You see, beans are a magical fruit.
"You see, beans are a magical fruit." Drew Angerer/Getty

Teen dies in Snoqualmie River: The 17-year-old boy jumped off the overhead bridge into the Snoqualmie River. He didn't come back up. He was found by King County divers.

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Trump takes control of COVID-19 data: According to a new order from the Trump administration, hospitals must send all COVID-19 patient information to a database in D.C., not the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Healthcare professionals are worried that the data will be kept secret or politicized. Historically, all public health data has been sent to the CDC. This new entity will not allow data like hospitalizations, open ventilators, availability of supplies, and more, to be viewable by the public, researchers, or reporters.

Oh, so it's this bad: A St. Petersburg law firm is offering free living wills to teachers who are concerned about going back to work amidst a worsening pandemic.

King County could change how the sheriff gets chosen: Since 1996, the King County sheriff has been an elected position. Two measures being considered by the King County Council would change the sheriff to an appointed position and give the county’s Office of Law Enforcement Oversight subpoena power over the office. If the council approves the measures, they'll go to the November ballot for voters to choose.

Ivanka gets a new gig: And it may violate federal ethics laws.

Boeing is "stricken": Look, no one said it was easy to flow from a global scandal where two of your planes murdered hundreds of people into a global pandemic where no one wants to fly. On top of that stuff, Boeing's new plane and saving grace, the 777X, is facing delays and buyers of the plane want to push back their orders at least a year and problems. It's a bad time to be Boeing.

Montana nursing home refused free testing: And now almost every resident is infected. Despite being offered free universal testing, Canyon Creek Memory Care didn't test its residents. Surprise, surprise, COVID-19 razed that place. The eight deaths there account for nearly a quarter of Montana's 34 COVID-19 deaths. Don't ignore preventative measures!

Don't forget about your taxes:

Lynn Shelton's legacy lives on: With a new filmmaking grant. The Northwest Film Forum and Duplass Brothers Production announced the “Of a Certain Age” grant yesterday which will give a $25,000 unrestricted cash grant to a woman or non-binary beginning filmmaker over the age of 39, how old Shelton was when she created her first film.

Eighty-seven people charged in relation to a Breonna Taylor protest: Outside the Kentucky attorney general's house. None of the arrests made were of the cops who killed Taylor. That's what the protesters were protesting for. They were arrested and charged with "Intimidating a Participant in a Legal Process (Class D felony), Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree (Class B misdemeanor), and Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree. (Violation)," CBS reports.

George Floyd's family will sue Minneapolis: It will be a civil lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and the police officers who were involved in Floyd's death, the Associated Press reports.

Here's Trump's new anti-Biden ad:

Nick Cannon gets the boot: He was dropped by ViacomCBS for making anti-Semitic comments on his podcast.

To read: This New York Times piece on the force used by the NYPD during the George Floyd protests.

Ugh, you don't get to be a jokester now: Anthony Scaramucci, who we all vaguely remember as a blip on the Trump hell timeline, made a joke about Kanye West's presidential campaign (West announced he was dropping out of the race). The people are eating it up. I'm so tired.

Durkan's legal team fights against recall petition: Mayor Jenny Durkan's lawyers have "filed a motion for reconsideration of a judge’s certification of a recall petition charge," SCC Insight reports. The recall petition charge could result in a universe where Durkan gets recalled as mayor. Her attorneys have narrowed their defense against the charges, stating essentially that Durkan did not have the legal power to change the actions of the police department during the protests in June because of the federal consent decree. More here.

Airbnb would like you to donate to your hosts: And send them little kindness cards in these trying times. The vacation rental marketplace wants people to donate to landlords, many of whom have overextended themselves by gobbling up multiple properties to Airbnb to people.

I missed seeing the Neowise comet again: The comet hasn't passed by earth in 6,800 years. It's sticking around for some time and the closest to Earth it will get will be on July 22. The best time to see it is an hour after sunset under the Big Dipper. Here it was last night in Olympia.

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Poetic justice for Brazil's asshat leader: Bolsonaro called his isolation from the coronavirus “horrible” and was shortly afterwards bitten by an emu

Ummm, meet you all in Barbados? The island is planning on inviting remote workers to move there for 12 months.

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