King County Health Department’s Latest COVID-19 Report: Things Are Bad



"The Health Department also has not seen outbreaks attributable to bars."

That's because bars have been closed.


Bars and restaurants within a five mile radius of UW should have a strict No Frat Bros policy.


Gotta get more middle and upper class white people dying if we're going to start taking this thing seriously. Worked with opioids.


wow, this thing has really upended our world.
I think it would be fruitful to look back to a few months ago as it was unfolding...
there were some people who were 'alarmist' and there were some people who pooh-poohed it all and said this would all be in our rear-view mirror by now.
Some people were right, and their credibility is enhanced.
Some people were wrong and their credibility is diminished.


@4: It's not difficult to feel hard for them.


I highly recommend anyone wanting to work in the bar industry either seriously consider working in Europe or establish some kind of illegal speakeasy in their garage or back yard.


@8 Yes, Fauci absolutely deserves an immeasurable amount of credit for trying to warn everyone while Trump did everything possible to pretend it was nothing. And now it is getting worse and we're looking at more catastrophic loss on every level.

Just remember, there are still people here insisting it is no worse than the flu! People want what they want when they want it - open it up! I will never wear a mask!!!

My questions:
Will it ever really be fully over?
How many dead will there be?
How many people will be out of work long term?
How many entire industries will be gone forever?
How many years will it take for the educational gap to be closed, if it can be at all?
How much of the cumulative catastrophic loss is irreparable?
Will those responsible ever be held accountable?


There are thousands of these stories across the nation.

Over 40 Florida hospitals max out ICU capacity as Covid-19 cases surge across US

Hospitals Strain Under New Flood of Covid-19 Patients
I.C.U. units are reaching capacity. Nurses are falling sick, contributing to shortages. The new coronavirus spikes are challenging hospitals across the United States.

All the hospitals are full: In Houston, overwhelmed ICUs leave COVID-19 patients waiting
Officials in Houston warn of a potential replay of what happened in New York in the spring, when thousands of people died as hospitals struggled to keep up.

Available Alabama ICU beds at all-time low as COVID-19 hospitalizations spike

Yolo County Struggling To Secure ICU Beds As Cases Climb

'We are at capacity' | There are now more people in the ICU than at any other time since the coronavirus pandemic began

Officials warn ICU bed shortages could create crisis for Fort Bend County hospitals
Officials warn shortages could create crisis for Fort Bend hospitals

As ICU Beds Reach Capacity in Riverside, Nurses Protest Working Conditions


“We need to accept … long term behavior change and restructuring how we go about our lives.”

Who didn't realize that already? I mean with the complete abdication of responsibility by our Federal Gummint in regards to .. well, everything... --Hell, every dog, chicken, and baby in the entire country could have had their own N-95 mask by now, for free, with plenty of available stock for our medical frontline personnel on top of that, if our national defense production act had been engaged. But no...

....preshidentian Gimme-Mine couldn't have been bothered, and was too busy forking out 1.3 Trillion in COVID Relief funds to his pals and people he's manipulating politically (like giant for-profit mega-churches full of evangelical brainwashee-types), and of course all the bank CEOs (and/or Russian Mafia) to whom he owes anywhere between $400 million to $4 billion in finagled development loans, --some countersigned by actual Russians, some with his own personal collateral on the line-- many of which are coming due within the next 12-18 months.

So yeah, ever since the States of Denial (FL, TX, AZ, MS, ETC.) started spiking, it was abundantly clear that we're gonna be in this shit until it burns through practically our entire population leaving a trail of dead as gross as it is wide.

TX hospitals are already in life-or-death triage mode, just like Lombardy, Italy back in February-March.

Welcome to living in a failed state. The bitter dregs of Empire.


Rather than try and make everything about race, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the Pandemic has a greater impact on low-income communities (which have a disproportionate % of POCs)?

Is there any evidence to show that middle- and upper-income POCs have higher rates of negative impact (deaths) than middle- and upper-income Whites?

If you clowns keep it up with the emphasis on race, we’re going to become as Balkanized as, well, the Balkans, with every racial group squabbling for a larger piece of the pie, rather than working on ways to make the pie bigger for everyone.

For the record, I do think there is a certain amount of ‘White Privilege’ out there, but I think a lot of what’s being labeled ‘White Privilege’ is actually ‘Wealth Privilege’.


@11 - Wow David, you're a dimmer bulb than I ever realized. Been watching Fox again have you? It shows.

@12 - "Will those responsible ever be held accountable?" ~~Probably not.
~~There are no knowable answers to your other questions at present. I'm sorry. :>(

@13 - "No money for any part of the green new deal." ~~If they can simply print $1.3 Trillion in Covid-Relief funds for the Pressuredent to distribute at whim, and create other multi-billions to bail out the stock market time & again, they can simply manifest however much money they actually want for whatever needs they desire. (Secret Detail: Taxes don't "fund the government" ; they just spend brand new money into existence for whatever they want, there's no actual budget limits. There's no "austerity". And then they tax some of it back out of existence to control inflation.)

We could have a Green New Deal tomorrow if the trés riche class thought it would be a grand idea. It's just a policy decision to not give any money to US, the little people, the one's who could at least keep the economy moving somewhat & stay solvent with that capital. But because fuck us they're going to let us suffer, go broke, lose our mortgages, lose our houses, cars, families, and dogs, and the banks will just reap yet another harvest of "legally"-stolen, nearly-free land & property they can simply re-sell again... to, someone. I guess to whomever is left alive and not disabled by this fucked up vampire virus.


Cato is Back, it's great to have you back. I'm trying to remember. You were previously just Cato, right?

I like the pessimistic spirit of your comment @13. For me, it evokes the idea that, throughout the course of human existence, shit happens. Especially shit that causes death and disability and economic hardship. We've been riding along unusually unscathed for a while now, thanks largely to the miracle of science. And it's science and human cooperation that are going to eventually deliver us here.

One area where I'm more optimistic than you is with the prospects for a vaccine. It appears that the vaccine problem for SARS-COV-2 is easier than the one for HIV, never mind that, if I recall correctly, there's never been another coronavirus vaccine before.

Also appreciating the recently returned xina, who appears to have upped her game. See @12.

And of course, I always love reading the comments from David in Shoreline, if only for their sheer entertainment value, See @11. I just want whatever he's smoking.


@15 I'm a natural downer, but I never considered we'd be such a failed state we'd just saunter into our own dissolution.

I bet we'll be over 10 million dead in a couple years.



Not sure if that was a typo or not, but it was pretty funny. Well done.


@20, right! How could I not remember your memorable tag?!


@16 They aren't mutually exclusive, you can be poor and simply not have the variable of race working against you in your particular pecking order.


Nor are they zero-sum, it doesn't take resources away from solving the problem of poverty by addressing race. It is part of a collective repairing of race relations and believing having the guts to own up the America's promise that all are created equal in the eyes of the creator and must be upheld to that standard as best as our ever perfecting union may strive. Giving up now is for losers.


All of us liberals have family and friends likely scattered across the land and this world now that we are interconnected, so yeah it does impact us when you endure our people in other lands. I'm having a fucking fit worried sick not just about my own family and my own shit, but the people who made me what I am who are now exposed to the harmful and outright dangerous stupidity of the blind loyal masses to Trump.

Let me spell something out for you. Trump is part of a multinational cabal of despots that cooperate with each other and accomplish goals as a group of elites. They puppet their own people in order to oppress them, siphon their tax dollars made human capital, and twist the population against each other while stacking the judiciary with loyalists who take the collective globalist interest of these strongmen and use fear and anger to sow division among people who have the most in common.

We are under constant cyberattack not only from abroad, but from within. That is why they are attacking the FBI, not just because of the sex scandals, but because it reduces our national security from within because the fringe elements become enabled and feel like they can get away with murder. Those fringe elements are clearly and presently among our police forces, our militaries, our online communities, and our schools, because borders don't matter anymore. Only the ones in your mind and where you look on your phone.

So if you believe in America you have to recognize that it was never about a perfect situation or having the guts to be a better people despite your shortcomings and sins and failures. The founders were slaveowners and they fucked up, but they were not all evil and they hated the institutions of their day. We must have the courage to BELIEVE in the same DREAM, not the dream of stepping on each other's neck, but the dream of doing so while living up to the love of healthy competition and excellence in everything we do because we are made up of the world's best. That is what makes us the strongest country in the world, because we are of the entire world.

Throwing all of that away to become a honogenous beige neckbeard nukefest is the most shameful fucking betrayal of the promise all of us grew up with and that the Statue of Liberty symbolized and why I pledged allegiance to the flag and took pride in those colors and my own heritage, fucked up as it was, consisting of natives and slaveholders alike, corrupted and fucked up beyond recognition leaving me only with my own body and soul and to become who I am by what I do now. We must take the legacy, learn the lessons, respect the sacrifice and not make the same mistakes. We have seen all of this before and you can be damn sure I will die before I see it lost for good by a bunch of usurpers destined for an eternity of purest hell.


@16 -- I like your thinking. In general, classism is (in my opinion) much worse than racism. It is better to be rich and black than poor and white (and it wasn't always that way).

But of course, there are other issues. One is that poverty hits people of color much harder than it hits whites. Not only are there more people (proportionately) in poverty, but the concentrations of poverty are worse. Furthermore, escaping poverty is a harder. This is an important issue, largely ignored. It sucks to be born white and poor, because chances are, in this fucked up country of ours, you will die that way. But it is worse to be born black and poor, because the chances are even higher that you will die that way.

Furthermore, even if you improve your economic status, chances are, you are worse off. To quote a recent report*:

"For example, in a study of economic mobility, every 10% increase in family income for White respondents reduced their odds of having suboptimal health by 9.7%, while it only reduced Black respondents’ odds of suboptimal health by 6.9%".

So yeah, poverty is a big deal. There are a shitload of white people suffering because they had the misfortune of being born into the wrong family, in the wrong country. But people of color -- in the same income bracket -- have it even worse, both in terms of their ability to climb out of poverty, and their health if they do.


I posted that in hypervigilant fear. Some habits must be changed.


@11 - ask someone who worked in a hospital in NY whether this shit is real. We were lucky enough (and the work we put in early helped) to keep it from hitting their levels here in King County, but we're not out of the woods yet.


@13 - I am pretty confident that Biden will listen to the scientists & doctors, rather than deciding he knows better than they do. And I can't imagine a Biden administration coming out and actively telling us not to wear facemasks. That difference alone would have been worth tens of thousands of lives when compared to the Mango's performance.


@16 You cannot ignore race, no matter how much you want it to not be an problem. If you clowns keep it up with ignoring race, America will never change, never evolve. Educate yourself. How can you possibly believe race is not THE issue affecting all other issues? Oh right...

The Racial Wealth Gap in America: Asset Types Held by Race

The distribution of wealth in the United States and implications for a net worth tax

Median wealth for families in which the survey respondent was white and not Hispanic or Latino in 2016 was $171,000. Median wealth for families in which the survey respondent was black or African American and not Hispanic or Latino was $17,000, and median wealth for families in which the survey respondent was Hispanic or Latino was $21,000

Coronavirus has widened America's vast racial wealth gap

Income inequality in America is the highest it’s been since Census Bureau started tracking it, data shows

'Extreme inequality was the preexisting condition': How COVID-19 widened America's wealth gap. As 45 million Americans lost their jobs, U.S. billionaires made $584 billion.

Charts of the Week: Racial wealth gap, COVID-19, deaths of despair

Segregation Has Gotten Worse, Not Better, and It's Fueling the Wealth Gap Between Black and White Americans

The Enormous Black-White Wage Gap

Coronavirus, Economic Toll Threaten to Worsen Black Mortality Rates
Financial stress, racial tensions undermine health of African-Americans

Coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd protests highlight health disparities for black people

26 simple charts to show friends and family who aren't convinced racism is still a problem in America



You say, "For the record, I do think there is a certain amount of ‘White Privilege’ out there, but I think a lot of what’s being labeled ‘White Privilege’ is actually ‘Wealth Privilege'" as if they're two separate things.


Poe blew this Popsicle stand ages ago - like Fnarf and many others - and I seriously doubt they're coming back.


"Every prediction has been laughably wrong."

You're the one who claimed this was "another flu." You're the one who made moronic predictions that defied facts and reality. You deserve everything that happens to you, you vile stupid pile of shit.


Yeah, tell that to Houston or Phoenix



I've no doubt Biden will do everything in his power to slow the thing, but I'm not sure what that even could be at this point. There's nothing he can do, say, or even mandate that'll be enforceable on a broad scale, and rural/conservative shitheads will just wear the badge of honor that comes with defying any such orders anyway (as opposed to wearing a simple mask.)

Had he (or Hillary) been in power when the first was first hitting in January/February, they'd have had a Global Pandemic Response team making decisions and it was early enough that it'd have surely made a huge difference (no doubt saving tens of thousands of lives, as you suggest) but at this point I don't know that he'll be able to have alter the careening ship's trajectory. Thankfully and finally having an adult in charge will undoubtedly save lives, I'm just not sure how many or by what means.



I feel you, Garb. Hope your girlfriend is doing OK overseas.



Lastlight, thanks for being the light I needed to get out of this swamp. She is doing great and we are enduring as best we can, though numbing ourselves to the continued disappointments and outrages is taking its toll on me. But I must be strong and endure and take responsibility for my mental health so I can be a good partner and hopefully a good father someday in a better world. Thank you for reminding me of our love. All my best to you and yours across the electrons.


The only prediction that was laughably wrong was the idiot who had the power to stop this saying it would go away on its own. Now 6 months into this we’re the global hot spot rapidly approaching 100K cases per day with governors afraid to shut down their states as their hospitals approach capacity and people refuse to comply with mask mandates because the idiot who had the power to stop this made masks a political issue. It didn’t have to be this way.


@11: Stop mistaking Fox TV for a reliable news source, Doofy Goofy. Injecting yourself with Clorox isn't going to save you or anyone else. Your Orange Cheeto, Trumpty Dumpty and its minions are laughing at you.


Will no one rid us of this meddlesome Herpes Troll?


Is it just me, or do the Covid-19 molecules in that illustration look like they were made out of "Gummies"?


43: Trump suggested it, and he did so on live tv during one of his non-briefings. We ALL saw it.


@43:.....said the fat, balding, dateless, MAGA-capped little troll who still can't go outside without his mommy's permission. Is that supposed to be your point? Stop misconstruing Fox TeeVee as a reliable news source.
@48 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: Yep. Trumpty Dumpty is PROUD to mislead 350,000,000 U.S. citizens, acting as if hydroxychloroquine is a global miracle cure-all for COVID-19. It's NOT. Good lord and butter, I feel sorry for Dr. Anthony Fauci.


Things are really bad.

But they will get better....this isn't the first pandemic and it won't be the last.

1) Follow the CDC guidelines -
2) Have a little faith in our abilities and systems. For pity sake we aren't that hopeless
3) We have overall much more hospital capacity, PPE & better treatments
4) We have multiple trial vaccines underway with prospects for a workable vaccine by late fall

If we could stop politicizing the "virus" and work together, things might just get a little better in a accelerated manner.

Both parties need to be spanked for doing their damn best to make political capital out of a serious disaster.


Perhaps if trumpf hadn't Politicized and then IGNORED this nasty little virus, and if McBitch KkKonnelll (R, Moscow) hadn't granted him Impunity for ALL things, your belated call for Bipartisanship might've had a much more decent chance, Mistrial.

Hair Furor seems to want to Kill Americans
how do we deal with that, for starters?


I mean trumpf just started wearing a mask
two fucking days ago.

Without decent Leadership
we're (apparently) Sunk.


Speaking of Bipartisinship:

"How Trump Is Helping Tycoons Exploit the Pandemic

The secretive titan behind one of America’s largest poultry companies, who is also one of the President’s top donors, is leveraging the coronavirus crisis to strip workers of protections.
By Jane Mayer, in the New Yorker."

What do you propose we do
with the Mofo in the White
House, mistrial?


@54 I guess my point was about the virus. If you want to continue to politicize everything then rush on forward..... hell is only half way full. You'll be able to meet Trump there on his own turf.

The alternative is that you can act responsibly, work together and defeat the virus and possibly get rid of Trump...but that would require the ability to control yourself for 5 minutes.


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Yet again:

"The secretive titan behind one of America’s largest poultry companies, who is also one of the President’s top donors, is leveraging the coronavirus crisis to strip workers of protections."

''If you [me] want to continue to
politicize everything
then rush on forward... " --@mistrial

If Everything
we DO were
NOT political

-- and what might be more fucking Political
than the Nazi in the all-White House [seem-
ingly] intent on killing off the poorest of the
Citizenry --

might have
some small point


Speaking of Not Political:
from this am's Schlog:

"Worker advocates say meat companies JBS and Tyson Foods discriminated against Black and Latino workers by failing to protect them from coronavirus: 'The complaint alleges that the companies’ failure to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance at their processing facilities — social distancing on meat processing lines, the use of personal protective equipment — had a discriminatory impact on the predominantly black, Latino and Asian workforce,' the Washington Post reports.

Black, Latino and Asian workers make up 70% of processing line workers in meatpacking plants, but whites dominate management at Tyson and JBS."

Nah. Def not political.

From the food we eat
to the PPE not issued
to the gasoline we (do not) buy
what Isn't political?


@59 I think you should try to control your passions, you are gonna shoot your pants.

You might want to consider just voting him out of office in November. It is a very simple solution.

In the mean time, if we could just simply "stay calm and carry on" without resorting to histrionics, absurd politics and reactionary positions...we might learn we can get past these idiots. Its just a thought.

But if as you say, whipping up hysteria, polarizing the political landscape and resorting to reactionary positions is the way to go... who am I to disagree with such a well thought out and productive solution to our current problems.


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