox Poll, Biden Is Now Ahead In: Florida (by nearly 10 points!?!), Georgia, and Texas.

The bulldog of a human James Carville believes there is no chance Trump will win the race. The game is up, and Dems need to stop freaking out. 2020 will not be 2016. All indicators are pointing to a landslide. "There's a better chance Trump will not run for reelection," says Carville, "than he is reelected." Sometimes it's good for the spirit to listen to the growls of a bulldog.

Nothing but the dog in me...
"Nothing but the dog in me..."

I Want Us to Picture the Planet of the Apes: When the cheers erupt upon hearing the racist slur "kung flu." Imagine the chimps doing black flips. Imagine fists thumping chests. This is that ape-shit type shit.

But, alas, humans are apes after all.

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