Jess Stein
Even though we took a *cough* two month break, Sticker Patrol is turning one this week. I'm doing nothing special to commemorate the date, just churning out the hits as always. Alright, let's get on with it, shall we?

"Loose Talk Costs Lives"
Spotted somewhere near 15th Ave.
Spotted somewhere near 15th Ave. JK
I think I first saw this one around the beginning of Free Capitol Hill/CHAZ/CHOP. At that point, people were DM'ing me on Signal if I needed anything from the grocery store, which definitely didn't feel like the "loose talk" this sticker is warning the viewer against, just my friends being extra. In any case, nowhere is safe :)

"Martin Luther King, Jr."
This is SUCH a high resolution sticker.
This is SUCH a high resolution sticker. JK
Spotted on Summit Ave. Because I'm good at the internet, I found this article which says the image is of Rev. King speaking in Atlanta, GA on October 24, 1966. How about that!

"Abolish SPD"
Cant believe I havent done this one yet.
Can't believe I haven't done this one yet. JK
An iconic sticker.

"Never Pay Rent Again"
Hear, hear!
Hear, hear! JK
Suspiciously similar to the "tell your friends they are hot" sticker from a few months ago. Maybe two people with two different but equally big, beautiful brains have the same labeler or it's just one person with one big, beautiful brain tagging statements around town. Both realities are good to live in.

"Choose Kindness Over Killing"
Outside the Safeway on the Hill.
Outside the Safeway on the Hill. JK
I agree with the top statement, but not the bottom one. That's the extent of #discourse on Sticker Patrol!

"That's All Cops!"
Looney Tunes has been on my mind ever since I watched Disclousure last week.
Looney Tunes has been on my mind ever since I watched Disclosure last week. JK
I love this sticker, but hate to see Porky Pig maligned in this way.

"Colin Kaepernick"
Fuck it, why not.
Fuck it, why not. JK
I think I spotted this one near the MLK Jr. one. If you know the artist who did it, please send them my way.

"Do Not Break Seals"
Spotted outside a hospital.
Spotted outside a hospital. JK
Ok, I know it's not a sticker in, like, the PUNK way, but it spoke some sort of poetry to me.

Almost missed this bub.
Almost missed this bub. JK
A cute little monster, but isn't this also how COVID is spread?

Outside Ikes on 15th.
Outside Ike's on 15th. JK
Not a sticker necessarily, but too beautiful to pass by.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please email me at