I Don’t Understand Why This Video About a Light Rail Construction Project Just Made Me Cry





It's the dream of America, brother. People working together to make things better for everyone. Take your joy where you can get it!


You're such a drama queen Matt.


@9. Tobacco use is not a contagious virus you fucking numbskull.


Lucracious.... First, who is "the left" that you're talking about? The phrase you should be using is "the large majority of the nation." Second, health officials have been fighting against big tobacco for a long time, and doing a good job of it. Third, COVID is a contagious outbreak. If you don't freak out about it then 180 million people get sick and deaths pass 600,000. Fourth, you are again using the wrong words: it's not "freaking out" it's "advocating effective measures to prevent deaths." Freaking out is storming a state house with automatic weapons.



Except for all the attempts Democrats (whom I presume you think are Left) have made to restrict tobacco use and the tobacco/vaping industry. Remember how pissed ya'all got about the indoor smoking ban and vape ban?



@14. Dead is dead is not at stake, what is at stake is agency. You know this, and you are being deliberately obtuse and vile, honestly unworthy of real response but here we are.


Sometimes I bear witness to one of these threads and I start to feel genuinely bad for ol' feebs. It's like that scene in The Breakfast Club when John Bender is mouthing off to the principal and racking up Saturday detentions, and you just want him to stop shooting himself in the foot. And so I want to be the Claire (Molly Ringwald) character who desperately cries out for him to quit. Not because she gives a shit about him personally, but just out of a sense of basic humanity and decency, and because it's heartbreakingly painful to watch someone denigrate themselves so publicly.




But like John Bender, feebs can't stop. He's just too stubborn and stupid to see the larger picture. It's sad (but also kinda comic, in a perverse sense, of course.)


Jeez, it wasnt that diverse. All the higher level people in power were almost all white. That said, the south end is quite diverse, and I agree it is a good example of heartfelt government communication and public service announcement.


Great article, Matt!


I liked that video well enough, but I thought the one it led me to — a flyover tour of the project area — was more satisfying: https://youtu.be/dHH5Nthscek

Now I know what the deal was with the Angle Lake Airport Inn being boarded up and then demolished. That's where both the light rail elevated structure and the SR 509 extension viaduct are being routed.


Rather than bringing me to tears, videos like this make me thankful that people didn't listen to The Stranger when it endorsed a Tim Eyman anti-Sound Transit initiative and called for the cancellation of light rail in 2002.



A person’s daily commute in their car puts out more poison gas into our environment than a smoker can do in months and months. There’s no comparison. But, the smokers the bad guy, right? What a bunch of hypocrites.


OK, I'll admit that smokers are a step up from tweakers. But they're still polluting wherever they light up.


Smoke up if you want to, just please don't smoke on the bus or rail. Breathing the police's chemical weapons is hard enough, what with a respiratory pandemic going on.


29 & 30;

Your car’s exhaust is everywhere. We just don’t smell it anymore. If you go out into the forest or up in the mountains you’ll notice the air smells clean. If your around car’s all the time you don’t smell them anymore.