Welp, King County has released new stats on COVID-19 transmission, and you might not want to hear this but ohhhh boy it’s not looking great. After a dip in transmission throughout May, the virus has bounced back with nearly double the rate of positive tests, and significantly higher reproductive rate.

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But the good news is that deaths are down, so … yay?

And in totally unrelated news, American Airlines has decided that now is a great time to start flying planes into Sea-Tac. What could go wrong?

King County has a great dashboard where you can track “key indicators” relating to coronavirus, and for a while it was mostly good news. New cases were trending down in May, with around 1.5 cases per 100,000 residents. But they bounced back up in mid-June, going as high as 7.1 per 100,000. And accompanying that surge, the reproductive number is floating upward as well — that’s how many people are estimated to catch the virus from an infected individual. Last month, it was below 1, which meant that the outbreak was shrinking; now it could be over 2, which would mean that infections are doubling.

But although infections are climbing, hospitalization is down and so is death. In fact, we’ve had several days with no deaths at all — from May 19 to 22, there were zero recorded deaths related to coronavirus, and since then we’ve alternated between zero and one.

Testing has also improved somewhat: People are now getting tested within 2 days of developing symptoms, which is the fastest it’s been. (And just a reminder that if you’re experiencing symptoms you should GO GET TESTED right away.) Hospital readiness is also good, with few beds occupied by coronavirus patients and bed occupancy overall staying below 80%.

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And on a city-by-city basis, Seattle is doing better than most of our neighbors. We have fewer positives than overall in King County (about 4% compared to 6% countywide), fewer hospitalizations (13% of positive cases compared to 15%), and fewer deaths (5% versus 6%). Good job, Seattle.

But of course, the overall picture is still rather bleak nationwide. America just saw its single-highest new-case count with nearly 50,000 new cases reported nationwide on June 30. That’s a staggering number, made even more unbearable when you see that the country’s now over 128,000 deaths in total and trending towards more every day.

Look, we’re all desperate for quarantine to be over. I’m dreaming every night about going back to Fetish Night at CC’s when this is all over, just like every other pervert in town. But the end’s a long way off, and you know that staying home and masking up is the right thing to do. This is life now.

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