Slog AM: Another Fatal Shooting at CHOP, Worldwide COVID Deaths Pass 500,000



"Something is going on with John Roberts,"
I propose he realizes that crapola dogma he has been kicking around for these wingnut bozos is complete horseshit. I think he believed they could get away with it, but now the tide has shifted. He knows he is on the wrong side of history that will get written - which is BAD for a chief justice's image.
Just perhaps he realized what a simpering coward he had become. Probly not that far...


"involve a white Jeep Cherokee" I Knew it, it's not just White things that are Racist, it's the Cherokee too!


A skiier disappeared on Mount Rainier on Friday: He was the third person to go missing on Rainier in a week. He is "believed to have fallen in steep terrain during the descent of the upper mountain,"

So beautiful coming down from the upper mountain, but crevasses lurk even lower than Muir. Certainly they are not al marked out. Anyone traveling fast on skies could go in before they even saw it.


3 - In which case, WHY AREN'T THEY LOOKING FOR OJ?


Send in the tanks.


Maybe nothing is going on with John Roberts. It's important to remember the distinction between a conservative and a reactionary vandal. A conservative in the tradition of Burke prizes stability, and in judicial matters, adherence to precedent is a linchpin of that stability. So it's altogether possible that had Roberts been on the court for the original decision in Roe, he'd have voted against reproductive rights, but now that the decision is made, he feels obliged to follow precedent for the sake of stability. Those are not inconsistent attitudes.


@4, if you're skiing on Liberty Ridge, crevasses are the least of your worries.


If there's anything "going on" with John Roberts its that he wants to keep his powder dry for use in his one true love: screwing workers and demolishing voting rights.


I guess that's two true loves.


@6, ah, the Tianamen Square approach.


Raze the CHOP. Free the public space from the dirtbags.


CHOP armed guards bragging about "murking" people and "shot placement". Is this the war in Iraq, or Seattle? Had a cop bragged as-such about shooting someone there would be outrage.
Had a cop shot through the windshield of a suspect SUV, there would be outrage.
CHOP pretend security does it, nothing...
And shooting people without due-process first? Sounds pretty fucking cop-like to me. How do they know there weren't innocent bystanders in the vehicle? They better hope for a good attorney because the family of the dead man will likely sue, probably the shooter and the city both.


If they send in the tanks does that mean I get to use my 2nd amendment right to murder the police? Or are tanks not tyrannical enough? Gotta wait for the real tyranny.


So, a couple of asshats drive a STOLEN car through the middle of Bobby Morris play field for a little early morning drive-by shooting spree and the denizens of CHOP defend themselves with deadly force.

No doubt the resident RWNJ's will be/are screaming for blood, somebody's blood, preferably the Commie-pinko-anarchist-antifa-hippies and homeless occupying CHOP, but we've already seen incontrovertible evidence that much of the violence being perpetrated there has been instigated by right-wing scumbags from Proud Boys, et al. But, for some strange reason they never bring that up, do they?

I get that Chief Best and Mayor Durkin are frustrated - they SHOULD be - but, they also seem to be putting their focus on the wrong people. The evidence is there: it's not the people INSIDE CHOP that are causing the violence, it's outside agitators coming INTO CHOP that are doing this, and the occupiers are protecting themselves as best they can. If those in authority have an issue with THAT, well, maybe they should be rethinking their priorities with regard to this situation.


CHOP security "murked" a 14 year old boy. Pretty fuckin' pathetic.
“Two African American men are dead, at a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter. But they’re gone, they’re dead now,” Best said.


Keep up, Slog. Stop getting scooped in your own neighborhood.

Fox News abandons vehicle in Seattle protest zone after hitting Black man: report



Yeah, things are going SO WELL in FL that must be why on Friday Gov. DeSantis ordered establishments to close down again, because of ALL THE WINNING, amiright?


@17 asshat? Clearly they are victims of systemic racism and we should excuse their actions. The juvenile, at the very least, should be given a break from asshat status. The other "asshat" is dead, CHOP security saw to it he would not get his day in court.


Florida isn’t a red state but this fantasy that the virus discriminates based on how people vote is magical thinking and it lulled stupid people into a false sense of security. Now we’re seeing massive outbreaks in states whose leadership was congratulating themselves for their stupid luck just a few weeks ago because they believed their own stupid bullshit. The stupid ones always need to learn the hard way.



"CHOP security saw to it he would not get his day in court." Just like literally every innocent person executed by police, amiright?


Hickory @13 @16 @18 @19, just so the rest of us have a little context, can you tell us the previously banned accounts you previously posted as? Who were the Groots from which your Baby Groot sprouted?


@6 Why? This CHOP thing is more fun than barrel of monkeys!



It's just Feebs, as always.


@25 congratulations, you get the irony I was pointing out. Unfortunately, two wrongs do not make a right so the shooting is still inexcusable even though police shoot people sometimes too.


@17: "it's not the people INSIDE CHOP that are causing the violence, it's outside agitators coming INTO CHOP that are doing this"

A distinction without a difference.


Time's past up, send the commie-pinko-anarchist-antifa-hippies and homeless occupying CHOP to the jail or the hospital and then the jail. My hair appointment is in a few days and I want it cleared out by then.


I love how it’s “Police shoot people sometimes, shit happens” and also “protestors cause damage to private property, we need to clamp down”.


Another drug deal that went south in CHOP.


CHOP is doing more harm than good to the cause they are advocating. Time to be done.


It would seem the CHOP have their own "thin blue line", of sorts, as the shooters of two Black youths have yet to come forward and identify themselves as having participated with several unidentified individuals firing haphazardly into a vehicle killing a 16 year old and critically injuring a 14 year old; or "murking" them as protestors on Twitter casually put it. And nobody has come forward with information about them.


@36 Do you know anything about the people who got shot, or are you simply speculating?


What happened are civilians with weapons firing indiscriminately into the night. While you can compare it to the police it doesn’t excuse the actions. There are reports there are two separate incidents one in the park and one with the Jeep. The dead person presumably from the Jeep was later confirmed to be 16 and the other 14. It appears neither had weapons. This looks like a case where protesters lit up a car on a public street with two black teenage occupants. I’m sure the irony of that happening in this protest zone will escape many. The 16 year old had multiple wounds including a shot to the temple. That’s a pretty lucky shot for a bunch of wild shooting.

This is going to end badly for those still left in the area. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Guard troops and MRATs clear the area in the early hours of tomorrow morning. This is all the excuse Tangerine Gumby needs to invoke Federal power and make the situation even worse than the locals clearing it out. No leadership from either the city or the protest zone. This is how you entrench police power not break it.


I hope they name the pea patch in Cal Anderson park after the victims of CHOP. What a tragedy and self-inflicted wound to our city. The city council (especially Sawant) and mayor have blood on their hands for creating this power vacuum.


@37 Brownstone’s updated reporting in the Seattle Times has details.


@Hickory the reason the deaths are high in the blue states is because that’s where people live. That’s where the money and whatever opportunities that are left are. It’s also why the reddest of red states are the biggest takers of public assistance in the country. It’s the tax revenue from those blue states that provide the funding so poverty isn’t any worse than it is in places like AL, KY or MS.


ranking states by their death rate 4 months into a pandemic is like calling the super bowl after the 1st play but why do you have mi, wi, pa, & va in the red column tho


Post on Twitter with video from the incident -

Take the audio for what it is but if it’s accurate, someone in the CHOP executed that kid.


yes it’s a real mystery why a contagious disease spreads more rapidly in regions if high population density, scientists will be puzzling over this for centuries


Hickory @13 @16 @18 @19 @38 @42 @43 @44, since you've been posting here only a week, please do introduce yourself. Do tell us the banned accounts you previously posted here as. I'm sure it will be bring back fond memories for the rest of us.


15 ''If they send in the tanks does that mean I get to use my 2nd amendment right to murder the police?"
I encourage you to try at your first opportunity! Report back to us!


Every socialist utopia descends into bloodshed eventually. Still, I would have thought they could keep things together for a full month. Moral of the story - socialists are horrible shitty people.


@35, 36, 40: Good comments. @46: Thanks for posting the video.


@50 And yet, Socialists are vastly better people than you Trumpie scum.


@7, In Shelby County v. Holder, Roberts felt it necessary to vote down two provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Such provisions led to increased POC representation in Congress and more POC voting in the South. The ruling has made it more difficult for POC in the south to vote: Over a 1000 polling places have been closed in the U.S., mostly in black and brown areas.

Roberts isn't some conservative preserving the status quo, unless its about preserving white institutional power (white power?) He's a straight up reactionary, gunslinging for the GOP, just as W picked him to do.



so all of the violence at the slop protest zone is just a coincidence, huh?


if we went by the official count the death rate would be ~5% but we have never gone by the official count bc we spent the first 2 months of the outbreak w/o any testing infrastructure and never caught up, we've known for months we've undercounted by as much as 5-10x


florida is adding nearly 10k new cases every day right now


Tired of winning yet, Feebs? Wait till you clowns get run out of town in November.

Btw, got tix to the next Trump rally? I hear there are PLENTY still available. Oh, but it sounds like you'll be required to wear a mask. I guess your coward in chief has succumbed to the liberal hoax.

Keep on injecting that lysol!


David dear, if you despise socialism so much, why are you living in Shoreline? Public Power, Public Schools (which you crow about on occasion) lots of big public works projects, including a brand new socialist transit system. It’s basically just a slightly more racist Seattle.

Oh, wait. Now I understand why you live in Shoreline. Never mind.....


@38 Where are you getting those stats from numbnuts? 8 out the top 10 states in terms of violent crime rates are red states:


the death rate lags behind infections by several weeks bc it takes time for the virus to run its course, we just went through all this like 2 months ago try to keep up


also there are other negative outcomes in patients besides death like chronic lung & heart problems, probably more complications we won’t understand for months or years


It’s good that we can ignore history and everything really and declare that nonwhite people cause crime. I don’t want to think too hard or examine my own privilege.


COVID could have been Trump's Reichstag fire but he was too stupid to recognize the opportunity or too lazy to use it. All he had to do was implement whatever programs Fauci designed, stolen most of the money allocated, put a silly mask on and he'd be sailing to re-election.

Instead, we get month after month of amateur statistical analysis on SLOG.


Do NOT shut down the CHOP!

This is a vision of the future of Seattle and its "progressive" leadership. This is what people want. People vote for people like Sawant because she can turn her vision into reality. This CHOP, but throughout Seattle and 1/2 the police.

Keep CHOP going. Defund the police. Let crime flourish. Only then can Seattle hit bottom and we can throw off our inept and oppressive rulers--like Inslee, Ferguson, Sawant, Nicole Macri, Jayapal, weak Durkan, etc....and get some centrist in office.


The CHOP security, as I've said previously, is a horrific amateur hour shit show. The woman who is yelling the orders all the time is a fucking awful leader. She screams a bunch of quasi tv cop show things that heighten panic.

CHOP security straight-up murdered a black child last night, nearly two of them. In just a small handful of encounters CHOP security has now blasted a kid full of holes through the windshield of a car. On a percentage of encounters basis they are hundreds of times worse than the police. However bad you think the police are, CHOP security is magnitudes worse for black people particularly.

There needs to be accountability and transparency around these murders. The leaders of CHOP security and the shooters need to be arrested, and the full truth of what happened needs to come out. Maybe they'll get off on self defense, but black lives matter very much want to see justice served here.

To the CHOP security woman who has been yelling orders everyone through all of these videos, I hope you're happy with your amateur hour play acting fantasy bullshit. You are now very clearly party to the execution of a young black man, you power drunk deluded monster. Total fucking zero in my view. You should throw yourself at the feet of that boy's mother and beg for her and god's forgiveness.


1:51 – suspect 1: “Oh, you’re not dead, huh?”
1:54 – suspect 1: “You got stuck.”
1:59 – suspect 1: “Yo. You wanna get pistol whipped?”
2:05 – suspect 1: “OH!”
2:08 – BANG

That's a murder. CHOP security fucking straight up murdered a Black kid.


Hickory dear, your tendency towards magical thinking would be charming if you were a child. As it is, it just makes us wonder if it isn’t time for your loved ones (or, in your case, probably the state) to find you a more structured environment.


@78 - the Hickory Dickory Dick IS hoping for a "more structured environment" for all of us. Kind of like the Nazi environment was nice and structured for a few years. Hence his/her relentless spouting of the Trump/Fox News party line.


@73 - you have to admit that watching Trump's downward spiral is more entertaining than watching him cruise to re-election. Also, he has had a silly mask on since before he was elected. It's just getting a little baggier these days.


@80 it's a montrous toll to pay to be rid of that gibbering glob of cholesterol.

Even if the democrats run the table this fall, doesn't even seem possible to clean the mess up in time for the 2022 mod terms. We're stuck in a vortex of misery for years to come.


Wow, that was fast. No sooner did I welcome "Hickory" @26 & @48 than ol' Hickory was banned and all of his (yes, it's a he) posts have been expunged.

Based on recent patterns, I knew it was only a matter of time before Hickory would be history. I just didn't expect that fast a turnaround.

Also, I'd like to think I did get the Andrew Jackson reference:

BTW, I'm all for keeping Washington and Jefferson memorials, but I can't wait to see any trace of Andrew Jackson removed from any place of honor in the public sphere.


The Sacha Baron Cohen song is undeniably funny but I have decidedly mixed feelings about this kind of prank. More than a few clueless yahoos in the audience probably still think he was the straight goods and left feeling even more validated in their racism and xenophobia.


@82 cressona; Thank you. I knew Hickory was off his nut when he made his first trolling comment.
@83 MarciaX: I share your concerns.


Welcome back, Hickory dear...