An Interview with Mayor Teargas

Seattle's papier-mâché mayor is booked and busy.



Where's the news?


PATRICE: Everyone in my family's creative. And even though I'm working as an accountant
now I'd really like to eventually live exclusively on my pappe-ay mache-ay hats

GEORGE:I don't understand. Paper Machay hats?

PATRICE: uh uh

GEORGE:What if it rains?

FD: They're art. You hang them on the wall.

GEORGE:Oh, art!

PATRICE: It's my creative outlet. One of my passions.

GEORGE:Any money in it?

PATRICE: Who so belongs only to his age, references only popenjays and mumbo jumbos

GEORGE:Of course, right


I liked the part about not being a wealthy donor, thus not receiving a call from Durkan's office.


Oh goodie little kiddies, is there a Kshama Sawant also for your Slog Sesame Street?


"I am ashamed to admit that I am not a wealthy political donor, so I have not heard from the mayor's office." --'mayor' Teargas

I found MY Hero.
cough cough


Given the lawless situation, I think the mayor and police chief were correct in their call to use tear gas, rubber bullets, flash bangs and a heavy police presence.

What gives demonstrators the right to destroy private property, set cars on fire, assault both private citizens and the police and create a situation where people were murdered?

Its hard to equate or balance a scale when the demonstrators methods are precisely in opposition to what they are demonstrating about.... rights, the law and equity.

Is this the "ends justify the means".... that is a very slippery pole to try and ascend.


In yesteryear demonstrations, including the WTO riots, tear gas was applauded by demonstrators and polite society alike when used against the anarchists who sought to hijack the affair.


One thing that has become clear in this Wuhan Virus CHOP nonsense is that The Stranger has, as the Boomers say “jumped the shark”. It’s time for The Stranger to die, and bring back The Rocket.


Norm Stamper lost his job over tear gas use during WTO and regrets his decisions to this day.

Seems like a bizarre choice for an example of judicious use of chemical weapons against civilians.


Raindrop, were you here during WTO? As someone who was tear gassed on Capitol Hill during the WTO demonstrations I can say nobody I knew was applauding the use of tear gas. My friend who got hit with a "rubber" bullet on the way back to his apartment during WTO didn't give it a thumbs up.
I DO remember everyone cheering the fire department when they turned down a police request for fire hoses by saying "call us when there's a fire."


@13 And what do you say to all the businesses which were destroyed and damaged in the WTO and current riots?

Do they not have rights.... or are their "rights" subordinated to the group protesting injustice?

Is the protest not subject to the rule of law or are they elevated above the law?

You see where this is headed....once you crawl up that greasy pole, where does it lead?

Hint... there isn't a good answer here is there?



The protests are about the god damned rule of law and who is above it, you imbecile.

When those we loan the power to uphold the law abuse it and murder citizens THERE IS NO FUCKING LAW.

The power police have is on loan. The citizens and the people in the streets are the ones who own the power. They make the laws and they pay the bills. When law refuses to change the only course of action is disruption and disobedience. That’s how it works. That’s how it has always worked.

You sit there in some kind of cognitive thrall to abusive authority and have the nerve to tell people who have suffered nothing but abuse to appeal to the fairness of their abusers? Fuck you. That’s like asking children raped by a priest to go to confession.

FFS You morons squealed and screamed “traitor” when a black man kneeled at a football game. Nothing is ever good enough because you don’t believe the police murdering black people is a problem. In fact you love it. It reinforces all your ideas of your mythical superiority.

You have cartoon understanding of rights and history. MLK blockEd highways. Shut down businesses. Confronted police.

Assholes like you have said the same shit you’re saying right now about every rights struggle in history. Change is never convenient, tidy, sanitized or easy.

If it was it would never happen.

There is literally no avenue of protest you accept or value enough to change yourselves.


@16: And if those people had been around in MLK's day, they'd have vilified him for daring to oppose the war against Vietnam and for coming to the realization that racism couldn't be defeated without the creation of a full employment economy, without economic revival in the black and brown communities that was directed and controlled by those communities, and without an all-out effort to totally eradicate poverty throughout the land.


That should have been "@15", not "@16". Dammit Savage, let us edit our posts already.

And btw, Art, The Rocket never supported hardline police tactics like tear gas and rubber bullets.