The worldwide reading party is tonight at 6 pm PST. Youre invited.
The worldwide reading party is tonight at 6 pm PST. You're invited. DELIORMANLI/GETTY IMAGES

It's Wednesday, it's July somehow, and the world is wet and strange... but despite the endless and maddening flux all around us, there are a few things you can count on, and one of them is the Silent Reading Party happening every damn Wednesday until this COVID crisis improves.


Get your ticket here.

We all need things to do, we all need live music in our lives, we all need to see other's faces. Plus, the party is priced on a sliding scale, to make it accessible—and the more you pay, the more that goes to our musician Paul Matthew Moore, and the more that goes to support The Stranger, which is still out here doing journalism despite losing 90 percent of our advertisers (rock clubs, restaurants, bars, etc) during this crisis. As I type, we are working behind the scenes on our election endorsements for the August primary.

As a matter of fact, we're meeting with the governor in just a few minutes.

Anyway, an easy way to support The Stranger—our news writers, our arts writers, our round-the-clock protest coverage, the daily Message to the City, columns like Savage Love and Unstreamable, and everything else we do—is to buy a ticket to the reading party each week.

(Or you could always just make a donation directly—those are hugely appreciated, too, especially the recurring ones.)

What will you be reading at the party tonight?

I'm reading all about James Baldwin these days, for the Giovanni's Room book club on Saturday mornings, so tonight I'll probably be reading the Baldwin biography by David Leeming, or the one by Bill V. Mullen, or the one by James Campbell.

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Did you know Baldwin was self-taught, never went to college? He learned to write by reading.

It's really, frankly, the only way to learn to write. You gotta read. And if you haven't been doing enough reading lately, well, that's what the reading party is for.

Hope to see you there tonight—especially if it's your first time!

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