Your move, Twitter.

Reddit and Twitch crack down on Donald Trump-related communities: Today, Reddit banned The_Donald subreddit, a community of more than 790,000 neckbeards devoted to sharing Trump propaganda, because the group "had consistently broken its rules by allowing people to target and harass others with hate speech," reports the New York Times. Reddit says it is banning around 2,000 communities from various political communities, including the subreddit focused on the dirtbag left podcast "Chapo Trap House." Twitch temporarily suspended Donald Trump's channel (he was on Twitch, apparently) for “hateful conduct." The Times wrote that Twitch's suspension appeared to be "the first deliberate suspension of one of Mr. Trump’s social media accounts."

Meanwhile, YouTube is booting a few white nationalists: The banning includes Richard Spencer.

Iran issued an arrest warrant for Trump: Good luck!

More details on this morning's early shooting in CHOP: Two teens were suspected of driving a white Jeep Cherokee SUV into CHOP around 3 a.m. The teens were then shot at by "several unidentified people," per the Seattle Times, with a 16-year-old being killed and a 14-year-old critically injured. Both were Black. "People at the scene said the vehicle that was shot up near the camp had been seen earlier in the morning opening fire on tents in Cal Anderson," notes Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

David Lewis, an organizer at CHOP, credited the barricades left up by SDOT with saving demonstrators' lives, as they stopped the SUV from driving into people. SPD Chief Best disagreed about the barricades providing safety: "There are multiple people being injured and hurt and we need to do something about it." More from the Seattle Times here.

Vulture has an ongoing list keeping track of all the blackface episodes removed from streaming services so far, including Scrubs, 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Golden Girls... Also...

Russia offered Afghan militants bounties to kill U.S. troops and officials: The New York Times reports that Trump was briefed about the news in late March. It appears he did nothing. The news sparked a round of criticism over the weekend. Here's Biden: "His entire presidency has been a gift to Putin, but this is beyond the pale. It’s a betrayal of the most sacred duty we bear as a nation, to protect and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way."

A new coronavirus mutation is widespread and scientists suspect it produces a higher viral load: People with this "G" variant (the "G" is for glycine) aren't believed to become more ill than people infected with the original COVID-19 genetic signatures, but "a growing number of scientists worry that [this mutation] has made the virus more contagious," reports the Washington Post this morning. So much for a summer break from COVID!

Washington state's population is growing: Over the past year, the state has grown by 109,800 residents, a 1.5% increase. Seattle grew by 13,800 people to 761,100. The state as a whole is over 7.6 million people. 76% of the overall growth was due to migration from other areas, 24% from births outpacing the dead.

Bloodworks Northwest desperately needs blood again: “Summer is always a challenging time for blood collection and now with the pandemic reducing donations, the supply is already at the point where inventories of the most-needed blood types are fast approaching critical and emergency levels – meaning a severe blood shortage is ahead of us without community action,” said Curt Bailey, Bloodworks Northwest President and CEO, in a press release pushed today. They want you to make an appointment ASAP! I'm donating tomorrow afternoon. I just have to lie about my fuck schedule.

Save the sea cows: While some of Florida was shut down due to COVID-19, boat ramps remained opened. Researchers think this led to an increase in boating activity, which has led to an increase in manatee deaths. They've risen by 20 percent from April to May compared to last year. There's more:

“I’ve been working at this for about 50 years,” [aquatic biologist Patrick Rose] said. “We have many more manatees today than we had then. But we don’t necessarily have a growing population. We’re bumping up against the carrying capacity of the habitat, in terms of food and warm water supply. We’ve lost tens of thousands of acres of seagrass over the past decade. The power plants, which currently supply artificial warm water, will also be closing in the coming years, making our fight to protect natural warm springs habitat all the more critical.”

Are you having a life crisis? Wanna try something new? A Japanese university has awarded its first-ever ninja studies degree. Heads-up: “We get many inquiries from overseas but I have to say one thing: This is a course to learn about the ninja, not to become one.”

The “Golden State Killer” pleaded guilty to 13 murders and other crimes: 74-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. admitted to a crime spree that "is simply staggering, encompassing 13 murders and almost 50 rapes," said a prosecutor for the case. DeAngelo's plea deal spared him the death penalty. He will serve life in prison without parole.

Broadway will stay closed for the rest of the year: That's Broadway as in BRooAAAADWaAY not Broadway as in the street where you can eat Tacos Chukis and where I once saw a pool of blood next to a pool of shit.

Over 285 U.S. children have developed that serious inflammatory condition connected to COVID-19: It is uncommon and deaths are rare, but the condition can severely impact a kid's heart, kidneys, lungs, or skin. It also disproportionately impacts Latino and Black children and boys, often around age 8.

Washington state confirmed an additional 501 new COVID-19 cases today: That means we've had 32,253 COVID-19 cases and 1,320 deaths in Washington.

Amazon ended hazard pay at the beginning of June: But they're gonna throw their frontline workers a few hundred bucks as a bonus. Yippee.

The SLU Whole Foods workers who say they were kicked out by management for wearing BLM masks have started a petition demanding:

1) Freedom of Speech: The right to show solidarity with BLM without retaliation.

2) Back Pay of the lost wages for workers who missed shifts for supporting BLM

3) Ridding the Store of Armed Guards