This is for the young man starting a relationship with a 14-year-older man. My story: at 24 years old in 1976 I met a 42 year old man at a bathhouse. We clicked, sexually, emotionally, intellectually. Shortly after he had a cocktail party to introduce his friends. I wandered into the living room. A friend who was speaking was turned away from the door and didn't see me. He said, "I give it six weeks."

I laughed out loud. It was the 70s, I was in my mid-20s, and six weeks of sexy fun with Jim sounded like a good thing. I certainly wasn't thinking "'til death do we part."

Mid May of this year, my husband died comfortably in our bed, age 85. I do grieve but whenever I remember times in our lives together, I guess I'm not normal, but I'm filled with wonder and joy. We helped each other, supported each other, laughed, traveled, challenged each other. There were hard times, sure, but the great times were more and so good that the hard times fade away. (Hear Dan's story of meeting Terry for confirming evidence.)

My advice to your caller is to take this budding relationship--and everything in life--one day at a time. Be prudent but don't brood about what might or might not happen tomorrow. You could lose your chances and many of your good times with worry.

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