Slog AM: Today, the Law Says Wear Face Mask Washington; New CHOP Group Resists Durkan; Fox Says Biden Is Leading in Texas



Three months in jail for not wearing a mask, that's peak america. I'm looking forward to even more mass incarceration, which will lead to even more infections as we're seeing in Yakima's prison.


If ya gotta go ta Jail
for NOT Wearing a Mask
you'll be in Plenty 'good' Company!

Plus, in Prison
you can be as Free
as ya Wanna Bee! to
wear/Not wear


"Trump is that hole that knows only how to hole."

trumpf is the black* Hole
that knoweth only How
to Suck.

*is Orange the new Black?
def not.


Well this is disappointing. I've been rapping that lyric incorrectly for decades.


Serious question: What makes christian republicans so goddamn cruel? Like, where did it start? What happens in one's life and at what point is it where you choose to be as lame as you can possibly be? There has to be a turning point at a certain age where it gets embedded in your once functioning live and let live faculties.


"Thoughts on these [loser
trumpf's losing] numbers?"

Yeah -- it's like he warned
Obama when his numbers
were slipping: Better start a
WAR, Obama -- it's the ONLY
thing'll Save Your [sorry] Ass.

Look for trumpfy to Sacrifice
Deeply our Nation's Youth etc in
Service to his [Failed] re-Election.

"But a Small Price to Pay!"
--trumpf's fourth reich klan
who'll Happily / PROUDLY

Richly dance on your Graves.


(The City of Yakima's population is 93,000. The population of Yakima County is ~250,000.)


“The White House's Coronavirus Task Force Comes Back Today”

It’s impossible to articulate the rage in my gut after reading this. Meanwhile his reelection strategy is doubling down on “reopening” the economy. If nothing else his shameless denialism will be his demise but in the meantime hundreds of thousands more will die, untold more will suffer permanent medical problems we don’t fully understand yet, and our economy will take even longer to recover because we failed to act early when it mattered most. Even after this worthless shitstain is removed from office the legacy of his incompetence will be with us for years.


'I Want Us to Picture the Planet of the Apes: When the cheers erupt upon hearing the racist slur "kung flu." Imagine the chimps doing black flips. Imagine fists thumping chests. This is that ape-shit type shit.'

Rednecks have been the mortal enemies of Punk Rockers since Jesus, Charles. We are right there with you.


1 Well if you are just like Typhoid Mary, which I will not rule out, then you will get your wish!


"1 in 5 Seattle Renters Don't Think
They Will [What?] July's Rent:"

pls delete post repair



The only thing the Cheeto-skinned shit-gibbon has done for Black Americans is further solidify their opposition to him, his party, and everything it represents.


/Oh Canada/

Congratulations to Canada on the successful reopening! While a second wave is always a concern, they have a lot to be proud of in the way that their government and fellow Canadians endured, supported each other, and managed through this ordeal. Their nation is truly a model to look towards for inspiration.*

*Excluding serial killer eyes/secret American Andrew Scheer,
Canuckistani Tr666p blimp Doug Ford, and
Alberta oil incubus Jason Kenney, obviously.


I sincerely find great solace in knowing that there are honest, decent, competent people in charge, at least in other countries. This is why I get my serious news from foreign media.

And really in truth, Washington State isn’t too different than Canada City. Along with Oregon and California, we actually have far more in common socio-politically with our British Columbian counterparts than the rest of the United States.

It must be weird watching your next door neighbor collapse into total chaos.


I guess The Mercury's no longer doing their daily yuk updates, which stink, as I always wanted to call their attention to this. A bit outdated, but still topical and really well executed. And funny as hell.


Chuck, Gump would have worn a mask. He has empathy for others. It’s that Lt. Dan that’s not going to wear a mask. Stupid is as stupid does.


Did you hear that Blacks? Trump has helped you so be grateful. Just ask him, he'll tell you.


I remember when they said Hillary would win, feels so much like 2016 just so much worse.


Our esteemed and beloved prophet Muhammad of the beautiful religion of Islam was a slave owner.

Our esteemed and beloved first president of our beautiful country USA was a slave owner.


Hillary never cracked 50% in the polling averages and her negatives were more or less the same as trump’s, while biden is close to net-neutral. It’s still early and no one should feel complacent, especially because they will do everything they can to keep people away from the polls, but it’s hard to make a case for reelection on “law & order” and “keep america great” when people are rioting in the streets, the economy is in the shitter & the president has no strategy to fix any of these problems, mostly because he created them.


I think if Slavery hadn't been followed up by 100 years of savage repression and legal segregation, the whole question would be a lot less controversial today.


Besides the fools endangering the rest of us by not wearing masks when they should (service people at various front desks, laundrymats, groceries, joggers panting past you on a sidewalk or in the park- when they could temporarily pull something over their faces) the law is unclear and complicated by the fact that the State is reopening too soon, thereby contradicting their own alleged concerns, and in the case of restaurants with pedestrian traffic, in a way that is poorly designed to fail, health wise.

But have to say, if a lot of these other people were voluntarily doing what they should be doing, and not trying to make a federal case about their perceived right not to care if they put other people and their loved in a hospital - or even kill them - we probably wouldn't be dealing with this other level of bull. I mean, $1,000? Jail time? Which will make COVID-19 spike even more?

No one is making sense anymore. We should have full shut down until this is over or a vaccine is developed (whichever is first), with 2,000. monthly support for individual adults, and improved Medicare for all, at least during the duration of this pandemic.


@24: Yes, yes baby that's fine, thank you for your input. Now wear your mask so you can live to be a complete internet loon another day.


if splitting hairs over the definition of a law is that important to you then let's be precise: the governor of your state has issued a mandate for people to wear face masks in public or risk punishment, in accordance with existing statutes regarding statewide emergencies

why it's so offensive to you that your governor wants to enact measures that will protect public health and safety and help your state's economy recover is the only remaining mystery here


@27 Maybe its because he thinks its within his authority under the relevant statutes. You can google the declaration to see them referenced, chapter and verse.

If someone disagrees, they can complain to the courts.


What part of the governor having the authority to issue mandates during a statewide emergency is so confusing for you? It’s not exactly a novel idea that humans are vulnerable to novel pandemic viruses, so we have statutes that give the executive broad authority to act on them. All of this is legal, we just call it a mandate or an order instead of a law.

Hooray for you for wearing a mask but I’m sorry it’s such a struggle for you to simultaneously understand its necessity while being outraged that you are being required to do so. Sounds like a lot of upkeep.


I wear a mask where it's required, I have no issues wearing one. I just think it's ironic that our governor wants to impose harsh punishments on people who don't wear one, especially since that will 100% disproportionately affect poorer people. So we're going to start locking up one vulnerable population to protect another vulnerable population. We're still in the midst of worldwide protests for black people being killed by cops and now inslee wants to give cops another way to victimize disadvantaged communities.


IANAL but a law sounds much more permanent than a temporary mandate that is contingent on the state of emergency


I'm more curious about the defiant Sheriff(s). There is no legal basis for their applying their arbitrary judgement to these matters, but is there any remedy other than removing them from office at the ballot box?


again IANAL but at minimum they are leaving a pretty extensive paper trail of what they are doing and how they are legally justifying themselves but if you have an issue with it maybe take them to court or something? Just seems weird to get worked up over actions whose necessity you ostensibly understand



So did literally every king mentioned in the Old Testament. And while Yeshua referenced slavery in the New Testament (cit ref: Matthew 18:21-25, 20-28, and 24:36-51 for example) he never explicitly condemned the practice. So, one has to ask: what's your point? Oh, right, I keep forgetting - you almost never have one.

Carry on...


@34 Yeah - that Sheriff in Yakima County is using lofty abstractions as the basis of his defiance, not the Revised Code of Washington.

Maybe you should drop him a line with a better argument, Bikey.



Inslee's emergency powers did not expire. You are extremely misinformed.

If you can't get over yourself, at least stop spreading lies.


Ortolan @ 6
“Serious question: What makes christian republicans so goddamn cruel? Like, where did it start?”
A major turn point was 1980, when the Reagan campaign courted Christian fanatics, later ushering them into the party and the federal government, promising and implementing that every republican candidate for any office or a judge position has to declare their stand against abortion whether they believed it or not.
This set the tone for politicians to say what was expecting of them, and voters who are willing to look the other way for much of their actions as long as they are convinced that person is truly anti-abortion, the only thing that really matters in their narrow view.

Add to this the dismissive attitude and inaction of the Reagan administration during the early AIDS years, the hope that it will stay confined in liberal municipalities and only kill people who “deserve” it, and you see why trump is still dismissive of COVID 19 and why so many of his loyal voters don’t really care.


@32 - LE officials have broad discretion to enforce or not enforce; you see that in a minor, inconsequential way whenever a cop lets you go with the wag of a finger instead of a ticket. Some places aren't enforcing minor MJ laws (where possession is still not legal), for example, or even petty theft of food items. Most large agencies won't enforce federal immigration laws, which may be a better example.

Anyway, if the public disapproves (or the city management does), a police chief can simply be fired. They serve "at will." A sheriff, however, can generally only be removed by a recall election or voted out at the next regular election. There are ways a state can remove the Sheriff if a felony is committed by him/her or some other corruption, but I'm not up to speed on how that works. I understand that it's difficult, tho. Almost always, people are just stuck with a Sheriff until he/she can be voted out of office.


@39 Its easy to invent scenarios where law enforcement has to fish or cut bait. Somebody without a mask trying to force their way into a Walmart, for example. I guess Sheriff could handle that as disorderly conduct rather than a mask violation. But the effect is the same - maskless guy doesn't get to go to Walmart.

Its obviously political. If guy didn't want to enforce, he could just not enforce. No real need to make a big show of it unless you wanted to virtue (or vice?) signal to your voters. I have no idea how much business there is in unincorporated Yakima County - might not be hardly any.


What's this, then? An unholy alliance between the black bloc and the Hawaiian Shirt Brigade?


@35: Yes. That is the point. Ask your same question about the photo caption for this morning's news.

Either we recognize that humanity and us mere mortals can overcome their horrible wrongs for the greater good or not. If one recognizes that, then saying slave ownership negates all the good that person did not in step with such a conviction.

Now, predictably, the retort to that is that I'm projecting or extrapolating that "negation" - and semantically they can always have plausible deniability. So snide captions like that remain as snark that is too hot to nuance in today's hyper-sensitive victim culture.


Mudede morning's are the best.


40 - That's exactly what he's doing, virtue-signaling to the rubes in Yakima County, and there are more than enough of them to keep in office. They see him as heroic. I know because I live in a county that has a Sheriff even more obnoxious than this guy...and he ran unopposed this year.


There are businesses in Seattle advertising in print on their doors and windows that they don't wear masks.

How much bounty do we get for turning them in for a 3 month jail sentence and $1000 fine?


Why should the legislature waste time and taxpayer money debating a new law when a perfectly good law already exists that gives the governor authority to act on behalf of public health during a state of emergency? Why do we have laws for emergencies at all if we don’t use them during emergencies?



I've been to a lot of protests, marches and demonstrations over the past several weeks and I can state categorically that 99.999% of participants are wearing masks. You're far more likely to see a cop without a mask these days than your average protester.


Don't leave out the many so-called "Christian countries" where slavery is still openly practiced:


"I've been to a lot of protests, marches and demonstrations over the past several weeks"

Get tested then.



What makes you think I haven't?


@52: All health guidelines assume that position. Don't take it personally.