Tracker Treated for Concussion After Allegedly Getting Jumped At Republican Event



If all this went down the way Wurtz said, he should get a lawyer and sue them for assault, especially the landowner as he has the most to lose.


Tim Eyman stickers that would have fingerprints on them. Hopefully they have been preserved, but somehow I doubt it.


Your nose is dangling out of your mask dude.


"Wurtz told me he is not part of any autonomous group dedicated to fighting fascism at protests"- well, he must be for fascism then. Nazi!


Maybe Mr Wurtz should have taken a chair, instead of taking a video. It was a WA state GOP event, after all!


@5: Honestly you will believe anything won't you


This post really could have been edited down into half the paragraphs without loosing a bit of the story.


@8 If you read the article, all will be revealed.


The Tim Eyman stickers make this not just a Hate Crime but Assault and Battery


@7 Lissa: Doofy's a typical MAGA. He can't wait to blindly go flying over a cliff whenever Trumpty Dumpty says so. And without a mask, too!

WOW. I guess I won't be visiting Oak Harbor anytime soon. Especially if the locals are "all-inclusive"---so long as you're a Trump-loving white supremacist.


That should be a felony assault 2, accomplice, charge and felony destruction of evidence charge against the Thompson guy.


Republicans are a threat to America.


David dear, Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I like Christmas as well. You should leave little Seattle every once in a while. You'll find that those of us below 145th street are nearly as scary as you think we are.


9: The word you're looking for is losing, not "loosing". Does no one proofread their own comments anymore?!


Ho hum. Another whiny asshole, another slow news day for The Stranger.