A gay married man faces a choice. He can keep his stable job, if he moves to...Kansas. Dan brings on Kansas State Representative Brandon Woodard to try to sell his state to the caller. At the top of this list of the midwestern state's redemptive qualities: Kansas is only 3 hours away from everywhere else! So, they've got that going for them.

A woman is horrified that her husband wants to "suckle" her breasts as if she were lactating. "Just one time?" he begs.

On the Magnum, Dan gushingly chats with public health super-hero Dr. Demetre Daskalakis. The dreamy Deputy Commissioner for Disease Control at the NYC Health Department is responsible for some of the most honest, rational, pro-sex messaging coming out of New York City, and Dan is nothing less than star-struck. Listen in.

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And, a woman with step-children found herself watching some step-mom porn. And she liked it! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

A snippet: