Slog AM: People Under 40 Are Spreading COVID and Killing People, Jupiter Will Be Visible in Tonight's Sky



Not to worry, 'Jesusfreak'
Hair Furor's gonna kill as
many as possible for Jesus
or Mammon, whatever.


I love that you just get to be constantly wrong and it has no impact on your credibility whatsoever.
It will all go away before noon, trust me.


Nothing to see here, as Der Fuhrer will continue to ram the Titanic into the iceberg for the next 6 months until Jan 2021.
Fauci will be jettisoned soon, and will be blamed for everything, while the number of Covid-19 cases continue to soar, and the death toll keeps rising.


Y'all listening to Doctors are dumb as shit. Chuck Wollery knows this is all a conspiracy to hurt Donald. Listen to the real experts people. Please replace Fauci with the love connection guy and maybe the surgeon general (where has that guy been) with Jenny McCarthy. That will defiantly help the situation. Also, you mf-ers obviously haven't been praying hard enough. I better see packed churches if we are ever going to pray our way out of this.


David in Shoreline @3, I just want to say it's wonderful that you've taken such an interest in public health. And it's clearly an area where you have a vast amount of expertise.

Hey, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? (Hey, as longer as "stronger" includes permanent lung and neurological damage.)


Whenever Travolta's Hollywood buddies would see "Road House" on a TV somewhere in the world, they would immediately call up Travolta and say "I am watching your wife's tits." Just for giggles.
Wonder if they can keep doing that now?


Seattle in Alaska @6, I'll trust Chuck Woolery any day over that fancy Canadian Alex Trebek. And a French Canadian at that!

I do think there's something fitting in a reality TV show star president leaning on the medical expertise of a game show host. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with being a game show host. Just, I'm not looking to them for medical advice, unless it involves spaying and neutering.



Ha, Chuck Woolery. That was pretty freaking funny, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm pretty genuinely disappointed Kid Rock hasn't played a more prominent role in the administration to date. Like, maybe not necessarily a cabinet level appointment, but at least bring him on as a personal advisor or something.


@11 Why do we need to appoint trust fund kids to every cabinet level position? Maybe hire someone that had to work for it.


Florida sees record new covid cases on Sunday, meanwhile the state’s reopening is moving full speed ahead. A lot of stupid people are going to regret being so stupid.


Jupiter is cool to view all right. I've seen it. Majestic. However, I recommend viewing comet Neowise. Best visibility is at 4 am. It will be in the NE heavens low on the horizon. Will only be in the vicinity of earth until roughly mid-August. Then one will have to wait 6000 years.

BTW,I did see it Sat. morning with binoculars. It was awesome!


@16. I don't agree with that premise, but you can't spread HIV to your mom just by being in the same room, unlike Covid-19. That makes a big difference on how we should behave and interact.


You go first, Cato dear....



People on the left were literally the only ones educating people about AIDS when it was "making the rounds" because the people on the right who were running the government ignored it because it was killing fags. For years I had assumed the right would have taken action on HIV if it were contracted passively but the covid pandemic put that to rest. Turns out the right doesn't even gaf whether their own supporters suffer and die from an entirely preventable disease.



Oh, there won't be ANY cabinet appointments if the Cheeto-skinned shit-gibbon steals - er, "wins" a second term, because he's going to do all of those jobs himself - after all he IS the most expertist expert that ever experted in the whole history of experting, so what have we got to lose? Well, he may portion some of it out to the kids, with salary increases to match, but you can rest assured they won't dare make a move without daddy's prior approval.


@23: You're overlooking President George W. Bush's combatting AIDS in Africa. (Or maybe you don't classify him as 'right').

Bush in 2003, PEPFAR has provided more than $80 billion in cumulative funding for HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and research since its inception, making it the largest global health program focused on a single disease in history.


25 im talking about the reagan era, the early stages when it was “making the rounds” here & when we had the opportunity to contain it but chose not to, bush-2 was great for getting existing treatments to developing nations who needed it but when it was a crisis in our own country queer people had to fight to get anyone to care & to get new therapies into the hands of people who needed them & that we’re now supposed to credit bush for anytime someone mentions hiv

Anyway this is all beside the point which is that we currently have a republican president overseeing a pandemic that disproportionately affects his elderly voter base & he still doesn’t care nor do his congressional & fox news enablers


The death rate has sharply decreased. The data shows Covid isn't nearly as deadly as they thought. Sensationalism gets you clicks I guess.


the death rate is climbing back up bc it takes several weeks for the virus to run its course but the number of dead will pale in comparison to the number of survivors suffering chronic lung, heart and brain dysfunction because there are other negative consequences from infection besides dying



Even if the death rate is lower than originally predicted it's still far higher than other viral infections - and given it's rapid mutation we may NEVER have a workable vaccine like we do for most flu strains today. Plus, we're learning a lot more about the long-term (as in "you may have this for the rest of your life") effects on survivors and those don't look good: lung, kidney, liver and brain damage; increased risk for strokes, diabetes and pneumonia; compromised immune systems - and those are just the side-effects showing up now, who knows what we could find in another six months to a year?

But yeah, it's all just "sensationalism"; tell that to the 137,490 - and counting - of your fellow citizens who have already died and the hundreds of thousands, if not millions more who WILL die because people in this country are, in general: greedy, stupid, self-centered, juvenile, and lacking even the most rudimentary sense of morality or compassion towards their fellow human beings.




maybe "people have permanent organ damage lol!" isn't a winning message?


I cant decide if its a hoax or I need to start taking hydroxycut like the president so I wont die from it.


Just wait until schools open. What will it take for people to take this virus seriously? My bet is tens of millions, if not more, dead. Everyone will have to know someone who died before they care.


what if covid is actually a blue state killer because it's turning red states blue by killing people


Don't despair-There's still time for Trump to start a nuclear war!
Whoever is left on Air force 1 gets to vote!
@33 see @30 LOL!



Well, if that's the road you want to go down, we should just stop trying to prevent ANY deaths, regardless of the cause (heart disease, dimentia/Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer, TB, cholera, malaria, COVID, smoking, traffic and firearm fatalities, you name it), because - PEOPLE JUST DIE, LOLZ!

Seriously, do you have to spend a good portion of your morning thinking up idiotic things to say, or do they just naturally roll off your tongue like shit from a goose?


The Stranger finally admits it. No good comes from their business model.

"If you're standing really close to other people without a mask (or shirt!) on, shouting, "Hey how's it going?" "Oh hey I'm good how are you?" "Doing really great!" while also dancing to music, singing, laughing, playing with a beach ball, flirting, holding each other's beer, leaning on each other... then guess what???!"

The Stranger, in their pleas for donations, admits that advertising to people looking to engage in such activity, is their revenue model.


@8 Kelly Preston was in Road House?
Are you confusing her with Kelly Lynch


48 you know there is a pandemic killing people right now that didn’t exist a few months ago right


Dave, must've had a hardy laugh at 9/11. What's everyone so upset about? Everyone dies! Lol.



Not to mention they've existed for 30 years and have a Pulitzer on their resume'. They could fold tomorrow and you'd not be able to sniff their ass professionally.


Lock down all you want but unless people do the things required when reopening it will just start back up again. As long as people don’t mask and distance and act responsible it will linger. We’ve had worse pandemics before. They can be long and deadly. Most of the rest of the world has figured this one out. We haven’t.



It's totally true - just look in a mirror if you don't believe me.


@42 I have been in my home for over 4 months now. No matter what you believe it is living.

The situation we are in is because Americans are selfish and stupid. it did not have to be this way. Trump made it so. All of the people who listen to him and ignore all of the scientists and doctors made it so. They are just flat out stupid. Can't fix stupid. The longer this goes on, the more the stupid people are going to feel backlash from the people suffering from their stupidity. The stupid people are going to go down, one way or another, for their stupidity. Unfortunately, they are going to take far too many other people with them.

Human beings have, throughout history, in fact lived through worse. A percentage of human beings will live through this. How many will live through it remains to be seen. If there were any true justice or karma on the universe, the stupid would all die and the rest of us would be left in peace to rebuild the world. Given the number of doctors who have died to date, starting with the very first one in China who attempted to warn the world about the virus, that is not going to be the case.

Trump and all his fellow pathological liars and deniers are mass murderers.

And all of the people who have died worldwide are not perpetuating a hoax to bring Trump down. The fact that people can believe that is absolutely absurd.


Real men don't wear seatbelts, helmets or wash their hands after using the bathroom. Safety is for democrats.


Cautionary COVID tales: Friends and families share deadly consequences of hoaxes and misinformation:

“Does anybody have the guts to say this COVID-19 is a political ploy? Asking for a friend. Prove me wrong,” he wrote on Facebook on March 13. McDaniel was the first to die as a result of the novel coronavirus in his county, according to his obit.

"I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it's not,” a 30-year-old patient who died this week in a Texas hospital told his nurse. He told nurses he had previously attended a “COVID party.”

In Ohio, a 37-year-old veteran died from COVID-19 complications on Independence Day weekend. His name was Richard Rose. He said that he would not be buying a mask adding that: “I’ve made it this far by not buying into that damn hype,”

Of course there are many, many more. How many will it take?


Why is there constant commentary about blue v. red states? It's all America. And the red states will ultimately suffer more catastrophic loss by the time this shit show is over.

Acting like blue states' losses are a failure when red states' losses are worse, as they are a result of their governors' & Fox news watching populations' refusal to face reality, makes no sense at all. Your trolling is literally going to blow back on you. What will you say then?


My gram smoked three packs a day and died from lung cancer, a brain tumor (after having lung cancer 4X), but your pappy tale, wow. Proof of nothing.


Florida now one of world centers of coronavirus: 12k more cases Monday

Florida announced another 12,624 cases of COVID-19 Monday, the second-highest daily total for a state now known as one of the world centers for the disease.

The number of people hospitalized continued to rise, going from 7,511 Sunday to 8,072 on Monday, according to the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration.

The new case total fell short of the record-shattering 15,300 cases announced Sunday, a figure that generated headlines across the United States and maintained Florida's status as one of the states driving the disease's resurgence.


66 I gather the moral is supposed to be that “patriots” think they don’t need to take any precautions because bad things only happen to people who were not raised right, only you say this as though it’s something to be proud of and not the reason the expression “famous last words” is part of the american lexicon


Forgoing basic hygiene and etiquette practices to own the libs. How very patriotic of you.


Yeah that too. You’re supposed to wash your hands even if you don’t piss on them.


what's with that weird photoshopped Getty image of Jupiter. Stars within the shadows of Jupiter and those moons with light appearing on the wrong side of the closest one. It is so stupid.
Ya couldn't get an actual image that's scientifically accurate.
Only thing missing is the little alien guy from Bugs Bunny cartoons.


@51, A pandemic fueled by the business model required for TS to be successful. Yup. Knew all about it.

@53, I will still be financially viable if The Stranger folds tomorrow. That is the difference.

@58, How do you explain NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut then? Cuomo and De Blasio's delay in the face of the same information that Inslee and Constantine had? How do you explain King County's rising rates among the young? How about California being a hot spot? You make it all about Trump. I see a rather bipartisan human problem. That Trump is an ass and should never have held the office is beyond dispute, but we would be seeing the same human behavior and bipartisan failures without him.


@76 you do understand that Trump is the president, right? If so, then you have the answer. Please see all other national crises - with presidential response (or lack thereof) in the history of the country. Trump's negligence is the problem. Trump's refusal to work, to meet his responsibilities, to basically lie about everything as a way to escape all liability = refusal to be the CIC of this country. All of it begins with him, his choices, his incompetence, his abuse of power, etc.


@76 Remember when Obama let states twist in the wind when Ebola came knocking? Hm. Me neither.


@77, So Trump (well some President other than Trump) could have done everything right, and we still have bipartisan COVID spread, failure to follow social distancing, etc. There aren't enough Guardsman, Troops, etc. to stop a population of this size from being COVIDIOTS. You think the office of the President comes with Jedi mind power over every Governor, county health officer, etc.? Look at CA. Gavin Newsom has the same info as Inslee. Newsom went to wide scale opening, but not Inslee. Your trope of lack of Presidential (some might say lack of an actual President) leadership is not wrong, but it is too simplistic. Happy pandemic.


I read 79 comments just to say @8, see @50.
Also, @76, How do you explain the entire rest of the world handling this so much better? Also, @76, shut up.


@80, NZ. AST are Islands. Singapore, S. Korea, Taiwan have massive testing regimes to ID who is sick, distnace the sick, and only the sick, while the rest of their economies continue (no one in government is calling for that here - bipartisan silence) The rest of the world is a big place with COVID being handled from worse than the US to mildly better.