Slog PM: "Roger Stone Is Now a Free Man!"



Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich (guilty of much worse: 65 criminal counts, including income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering). Donald Trump only commuted Roger Stone.

Move on.


What is at stake is that we have elections at all. A predetermined outcome leaves us vulnerable to puppetry. This is and always has been about autonomy and freedom. You are throwing it away to give it to boys with toys. Everything we are, everything we were, for boys with toys.


@1 you are telling people to move on while talking about something that happened in the 90s.


(Hehe just kidding!)

See how it feels?


@1 Yeah, and George W pardoned Scooter Libby, they all do it. Except maybe Obama.


Some habits must be changed.

(Don't kill yourself please)


Commutation aside, Roger Stone's convictions still stand. He hasn't been exonerated. He's just not doing the time he was sentenced to.


Oh, well that certainly warms the cockles!


@3: Trump offered Stone a pardon, but Stone refused it on the ground that accepting the pardon meant admitting guilt.



That was not and never will be an okay to tell someone. For what little it is worth, I am sorry for feeling, thinking, and saying that to you. It is not okay.


Kid, we aren’t going to be able to wait this pandemic out. Shutting down only relieves the hospital load not the long term case load or mortality rate. You’re going to have to watch out for yourself and do what you can not to get infected. Some good news take aways are it’s only 8 or 10 times more deadly than the flu and not 50 times. Bad news of course is far more have it than we know and many of those will be silent spreaders.

The Feds aren’t going to help. We need to fend for ourselves. Until we can effectively test, trace and isolate this isn’t going to get much better. We have a failure in leadership combined with a bunch of assholes that only give a shit about themselves. Wear a mask, keep your distance and don’t congregate indoors packed together.


@12 nah. It was solid advice. More of the trolls here should heed it.


@11 Stone wants to wear his conviction like a martyr to profit from it. Who knows what the state of NY has on him. He could be back in the clink at some point.


“The Feds aren’t going to help. We need to fend for ourselves. Until we can effectively test, trace and isolate this isn’t going to get much better. “

Those two sentences are direct and absurd contradiction to each other. We are not island states. With out federal direction, coordination and money you can’t effectively “test, trace and isolate” in a nation where entire states are in total denial. I mean you’d have to wall off whole states, dude.


@14 After you, sir.


Dapper dressers who wear bow ties aren't all that bad. Besides he helped facilitate Wikileaks that everyone enjoyed (except Hillary).

Okay, he was pretty bad. Yeah, very bad. I guess Nixon always had his back though.

@4: There's nothing hypocritical about it. Such are the ramifications (good and bad) of executive pardons and commutations.

@8: No worries, I won't. Unless I get to play Madam Butterfly at the Met and you're the only one in the audience.


“A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it, is committing another mistake.”

— Confucius


Republicans are horrible people.


@19: Unless said mistake is actually an improvement.


@21. I suppose Bob Ross would agree.


@20: Except for the pleasant and creative folks over at the Lincoln project.


While the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor (and so many other unarmed, innocent people), walk around free.

Trump is corrupt AF.

I hope I live long enough to see him rot to death in prison.


@1 -- Marc Rich was convicted of crimes that had nothing to do with the Clintons. At most, Rich bought his pardon, by giving the Clintons a bunch of campaign money.

In contrast, Stone was convicted for lying about an investigation of Trump. It means, essentially, that Trump could never be convicted, because everyone who knew anything would simply lie, and then be pardoned.

Why the fuck should we move on, when the second act is so much worse, and the person who committed it is up for reelection soon? What an absurd thought.


Donald Trump has merely decided to do Roger Stone's time personally, as a favor, after his presidency ends.


@12. That makes me the same as those I detest for what they do and gives them every right to be the same, or to be better.


@30. You think he will stop working for Trump? He just promoted his captured pawn and we're in check, more pieced or otherwise, the king our fragile democracy.





There's nothing to say about the Roger Stone thing but "of course he did".

Trump's pointless pardon of those war criminal psychopaths a few months back was way more ghastly. There was no reason for those apart from an aesthetic attachment to criminality.


Roger stone is gross but joe arpaio was the worst of trump’s pardons


covid denier in his 30s dies after attending a covid party


I'd love to do a touch up of the tattoo of Nixon on Stone's back with an icepick and a hammer.


Forgive me for shitting on your Spiel, 'doktor' Nelson, but there's (speaking of the Roger Stone & trumpfy) This (these comments from Roger Cohen's: The Most Dangerous Phase of Trump’s Rule article) from the nyt:

“I’m getting tired of being correct when it comes to arguing with my conservative friends.

My point is simple and goes like this: recent American history has shown that Republicans gain office by using bellicose patriotism, anti-liberal polemics and promises of a smaller, fiscally responsible government. What have they delivered?

A major recession (Bush I), a horrendous and phony war (Bush II) and mayhem (Trump).

And, as usual, Americans will belatedly come to their senses and elect a Democrat to clean up the mess.” -- Michael Judge, Washington DC

“Yes, Trump emulates those authoritarians he so admires. But, just as scary as his dictatorial moves, are how many millions of Americans are pleased with his use of power, and who would gladly, democratically, vote for him again.” -- NM, NY

“There is no doubt Trump will use any opportunity to undermine the November 3 election. Americans of good faith must unite and vote in overwhelming numbers to show the military, the police and the Secret Service that we are not kidding about firing the guy.

He must be escorted out the door under no uncertain terms.

But let's keep our vigilance up. Trump is capable of anything once cornered. It could get very scary.” –Will, NYC, NYC

“I think even a landslide vote against him will not stop Trump. He will hold onto the office until he is literally pulled out. First the denunciation of the victory as illegitimate, then involving DOJ and possibly the Supreme Court in overturning the vote, and finally the decision that he must go.

Can we count on anyone in the GOP to participate in shutting Trump down? Which branches of government will be rock steady in standing up for our republic?

What has already been put in place by the WH and Trump cronies at the highest levels to overthrow the election? Can we count on our allies to come to our aid?
The whole thing makes the head spin. Greatest crisis in our country since the Civil War.” --Gigi P, East Coast

“Roger is, of course right, but Trump is not the problem we will face after he refuses to honor the November 3rd election results.

It’s the silence on November 4th from his allies in the Senate, the Justice Department and the Supreme Court.” -- Sedona Brain, Lew

”Trump has now commuted Roger Stone’s sentencing, before his old pal went to prison. Stone made no mystery that he covered up for Trump, and Trump made no secret of abusing his office to take care of his associates.

This is what we have been reduced to under Trump - so much for being ‘a nation of laws.’” – NM, NY



I'll see your Oscar Lopez Rivera and raise with Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada...


@41 - Holmes doesn't handle felonies. That's Satterberg.


Stone never got over being Nixon and Rebozo’s sex toy.


@42: Although there are a few whispers about Dick and Bebe, Roger has always been a ladies' man.


"Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president."

Mitt Romney


"Other presidents have of course issued what can be seen as self-serving pardons: George H. W. Bush’s pardon of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger; Bill Clinton’s pardon of his brother Roger and of Susan McDougal, among others; and George W. Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence. But no president in American history comes close to matching Trump’s systematically self-serving use of the pardon power. "

Jack L. Goldsmith, former top Justice Department official during the George W. Bush administration.


roger stone and his wife had an ad in a kink zine in the 90s looking for single men with big dicks

“ According to the man's account, Stone mentioned that he and his wife had recently been in California and had 'fun' with a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Stone told him his wife was 'a very attractive lady and that I could have fun with her, too.' The man passed on the offer.”


Trump has competition for being the worst president ever (the previous Republican President may deserve that honor). But he is clearly the most self serving.


Raindrop, just because stone apparently rebuffed you, that doesn’t mean he’s straight. Maybe he just wasn’t into you?


@20 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Agreed, seconded, and why I always vote Democrat.


If we vastly expanded IQ tests there would be an alarming increase in idiots.