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I think that Lady Antebellum should change its name to The Aunties, and that the men should appear in female apparel. We haven't had a good novelty act in decades.


she is seeking the 10 million. that is the reason for the counter suit. the band is not seeking any money, just the use of the name that they trademarked.


How are people suing each other over a terrible name like Lady A?


@3/7 There's a whole article on it.


In Colorado some off-duty cops went to the memorial site for Elijah McClain, a Black introvert who was killed after a police encounter, and photographed themselves smiling and doing a choke hold. When the photos were reported to the department recently, it took about a week for them to get fired, as well as a recipient of the photos who responded with, "Ha ha."

So let's see if the sheriff's deputy gets fired and if it takes more than a week.


Isn't that based on the white band's claims? Could there be any details that they might have left out? And good for her.


Sorry, Sargon, you are incorrect. Antebellum means "before the war" and Antediluvian means "before the flood", using the Latin prefix "ante", which means before or previously.

You may now fight GermanSausage for the title of Odd Fellow of Stranger.


@12: Antebellum is before the war.


Ante = before.

Antebellum is pretty commonly used in any 19th-century histories of the US to refer to the period before the Civil War.. Geez!

Anyway, I just found an interview from King 5 of Lady A after the white band changed their name. Check it out:


Regarding Lady Antebellum's name change, the state of Rhode Island is facing a similar challenge:

Not that anyone's askin', but here's my two cents. If Lady Antebellum can change their name to Lady A, how about Rhodey I?


Slog: "The first week in July was apparently Seattle's coldest since 2002, with an average high of 68.6 degrees"

Seattle Times: "With an average high temperature of 69.4 degrees, the first week of July was Seattleā€™s coldest in nearly two decades...Not since 2002, when the first week of July registered an average high temperature of 68.6 degrees, has the weather stayed so cool at this point in the season."


@15: If you're going to trash GWTW characters, trash that insufferable Melanie Wilkes, certainly not Scarlett.


I'm with Anita White. Lady Antebellum was a racist name when they created it. Yet it took the death of George Floyd for them to realize that? What the fuck. Seriously, if I was in a band twenty years ago and someone came up with the name, I would imagine the conversation would go like this:

"Hey, how about we call ourselves something Antebellum'",

"Hmmm, what does Antebellum mean?".

"Oh, it means the era in the South, before the Civil War. You know, like the cool big house we did a photo shoot at in historical garb -- those are called Antebellum houses"

"You mean when they had slaves! Fuck that. Let's call ourselves something else. Something with magnolia or honeysuckle. Jesus"

Except in this case, they were all from The South, and sure as fuck knew what Antebellum means. They just didn't care. Now, after all these years, they want to change their name, and didn't bother to see if someone else had the same name. If they are going to go through the hassle of changing their name, they should change it something no one else is using. That would require maybe five minutes on a fucking computer.

Fuck them -- fuck that band.


@16 -- The Rhode Island change is long overdue. It is just one of those archaic details that most people aren't even aware of. My guess is if you took a poll a year ago, and asked people in that state for the official name of the state they are living in, a vast majority would just reply "Rhode Island", not "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations". That is for people who actually live there, let alone the rest of the country.


@12 -- Oh, and if you even bothered to read up about the band, you would realize that:

"On the BBC Radio 2 Drivetime Show August 9, 2010, the band explained that the name comes from when the group did a photo shoot in historical costumes at antebellum houses. In American history, the Antebellum era was the period in the Southern United States before the Civil War."

Jesus, so much ignorance could be avoided if people just spent a teeny-tiny amount of time on Wikipedia. The greatest encyclopedia the world has ever known sits within seconds away, and you are too lazy to use it.


All the other articles I read on the internet say Lady A of Seattle's camp is asking for 10 million. Who's right on this one Stranger?


this article says seattle lady a sued first then the band counter sued for the same amount based on a trademark they filed in 2010


stinkbug @18, brianparks @25, one of the joys of reading Slog is running into these weird factual errors or writing mistakes that have you asking yourself "Am I going crazy?"--y'know, the feeling you have when someone is playing a prank on you. Kinda keeps ya on your toes.

Someone who's grateful for Slog and has donated more than once to The Stranger's for-profit enterprise.

Anyway, I'm thinking about this Lady A impasse, and one idea is for the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum to invite Anita White in as their fourth member. Think of this as a King Solomon-style solution, except, rather than dividing, I'm uniting.


@20 Fiddle-dee-dee! As God is my witness, I'll never vote Republican again.


If somebody does all your work for you, don't expect to win a fight.


If the south had other races than Blacks working the fields, that might make sense. But they didn't. I don't know how many White people can say they're descendants from Southern plantation slaves, do you?


@24 -- Oh, the old "everybody did it back then" defense. Except that wasn't the case. In 1837, Britain banned the slave trade within every territory. That means it was illegal in Canada, and would have been illegal in The South (and north) if not for the war of independence (a war fought in the name of freedom and liberty). So this is not like, say, Saudi Arabia. From a cultural standpoint, these are the same people, with the same history and wealth, basically ignoring customs, and continuing with slavery.

It is worth noting that unlike the medieval period, not anyone could be thrown into slavery. America fought wars with the British, captured soldiers, but didn't (as was the tradition for generations) turn those soldiers into slaves. Nope. Slavery was reserved for one class of people, and one only. It was done based on the racist believe that black people were literally subhuman. This attitude existed for centuries in The South. In 1968, male protesters across The South held up signs stating "I am a man". This seems, on the surface, to be rather obvious. Yet it ran contrary to the very underpinnings of the Antebellum South, as well as the post-reconstruction era. Jim Crow, lynchings, the KKK (the largest, and most effective terrorist organization in United States history) all were based on that fundamental idea.

Should that practice be singled out for its level of tyranny? Hell Yes.


@11- The reason it takes a week (or More) is because there are many investigatory steps that must be done before a cop can be fired, lots of I-dotting and T-crossing. Statements have to be obtained, reviewed, sent for correction, reviewed again and so on. Many levels of supervision and city attorneys then must review the investigation, which is 20, 30, 50 and more pages long...although that includes attachments. Then, a separate disciplinary recommendation process involving all levels of supervision must be completed.

A week is actually really fast for a cop investigation. It means they brought in investigators from other lower priority investigations and worked a lot of overtime.

If the department skips or messes up even one step, courts and civil service use such errors and minor oversights to invalidate the investigation and give the officer his/her job back...with back pay.

As a mid-level police supervisor, I used to complain all the time that it was easier to fire a McDonalds worker on the spot for burning your hamburger than it was to fire a cop in a month for beating the crap out of a compliant and/or innocent person.

A week is fast. If it takes longer, they're trying to be thorough and make a case for termination that will stick. Quick firings happen, but they're very risky insofar as the cop getting reinstated later is concerned.


This happens all of the time, 99% of the time it never goes to court. It's just a pre-emptive measure, to save them from future litigation. It's just that this looks terrible, so while it might look like a good idea to an attorney, any PR person worth their salary would have warned them away from this because it looks awful. There's no polishing this one, and no rolling it in glitter. In baseball, this is called an Unforced Error. The premise that "Lady A" would be so valuable that they couldn't just choose another seems a stretch for folks whose job is creativity in words and music. That, ultimately, is why this is a Footbullet.