This is what happened when I typed in hacker to Getty. If typing on a laptop in sultry mood lighting makes you a hacker, then Im definitely one!
This is a Getty image result for "hacker." If typing on a laptop in sultry mood lighting makes you a hacker, then I'm definitely one! Westend61/Getty
"Overall, filings remain high and are declining at a stubbornly slow pace," said Rubeela Farooqi, chief US economist for High Frequency Economics. Last week, 1.3 million Americans filed first-time unemployment claims. Though the seasonally-adjusted numbers have been on the decline since their peak in late March, the drop from last week is less than expected, reports CNN Business. Farooqi continued, "The pace could slow even further or reverse in coming weeks in response to a surge in virus cases and related closures of businesses."

A shooting in Sammamish leaves one 25-year-old man dead: The suspects fled on foot and have yet to be arrested, reports the Seattle Times.

Have you bought Mary Trump's tell-all book about her family Too Much and Never Enough? Obviously some of you have because it's breaking records.

The Republican National Convention set for next month in Jacksonville, FL will proceed, but on a much smaller scale: Florida is a coronavirus hot spot right now, but that won't stop Republican leaders from salvaging what they can of their dog and pony show. The first three days will be limited to 2,500 regular RNC delegates with delegates allowed to bring one guest and one alternate delegate on the final night, capping attendance at 7,000. I'm not a numbers guy, but still seems like a hell of a lot of people!

I'm your "Murder Hornet" beat reporter: And I'm here to tell you a dozen traps have been set in "multiple parks and green spaces" in northwestern Washington after five of these invasive Asian giant hornets have been found in Whatcom County since last winter. What are these traps composed of, you ask? A special elixir of rabbit dung and hair of a toad in an elaborate contraption made of sea glass? Nope—just a mixture of orange juice and rice cooking wine or sake in clear plastic water bottles. Nice. Also don't believe everything you read (or watch on YouTube).

The "missing link" in the Burke-Gilman Trail is delayed until at least 2022: A judge ruled that the city does not have the authority to uproot the Ballard Terminal Railroad tracks in a corridor suggested to bridge the gap, reports the Seattle Times. The ruling is apparently based on a "tradition of legal protections" for railroads going back to the 19th century. “We will continue to pursue resolution through the courts, rather than compromising public safety with an inferior alternative route,” said SDOT.

Filed under "to read later': The Cut interviews @ArmasUpdates, a Twitter stan account of actress Ana de Armas that got popular for humorously critiquing her often irresponsible behavior during the pandemic and also her relationship with Ben Affleck. Iconically, the account got blocked by de Armas in mid-April. I wonder why....

Russian state-sponsored hackers are attacking organizations developing a coronavirus vaccine in the U.S., U.K., and Canada: "British officials would not say if any of the attacks had been successful in their goal of stealing medical secrets – although they stressed that none of the vaccine research had been compromised as a result," writes The Guardian.

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia bans all cities from mandating masks, is clueless: Kemp has called requiring masks "a bridge too far" despite his state reporting their second-highest coronavirus infection numbers yesterday. "It is officially official. Governor Kemp does not give a damn about us. Every man and woman for himself/herself. Ignore the science and survive the best you can," tweeted Savannah mayor Van Johnson.

An officer involved shooting happened in Shoreline this morning: The story is still developing, but KING 5 is reporting the suspect died at the scene.

Mongolian Teen Dies of Bubonic Plague Caught From Infected Marmot: A headline from CBS News. Fifteen people who were in contact with the boy have been put into quarantine.

Suspect in killing of a Bothell police officer, wounding another denied bail: Henry Eugene Washington allegedly yelled "Come on, pig," before he shot officer-in-training Jonathan Shoop and another officer in their patrol car during a traffic stop, speeding off and hitting a 20-year-old man on a scooter. He did not show up in the courtroom on Wednesday as he was "medically unavailable."

The weather today will be less hot than yesterday, but still warm: Highs will be in the mid to upper 70s, reports KING 5. Perfect Seattle Summer Weather. Also, here's this tweet of dawn that I hope cleanses you, even if it's just a little bit.

Mayor Jenny Durkan asks King County judge to reconsider ruling allowing a mayoral recall petition to proceed: According to the Seattle P.I., Durkan argued that it was not her decision to use tear gas to disperse protestors, but Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best's decision and that the call was "reasonable."

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Meanwhile, the 36th Legislative District Democrats passed a resolution calling for Durkan's resignation at their July membership meeting: You can read their full resolution here. They join the 37th and 43rd LD Democrats who have previously stated that Durkan's gotta go.

This is alarming: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's previously public COVID-19 tracker has disappeared from their website a day after the Trump administration took control of the information. When reached for comment this morning, a Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson said that the CDC was directed to make the data available again. Scary!

Something to groove to this summer morning: DJ Assault's "Sex on the Beach" never gets old. This video is also A Mood.