Sawant Responds to Durkan: "We Will Fight with Even Greater Unity and Determination"



I'm not sure if its reassuring or disconcerting to know the patriarchy doesnt have a monopoly on dick measuring contests.


I'll happily sign a recall Sawant petition if anyone has one.....


@4 you're really sick - get some help.....


My initial reaction is similar to @ 1. I'm leaning towards recalling both.


"Under her watch, eight community members have been killed at the hands of Seattle police, with zero officers prosecuted."

Maybe somebody should explain to Sawant that deciding who gets prosecuted isn't something the mayor has control over. City Attorney Pete Holmes and County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg are elected officials in their own right, Durkan doesn't have power to fire them the way she does the Chief of Police. Oh well, I guess civics isn't really Sawant's strong suite, neither, apparently, is basic human decency.


@7 Fault is something one can evade with reasoning like that but Responsibility is not.


No, it is Sawant that should resign!! She has no respect for the law, esp when she leads a mob to the mayor's private residence and when the address should be kept private. And this is just disingenuous reporting from the stranger to just cover Sawant's 'side' of things without even mentioning why the Mayor is upset!! Come on, Stranger; don't be a leftist shill.


Never stop Kshama! We've got 2 right wing parties. Somebody's gotta push left. It'll never be the Democrats. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Nothing Sawant talked about has anything to do with the allegations made against her. Just a long winded rant.


Fuck Durkan, she needs to resign and resign now. Next up is the SPD Chief! Fuck SPOG it needs to be dismantled.

Fuck the SPD Cop who goes on Fox News and spreads hate; he should be fired.

If Durkan can't handle having people show up at her house, maybe she shouldn't be a mayor. These are uncertain times, so it's absolutely acceptable for people to show up in front of her house.


Why doesn't Sawant call on CHOP to have their security force come forward and answer for murdering a black teen in the street? Funny how that black life doesn't seem to matter to Sawant especially if it shines a negative light on her support of the "occupation". Instead we get her strongly worded response to Jenny's letter. I guess for Sawant it should be: Black Lives Matter (if it helps me politically).

Also, funny how The Stranger is all over the Durkan/Sawant feud and coronavirus but not a peep over the actions of CHOP security Monday morning. I guess just ignore it and the news cycle will move on. Best not to highlight hypocrisy.


Such anger. You’ll never be a Jedi now.


@14 What are you talking about?

I'm not sure where this rumor started but CHOP doesn't HAVE a security force. There is no formal security here. There are few self appointed warrior wannabe's that nobody asked to be here. But that's it. There is no official "security force." Which is its own problem.

However, businesses and residents in the area who live in condos and apartments hired private security. Those yahoos are also walking around armed to the teeth.

And there are the usual Cal Anderson summertime dirtbags with guns.

Nobody knows which of these dudes shot the kid in the Cherokee.


Go Kshama go!


@13 Well, if cops who should have been fired weren't getting fired that's something you could conceivably blame Durkan for. Police disciplinary decisions are made by the chief and the mayor has the power to fire the chief anytime the mayor feels like it. So that's something Durkan has considerable control over. Decisions about criminal charges are not her circus, not her monkeys.

@11 Everything Sawant says or writes consists of the same tired far left catch phrases strung together in varying order. They're like socialist mad libs. Honestly, I don't think the poor women has the capacity to critically evaluate the logical content of speech or formulate original sentences based on the rules of grammar.


I put ten quatloos on Durkan to win.


One of the incidents where SPD shot and killed an individual occurred in February of 2019. A man decapitated a woman with a knife in an apartment. Two adults and two children who were also inside hid in another room. Officers forced their way into the apartment and confronted the individual that had just committed a murder. The man eventually grabbed the knife that he had just used to kill someone, which resulted in the officers shooting him. They were then able to safely remove the other people hiding in the apartment.

It is simply astonishing that Sawant believes the officers in this case should be prosecuted. A man who brutally murdered a woman grabbed the weapon he had just used to commit murder. This is no different than Trump's belief that the Department of Justice should be used to prosecute his enemies. Sawant and Trump are different in their ends, but identical in their means.



The shooter knows, and everyone who saw him shoot knows. They just aren't talking.


Nat, how can you tell she "appeared thoroughly unruffled" from a press release?


Let's just reach a reasonable compromise and have the Mayor resign and the SPD budget be cut 50% and non-armed people involved with traffic control, event security, and mental health checks.


Nathalie, if you consider this a masterpiece of polemics, I'd love to see what you consider mere boilerplate. Sawant's response is classic Kshamarhetorik, slogans, and endless mentions of her "movement." It's really all she's capable of.


this was a total dick move by sawant. i wonder why sawant doesn't hold her rallies at her private residence? it would make everyone in her movement feel so much closer to her! everyone wins!


Fuck sawant and her movement.


"... Mayor Durkan's a] a corporate politician desperately looking to distract from her failures of leadership and politically bankrupt administration."

to the
Heart of it.

"Our movement will respond accordingly: we will fight with even greater unity and determination."

Say whatchya Will
she's got Balls
and they're
Not made
of Glass.


Here's the petition calling for Sawant to resign:


"Under her watch, eight community members have been killed at the hands of Seattle police, with zero officers prosecuted."

Sawant unintentionally raised a valid tangential point.

Behind every dirty cop is a prosecutor making excusing their criminal misconduct. People complain about cops hiding their criminal behavior behind "qualified immunity," but prosecutors have ABSOLUTE immunity and for all the lack of accountability with police, prosecutors are 10 fold less accountable than cops. When we talk about rolling back mass incarceration and the criminal system destroying families, prosecutors are literally the driving force behind both.

The mainstream media refuses to even report on prosecutor misconduct without first asking the prosecutors office how they would like the story covered. When are we going to defund and reign in prosecutors who operate with no oversight and no accountability?


@30 kristofarian for the WIN, baybeeee!!


The coniferous shameforest of Seattle is overrun with parasitic socialist chokeweed.


@30: Having a mob vandalize someone's home is now "fight[ing] with even greater unity and determination"? Sounds more like a bullying coward, expressing her impotent frustration at the many political losses which were inflicted by the target of her abuse.

@34: If that's what you call a "WIN," the rest of us can only imagine what your "LOSS" looks like.

Harassing an LGBTQ elected official, and her partner, at their home, on Pride Weekend.



CHOP should move to Sawant's's front yard.

And then blast "Der Kommissar" by After The Fire.

You know near the end of the song where they just start chanting "CHOP.CHOP.CHOP...."


@36. Oh I see, since Durkan is an LGBTQ politician, she should only be judged by her sexual orientation and not her actions in office!

You know they have been using that trick for at least 30 years, since Pappy Bush appointed dunderhead conservative Clarence Thomas to the USSCT. I see it still works on you. Identity Politics at its finest.


It's both shameful and surreal that when our city so needs effective leadership--the pandemic, our literally collapsing infrastructure, armed vigilantes in the streets--our "leaders" seem to be focused on exchanging sternly worded letters. The rot in our system is really starting to show.


Cancel Seattle.


Meooooow! Scratch, Scratch!

I'll get the popcorn.


@36: Nice job missing the point, but hey, if a cheap combo of bashing straw men and right-wing-baiting is the One Trick you've got, I guess you have no choice but to go with it, then, eh Pony?

Meanwhile, if you're capable of doing anything else, then you're free to defend loud, vandalizing mobs any time you like.


Kshama Sawant is a lowlife.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that neither Sawant nor Durkan will resign.


Sawant's ultimate foe is market forces. BLM also protests wealth disparity and gentrification, but she shouldn't co opt it.


I have one question for Mayor Jenny Durkan and SPD Chief Carmen Best: If Seattle's police force is supposed to protect and serve the civilian people of Seattle, why are AR-15 military assault rifles, rubber bullets, and tear gas deemed "necessary" to keep the peace?
The only violence I am aware of came from outside agitators, looting and causing destruction of property, and a good number of them were white supremacists.
Don't defund the SPD---re-educate officers taking unnecessary aggressive actions. Defund the NRA and GOP instead; this is where the corruption is. Private businesses that hire security guards that promote militia actions against civilians is also part of the problem.

@36 & @43: Awwwww, anything for the sake of argument, huh. tensy? Read my comment above. I think kristofarian (@30) is pretty spot on.




Black Knight: None shall pass.
King Arthur: Your leg is off.
Black Knight: 'Tis but a scratch.


@48: @30's admiration for name-calling and empty sloganeering is nothing to be proud of, dear, and your calling it a "win" does indeed make me wonder what your "loss" would be. Probably something like this:

"Don't defund the SPD---re-educate officers taking unnecessary aggressive actions."

We've allegedly been doing this for the twenty years, since elements in the SPD attacked elements of us protesters at WTO. And for those twenty years, the SPD has continued attacking protesters in downtown, Belltown, and Pike-Pine.

Even that doesn't fully describe SPD's contempt for us. Remember when we de-criminalized recreational use of cannabis by popular vote, making enforcement of anti-cannabis laws the lowest enforcement priority for SPD, and making a citation for nothing but cannabis illegal? The SPD simply continued aggressive enforcement of anti-cannabis laws, including citing citizens for nothing but use. We had to fire then-Attorney Carr to stop this abuse, as he was eagerly prosecuting those citations.

There's something wrong with the culture of SPD, and more training is unlikely to have any more effect than all of the training we've so far supplied. Another approach is needed.