Slog PM: Scream Inside Your Heart



Scream Inside Your Heart -- that pretty much sums up this year.


I’m screaming inside my heart right now



"and further repairs and professional sanitation of the turf field,"
Enjoy the veggies.


Japanese men are so dapper and polite under stress.


Get the SLT stainless steel pots and pans. They may feel pricey, but they are worth it, and they are cheaper than the All-Clad.

And hope they can recover.


Le Creuset... one good sauce pan and one dutch oven. Pricey but it might last a lifetime.


Scream inside my heart? Is that like when I have sex inside my hands? Bet I can manage...


Sports Illustrated is crap these days, but I happened upon this and found it actually worthwhile.

I've long been an advocate of DC renaming their team The Hogs. It's got a ton of local significance and history, is unique, would easily lend itself to fun/interesting logo designs. Always seemed a no-brainer. Though that guys got at least a couple other worthy suggestions.


"Our federal government chose not to [adequately support the citizenry]. Instead we’re forced to work in dangerous conditions to feed our families."

Plus, if you don't getchyurass tf out there
how tf ya gonna pay your rent?

A real Republican Utopia
brought to us by the
Reptiliclan Party.

Who wants more?


"Tweeters and TikTokers are, once again, trying to screw up the attendance figures for Saturday's Trump rally..."

Bully for them.
Speaking of, look
for Hair Furor to label
them all TERRORISTS!

The kkklan\ Nuremberg
Happy covid-19 True Believers!
remember: Jesus's gotchya Covered!



Soon there will be a new Japanese-language film: The Marriage: Scream Inside Your Heart


@10 - Thanks for the SI article, definitely some good ideas there.


@10 Washington Monuments is so obvious I'm embarrassed to mention it.


"Tweeters and TikTokers…"

This reads wrong. Devising a term for the act of using a newly coined technology like "to Tweet" or "to TikTok" can be challenging, but still needs to follow basic English spelling and pronunciation rules. "Tokers" are those who toke, and it has a long "o". In general, when extending a consonant-vowel-consonant sequence with a suffix like "er" or "ed" (vowel-consonant), the last consonant of the sequence needs to be doubled. Eg.: "dot" –> "dotted". Otherwise, the pronunciation changes to a long vowel (doted).

I would suggest either "TikTokkers" or, if the branding doesn't allow it, "TikTok’ers". The same would apply to the act of "TikTokking" or probably better, "TikTok’ing".


I also see "TikTok-ers" in use. Maybe that's even better.


well har de har har, as it turns out...
That Trump Tulsa rally, in addition to being a debacle in terms of turnout, has also likely led to a spike in CV numbers in the Tulsa area-
Correlation is not causation, but ...


I seem to recall that the primary reason the state fair was cancelled during WWII is that the Puyallup fairgrounds were being used as an internment camp for Japanese-American citizens.


@17 I know, that was the point.


Aw sheesh, Chase, it didn't come across as a gag in that context. Just made me a stumblr.


It was always too pricey for my budget, but I'm glad, I guess, that places like Sur La Table exist if only to give me something to aspire to. I was in Williams-Sonoma several years ago and was kind of appalled by a $300 toaster. The salesperson said, "How many toasters do you buy in a lifetime? This one will last at least that long." The logic was lost on me. It was a very nice toaster, but $300? Not in my world.

I met Julia Child at SLT back in the early 90s. She was signing copies of her mega-masterpiece, The Way to Cook. It was a moment so dear in my heart. Seems as if all my Seattle history is melting away. Perhaps that's one of the costs of a long life - the world morphs into something you no longer recognize. All things must pass, yes?