True Lies Is Unstreamable



Many home theater forums are hoping for a 4K release but whether HT rights are in legal limbo or Cameron doesn't have time to supervise the transfer we must wait.


I saw True Lies in the theater way back when it was on its original run, so my memory of it is a little vague. But one thing I remember at the time was that Arnold was about the peak of his acting fame, and Jamie Lee Curtis seemed like a very odd choice to play in that role. And yet she completely stole the movie from him. I went to see an Arnold Schwarzenegger action-fest, but came away an even bigger Jamie Lee Curtis fan. No, it is not a great movie, but JLC is fantastic.


@3 I don’t doubt that True Lies somehow relates to this story, but you might want to spell it out a bit more.


@2, Jamie Lee Curtis is a true movie star, and still kickin' ass these days, what with "Halloween" and "Knives Out."


@2 Yeah, Tom Arnold wasn't bad either, it was trash but it was cute trash.


Jaan is on YouTube.

If you want to see another Robert Downey, Sr. weird mind fuck film, that is half deadly boring and half WTF, Greaser's Palace is also on YouTube.


Unstreamable and unwatchable. The fantasy of the all-capable white man and the myth that every pathetic loser middle management type was a dashing international ubermensch ugly duckling and that women’s genitals were just a sports car and a lie away - if that’s a world you want to visit, definitely get this on DVD.



(^_^)/ - Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.


@8 - um, if you're talking about True Lies, well, pretty much all the white guys fuck up - a lot. The first mission is officially called a "total pooch screw," and the rest of the movie is basically Arnold and Tom failing to capture the bad guy until the very end, while also completely messing up things in their personal lives. Hardly "all-capable." And it was established that the liar guy wasn't going to get with JLC, so... not sure what movie you were watching.


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@5 And A Fish Called Wanda.