Inslee Should Send the Washington National Guard Down to Yakima to Lock Up That Dangerous Sheriff



But that would mean a white male terrorist determined to have Americans die for his radical beliefs actually faced Justice.

We can't have that.

The Rule of Law is only there to go after BIPOC, not the actual problem.


Cops and sheriffs need to know their place. They are not paid to interpret laws, only enforce them. If they want to interpret them, they need to apply themselves and go to Law School, but most of them are in law enforcement because they lack the intellect do anything else.


What else can he do? If he doesn't adopt this stance, he'll lose his job at the next election - there's always somebody nuttier to the right.


Lest you forget - Yakima County costs the state about $400 million and King County earns the state about $3 billion. Do fewer people living in Yakima County cost the state less?


Turn him over to CHOP. Ask them to deal with him.


Good Afternoon Charles,
I think the title of your post needs to be checked:

"Inslee Should Send the Washington National Guard Should Go Down to Yakima to Lock Up That Dangerous Sheriff"

I think you meant :

"Inslee Should Send the Washington National Guard to Go Down to Yakima to Lock Up That Dangerous Sheriff"

Just looking out for you.


@7: Why look out for an illiterate moron? Mudede shouldn't be hired to write on toilet paper, much less for The Stranger.


@8 And yet here you are, clicked in to one of his posts.


I had no idea Ted Nugent was the sheriff over there.


Meanwhile in King County, the mask "requirement" isn't being enforced either. It's a toothless edict put into place by a toothless Governor.

If Inslee wants to really do something for public safety, perhaps he should direct the State Patrol to start arresting people who stroll out onto freeways.


@6 wait I thought chaz/chop was composed of entirely peaceful protesters. What are they going to do, chant at him extra loud? Or was this a not so subtle threat to subject this sheriff to armed mob violence? So which is it, Comrade Bratwurst?


Wow -- people in Belfair's Safeway -- hardly western Washington's bastion of Liberalism -- were socially-respectful and appreciative of the same this afternoon -- a pleasant suprise. The Citizenry recognizing its Role and showing some Class. Nice.

Some Sheriff sowing Discontent during this Panfucking Demic deserves the fullest extent of the Law.

This is not about Selfishness -- it's about Self-LESSNESS -- and those who choose not to respect their Neighbors' LIVES -- or Allow Assholes total, free reign to endanger them -- are neither Heroes nor Patriots.

They'e just Fools.
Sic 'em Jay.
Or ag Furguson.

Great work, Chas.
Thank you.


Ask the Legislature
to write a Law

is a fucking


3:44 PM

Hallucinogens wear off...



Let's also go after Adam Fortney, the equally inept reckless fool posing as Sheriff of Snohomish County, too, in addition to Bob Udell of Yakima County. This is a pandemic and it is REAL!
@3 Catalina Vel-DuRay, and @13 & @14 kristofarian: Tied for the WIN!
@15: Take a chill and lie down.


Hallucinogens wear off...
nevertheless the Pandemic

she Persists...

Brilliantly framed, Chas.
& thnx, auntie Gee!


@17 kristofarian: You're welcome. As usual, you, Catalina, xina, COMTE, Original Andrew, dvs99, schmacky, pat L and others tell it as it is. It is comforting to share your thoughts and beliefs.

For those who foolishly think not wearing a mask in public is expressing your right to "freedom", you're playing right into Trumpty Dumpty's filthy criminal hands--while Mein Gropenfuher hides in a bunker.Trumpty Dumpty's Great Wall is the one built around the White Trash House. Everyone mask up--stay healthy and safe---and vote Democrat this November. Let's reunite the DIvided States and turn BLUE again.


I am surprised The Stranger has an advertiser suggesting that Wearing Blah Blah Mask is "a better protection" against a virus.

The fact is, wearing a mask stops the spread of the virus and alas is scant protection, unless one is taking it away from the medical community, then shame on you.

Again, it's surprising The Stranger would allow such mis-information.


@19: ...said the spewer of misinformation, himself. Fox TV isn't a reliable news source, Sarge. I thought you knew that.


Fascism is not the answer.

I used to wonder how a people could turn to authoritarianism. Now I know. Just add a little fear and the people will support fascism to "protect them". The problem is that no authoritarian government in history has protected it's people.


Inslee's order is not the law. His emergency powers does not allow him to simply write laws. Besides those powers expired in May. He has no legal authority to threaten jail time.

One has to ask. Why not simply call the legislature back (allow them to come back) and pass a bill on masks. It appears it would pass easily. There would be sufficient support from both sides. The Sheriff, in this case, would have to abide by that law.

As it is today the Sheriff has the legal authority, and by his oath a responsibility, to refuse Inslee's command. Inslee can't just throw people in jail without the legal authority to do so. That is a power that every authoritarian strives for.


@22 The insurgent sheriffs are not making that argument. There is nothing in any of their statements which challenges Inslee's legal authority to issue or enforce this decree. Instead, like you, they resort to abstract principles - a Latin spelling "bullshit". Why do you suppose that is?


If an agent of the state feels they cannot enforce a law for reasons of personal principle, the honorable thing to do is resign.


Thank god we aren't talking about the Mexican kids we have locked in kennels anymore. Only a few died from dehydration is the last few days.


I do wish that these middle-aged white men who can no longer achieve erections would find another outlet for their frustration than conspiracy theories and half-baked notions about the government.

Biker, David, etc: I sympathize with your plight, I really do, but stupid and angry is no way to spend your golden years. Go see a good urologist.


@24 Its not the law. The legislature hasn't voted on it, let alone passed anything of the sort.
Makes you wonder why especially since it appears masks would be an easy bill to pass. Could all this unchecked power be going to Inslee's head? Are the people of this state this susceptible to fascism?


But first the National Guard should make a pit stop at CHOP and clear the danger from our streets.


@28 Oh, you need to get in to Bayside to get an oil change for your 928?


@27 I don't know if you're being intentionally obtuse or what - this decree derives from the governor's emergency powers. It doesn't require separate authorization and so he hasn't sought it. Or, at least that's the governor's position on the question. If someone disagrees, they have recourse to the courts.

But nobody has done that. I don't know why but my hypothesis is that everything has been done by the book so it would be futile. Or maybe the papers are being drawn up as we speak and some judge will issue an injunction (or not) and blah, blah, blah - working as designed.

Just because you don't like it that doesn't make it "authoritarianism" or ffs "fascism".


This author: The governor should do something authoritarian to really show that guy.

Also this author: Here are all my experiences with authoritarianism and why it's bad.

Like, which fucking thing is it?


@30 Inslee's emergancy powers expired in May. In addition to that they didn't grant the ability to threaten jail time for not doing what he says.

We can pass a mask bill. Making it the law. But there is something else at play here. Inslee's power grab.


@32 No it didn't.

Look, I'm not trying to persuade you to have a different opinion. Be as righteously indignant as you please. But you asked why Inslee didn't go back to the legislature and I told you. Its all described in the text of the proclamation.


@29 Yah...right.

CHOP is a hot mess, dangerous and they need to go.

If CHOP can do this, then its open season for any cause or movement.

Do you really want to crawl up this greasy pole...what if the KKK or NAZI want to establish a Autonomous zone. If you allow CHOP then you allow these other undesirable organizations to do likewise.

There is protesting and then there are implications.


I live in Yakima county. I believe our sheriff's stance mirrors that of his constituents. Everyone likes facts, so here are some for you.

There are only three "real" ways to kill a virus:
Radiation (like sunlight)
The human immune response

This virus will not go away. Not until everyone has been exposed, and built an immunity.
Some will not survive this process.
That is unfortunate, but that is the harsh reality. Our society is in the first stage of grief; denial. Next comes bargaining.

There are some in this country who still believe in liberty. Some who have no fear of getting sick, and have looked closer at the data than what media tells us. There's an old phrase; those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
What can we learn from history here? Has mob rule ever gone well for democracy? How about tyrannical rule? Fear is a strong motivator. There are some so eager to "feel" safe, they will do anything they are told. They deride any who don't agree. They insult. They threaten. They are not content until everyone who disagrees is "dealt with", or punished.

Everyone has rights. Everyone matters. Even those who don't fall in line. Those who think for themselves. Those who don't see things the same as others.

Never in our country's history has there been this belief that a government can have such control over individual rights with no due process whatever. Government has no power over us, save what we cede them.


@35: The idea of flattening the curve is to avoid overwhelming the healthcare system. But you knew that.

The approach you're proposing is just letting the disease run its course. Congratulations! You've hit on the very first strategy employed by the very first society faced with an epidemic: doing nothing. If you're interested in how this strategy has worked out every time it's been attempted, feel free to read a book about history. There are many!

While you're at it, you might consider reading a book about American History. This is going to blow your mind, but not only is American history replete with examples of leaders exercising powers during an emergency that go well beyond what the populace will accept under normal circumstances, but this has happened in nearly every defining crisis of the nation's history. Start by reading a book about President Lincoln. Just type "Lincoln Habeas Corpus" into a search engine to get started on your reading list!

Not only that, but this is not the first time mask laws have been passed in the USA as a response to a pandemic, and, tyrannical as they may or may not be, they resulted in far lower transmission than your brilliant "let's do nothing and hope it goes away" plan.

These are the sorts of wondrous truths you can learn from books! Reading: It's like a miracle.


When the Bill of Rights was written pandemics were an annual event.
Funny that they now say we must suspend our rights because of a pandemic.


@37 Very True.... I guess we can revisit those old days when millions died needlessly.

Or,one might consider if everyone cooperated just a little by wearing a face mask in public we can save many, many lives.

If that is too much to ask, I'll understand.




Well I find most commenters to be thinking that covid19 is really life threatening . It's life threatening to the same demographic as the seasonal flu . So the same people who die from the seasonal flu will also die from covid19.
Now anyone who thinks locking down , hiding from the dreaded corona virus will stop the spread and will save convalescents over age 90 it won't . Just take a discriminating look at all the cities, states, and even countries that didn't hide, didn't lockdown didn't find any reason to lie on causes of death certificates found no pandemic.ITS A HOAX MORONS YOU ALL BEEN DUPED INTO SUBMISSION AND YOU CANT ACCEPT OR ADMIT IT , THATS WHY YOUR ALL SPORTING YOUR $14.99 mask .You don't believe you fell for this huge lie. Now it's easy to see where You mask wearers get Covid19 NEWS PROGRAMMING . The numbers DYING just don't add up , Doctors are complaining Families are complaining about noncovid19 deaths being added to covid19 death tolls . County health departments are including untested, unconfirmed, unrelated deaths into State covid19 death counts. Why lie if its a true pandemic? Hospitals are guilty of the same going ons for extra Medicare money. The Federal money almost doubled if covid19 box is checked dead or alive.
Now don't take my word on this fake pandemic do your own investigation. Ask doctors and nurses why so many are being furloughed or hours are cutback or losing their jobs during a pandemic? Why hospital ER's are not overwhelmed or why the hospital ships didn't get used ?WHY BECAUSE IT IS ALL A LIE , A HOAX, ITS ALL BULLSHIT
SO ALL YOU MORONS WHO CANT WAIT TO BE FIRST IN LINE FOR YOUR BS-VACCINATIONS WITH YOUR MANDATORY YEARLY, MONTHLY,WEEKLY VIRTUAL TESTING ALONG WITH government id 's , social distancing app.. SkipTraking your every encounter with more,more,more...
So with All the above , I'm sure it will be way more fucked up than it is written or in daily living right now since this is a fake pandemic. You should know it's fake when the covid task force is laughing even smiling,Okay that why they decided to start sporting a mask 3 months into this so-called pandemic So to hide their happy, laughing at everyone wearing a mask..So since you may have extra time to read during Jul,Aug,Sep,Pushing it till Nov lock down with nobody dying from covid19?Please please read something not put out by the FakeNews provable FakeNews ,Anyhow check this out
Sorry for being overly wordy as if you morons can read no wonder everybody fell for this hoax just like ok don't get me started on every hoax you've fallen for since jfk I'm sure.


@30 Nobody is going to bother challenging Inslee's edict in court unless they receive a summons for failing to wear a mask, which is happening precisely nowhere because as the other guy correctly said, he can't create misdemeanors out of whole cloth without the Legislature.

It's unenforceable, which is why it's not being enforced. I wear my mask when out in public, but I also know the difference between a law and a suggestion.


Imagine thinking a mostly right wing white national guard would actually follow that order. LMAO the author is so detached. the national guard and military are not a monolith


The pathetic irony of Fuhrer Inslee's edict is that you can make a mask out of cheesecloth and it would satisfy the 'requirement' as well as many, if not most of his sycophants. Leftists in favor of a nanny-state are always good for a lot of laughs.


@3 - Police and sheriffs are smart enough to know when a 'law' that has no real requirements and cannot be successfully prosecuted, like this absurd mask rule, is a waste of taxpayer funded resources. In shithole-Seattle, you can walk into a store and steal merchandise without fear of prosecution and you want this idiotic mask rule enforced? If you are so afraid, stay home and wear a mask.


And this is why left-wingers tend to engage in unlawful political behavior more than right-wingers, because the law (as part of the status quo) is naturally more compatible with those who wish to see the status quo preserved.


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