Slog AM: Trump "Looking At" TikTok Ban; PPP Loan Analysis Is Kinda Fun; and It's Time to Mask Up for Real, People!!



The rest of the world is back to normal after successfully containing the pandemic and we’re over here fighting about masks and speed-racing vaccines to market before we even know if they work. So much great making.


@2 You sure do know a lot about the future, don't you.


yes we all know who the real victim is & he will win big after killing someone while driving the wrong way on a closed freeway


He's looking at banning tik tok like he's looking at having a salad for lunch. Yep, there it is. Now get me a big mac. Seriously, get a clue and a Five guys at least.


You dumb dicks and your obsession with CNN is nuts. First thing you always bring up. I told the last guy how I don't have TV and he proceeded to explain to me how I can watch it on my phone or youtube. I asked why I would do that and that's the last I heard from him.




Bingo, blip.

“… Democratic members of Congress are pushing the Trump administration to devise a national strategy to acquire and distribute gear in anticipation of the crisis worsening into the fall."

Please. the disastrously-failed "presidency" of Fake 'prez' trumpf has ZERO interest in protecting We the People from a Deadly highly-contagious Virus that's most likely gonna kill one to one point five MILLION of our Citizens / taxpayers before he and his Despicables are finally, Forcibly removed from office.

trumpfy wants to turn us into a 3rd World country
with himself and his beautiful daughter at the Helm
at least till Hell freezes over the US of fucking A.

On the Ropes, he's gonna hafta come up with a War*
or face very heavy Jail time for he and his Crime Fambly
including McMoscow Mitch and his very Rich wife.

I once figured it was gonna be Iran or Venezuala or Canada (close!) but it's looking more and more like trumpfy's War's gonna be on his political Opponents. US.

So, whose side are You on?


@5: Neither MSNBC or FOX make people stupider as they're both in their own echo chambers. Nevertheless, I suggest this article:

Even if death rates stay low in the near term, that doesn’t mean the risk of Covid-19 has evaporated. Thousands of Americans being hospitalized in the past few weeks with a disease that makes it hard to breathe is not a time to declare victory. Young people, who account for a bigger share of the recent cases, aren’t at nearly as high a risk of dying from the virus, but some small number of them will still die and a larger number will end up in the hospital. Early research also suggests that people infected with the coronavirus experience lung damage and other long-term complications that could lead to health problems down the road, even if they don’t experience particularly bad symptoms during their illness.


I'm no fan of Ayn Rand's ridiculous philosophy; however, if the aid the Ayn Rand foundation received was in the form of a loan they have to pay back with interest, that's ok according to their beliefs. They're only opposed to getting something for nothing.


One comment on yesterday's Paul Krugman article
"How America Lost the War on Covid-19:

The complete and total lack of leadership on the pandemic by Republican governors, legislators and the White House is breathtaking and disturbing, but not surprising.

When you put a party that is not interested in governing into power, is it any wonder that they have no interest in responding to disasters like hurricanes, pandemics or mass unemployment?

Reagan said government was the problem. The Republican party has spent the last 40 years making sure he was right. How about we start electing people who are interested in governing." --Dave Small, Chicago, July 6

And no, rainy, watching FOX
WILL make you not only
Stupider but also totally

it's like listening to trumpf
and hoping to come
away enlightened.


@1 The rest of the world (minus some SE Asian countries) are not back to normal. German box office last weekend brought in $17K which 0.2% of a typical weekend.

@11 As of July 7th, deaths rates per 100K:
Michigan = 62
NY = 166
NJ = 171
Florida = 17


@9 There is peer-reviewed, data-based research that says fans of Hannity (after correcting for age, region, and other correlate variables) have a lower understanding of the virulence and mortality of COVID-19, and a reduced capacity to comprehend and implement measures that reduce transmission of the disease. No programs on CNN were found to have the same effect.

So not Fox News per se, perhaps, but hairsplitting over necessary vs. sufficient cause isn't going to salvage the "neither makes you stupider" argument.


States that were hit early were at worst naive and under-prepared but states getting hit 6 months into this are led by idiots, no excuse for exponential growth with everything we’ve learned over the past few months. Ideally we would have a centralized national response instead of 50 states left to their own devices but we as a nation are also led by idiots.


Led by Idiots
chief among them
Fake 'prez' who gets
all his 'News' and 'facts'
from Facts-Free FOX & Fiends
proving beyond a reasonable doubt
FOX makes you dumb, Dumber, Stupid.





In this country, death rates have gone down, but way more people have the virus. There are several reasons for this:

1) We are getting much better at handling the disease.
2) A lot fewer old people are getting the disease.
3) A lot of the states that have a major pandemic problem also have a major reporting problem (which means the death toll is likely higher, but won't be known for a long time).
4) There is a big lag time between getting the disease and fatality.

There are other problems with an increase in cases. Hospitalizations are up. This causes other deaths to increase, and hospitals don't have the time to properly treat those cases and patients avoid getting serious conditions checked. It is also massively expensive, pushing up health insurance costs (which again can lead to worse overall care). Then there is long term damage, which we won't know about until much later (this is fairly common).

Any way you cut it, the increase in cases (absent a much higher rate of testing) is really bad.


@2, you don't get punitive damages in Washington.


@15 -- "There are no intelligent Republicans. Can you name one?"

Kim Wyman. I doubt she watches Fox News though. She is also running away from her party (she wants the Secretary of State job to be non-partisan).

@5 -- "If you watch CNN and MSNBC you will get stupidier and stupidier..."

Ha! Right Wing idiots are so presumptuous. They get their news from Fox, so they assume that everyone else gets their news from CNN and MSNBC. We don't. We get our news from various publications, like the local paper (The Seattle Times, in this case), or well respected national papers (New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal). We also read magazines like the Atlantic, or the New Yorker. We read newspapers and magazines from across the pond, including right leaning publications like The Economist. We even, on occasion, read well respected but very right wing publications like The National Review.

It is really only right wingers who get their news from the least informed, laziest method possible: TV news.


Yeah it’s always hilarious when people stop talking about a crisis after it passes. Remember how everyone was like 9/11 omg 3000 people died!!! and then everyone moved on. Fuckin comedy gold brah



I agree, it'll be awesome when we have a new POTUS that will actually respond to the crisis and help resolve it. I hope your prediction comes true! I'd LOVE to be past this in 12 months.


@5' 22. Go home, kiddos. The oatmeal your momma made you is getting cold.


For Trump, everything is just an opportunity to grab more cash.


@28: "There are plenty of well educated, smart people who have significant cognitive and ethical blind spots."

Nah, it's just a difference of opinion.



record 10K new cases in tx & record 60 covid deaths in a single day, hospitalizations 2x from 2 weeks ago


yes that’s it just keep telling people the increasing number of preventable deaths are less worse than the previous 130,000 preventable deaths because there are fewer of them, this is how you keep america great or transition to greatness or whatever


36 lolllllllllllllllllllll how are you people still hung up on this


Sometimes I see those spam posts from Dr Nelson and the like, advertising his miracle cures for HIV and herpes and I wonder how on earth it could possibly remain a viable source of income for anyone to generate those messages. Like, there couldn't possibly be anyone, anywhere who still gets suckered by them, could there!?!

Then David in Shoreline pops in here to lay it down for us and it all starts to make a bit more sense.


Florida teen died of coronavirus after attending 100-person church event, parents treated her with hydroxychloroquine

She went to a big church gathering, did not wear a mask, got sick, her parents treated her with Trump's touted cure, they refused to have her intubated, and now she's dead.

I wonder how many dead will make an impression on the non-believers? 1 million? 10? 20? 100? I mean Trump wants to open up the schools - will they care when their kids start dying? Or suffer from serious complications after surviving the virus? I really want to know, what will it take?

Republican senators are already refusing to go to the RNC event in Jacksonville for Trump "due to the virus situaion" and yet they want everyone else to send their kids back to school and they don't want to provide any additional financial aid (especially unemployment).


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