DHS Secretary Met With Portland Police Union President Thursday



The DHS secretary's haircut is quite fitting.


@2 Yes do let's talk about other news. This news is disagreeable, let us not speak of it.


@4 Duck Fart is more likely one of those morons who believe the pyramids were designed to store and preserve grain.

@2 Your "Masked AntiFA" was a peaceful protestor, and your African American was wearing a plate carrier when he assaulted him.Nice "Whataboutism," you pathetic CHUD.


While you're here... please provide protocol - personal and/or professional - for when a masked stranger opens the door of your vehicle without notice. Differentiate between public street and private property if you deem it relevant.


@6 I don't think there's any set rule there, but most people will go with "what seems to be the problem, officer?" while a few will prefer "AM I BEING DETAINED"


Antifa is definitely a real centralized organization funded by Jews to send shocktroops around the country for unknown reasons. I am a reasonable adult.


I suggest you pair up with someone young, black, and confident.


It's a weird quirk of internet discourse that so much is organized around the expression or witholding of "sympathy".


@15 ell oh ell


@13 yeah but every “pro-White” rally I go to Is anti-black so Wouldn’t every BLM event be anti-White?


This is where the 2nd Amendment comes in. Time for Oregon to gather its National Guard and run the federal gestapo out of the state. Fuck Donald Trump.


@18 - Agree - but I think the 4th amendment is the one that's applicable as it pertains to unreasonable searches and seizures.


Repeal the PATRIOT Act - that's where the nominal legal authorization for this behavior by Trump's rabble of prison guards comes from. And as long as we're at it, repeal the National Defense Act of 1948 too.


I find it super interesting that shit fountains like 15 are only able to align themselves with civil rights leaders who've passed away. Super interesting, indeed.


@23: It really doesn't matter how they lean or that they can't stand rioting/violent antifa scum, it's unconstitutional.

If that's not a deal breaker for you - then you're the one living in la la land.


"Lefties [sic] politicians hold dildos... "

'cause Repubs' sexual repression is a Good thing

"... and emotions."

& NO one's more Emotional
than the Hate-fueled
so called

Some of those dildos
shoot. Did you know that?


I fail to see how 50 straight days of protests equals "folds like cards with any push back", but then I am a rational adult and observant or reality.


@27: LOL DHS itself said it was deployed because of graffiti which to the best of my knowledge is usually a problem addressed by some solvent and elbow grease and not the violation of the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments of the Constitution.
I'm afraid that the opinion of the Oregon Department of Justice and the US Attorney regarding the legality of the actions taken by the Federal agencies sent to Portland is probably more credible than yours, my deeply racist and unbalanced friend.


@Lissa -- commendable
but you Forgot


@31: Hmmm haven't they been using tear gas and rubber bullets? Oh and batons? Didn't they just shoot a kid in the head just last week with one of those rubber bullet?
And that protesting has been taking place around those Federal buildings all along other wise why would DHS be deployed to protect them?
Guess those "little bitches" aren't folding like a house of cards after all.....


@Neo -- didja know
'right' wing Terrorism
outnumbers Islamic
here by 35-1?

if that's a slight exaggeration
forgive me I was just
channeling Fake


@34: Good point! :)


@33: Was that supposed to be addressed to me? Are you under the impression that support of the Constitution and the legal jurisdiction of of state and local elected officials will end in a Marxist utopia?
My goodness you grow more unhinged by the moment....


@37: mmmmm except they aren't. In fact, last night it was the cops who scattered when faced with the terrifying prospect of a single naked woman.
Google Naked Athena punkin. Unless a naked girl scares you too....


@30 -- Apologies
and totally concur
allow me to Fix it:

"Lefties [sic] politicians hold dildos... "

'cause Repubs' sexual
Repression is a Good thing

"... and emotions."

& NO one's more Emotional
than the Hate-fueled
so called

Some of those dildos even
shoot. Didja know that?



@40: There are Lady Godiva pumpkins but no Naked Athena pumpkins.


@43: Really? You're the one defending Federal over reach and the violation of the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments over some graffiti, not me, so looks like you're the one who "gives no fucks regarding the Constitution" punkin.


@44: I look forward to your jack o'lanterns this year. They sound like they will be spicy!


@19 - "Agree - but I think the 4th amendment is the one that's applicable as it pertains to unreasonable searches and seizures."

Madison was not haphazard with the Bill of Rights. As he explains in the Federalist Papers, their is no 4th-10th amendments without the 1st, 2nd in place, which is why politicians and law enforcement have worked so hard to limit and eviscerate the 1st and 2nd amendments.


@33 Downfall: "Lets stop pretending you care about law and order and the constitution."

That construction of "law and order" with "constitution" is the surest sign of boot licker.

You do understand that the purpose of the Constitution is not to ensure "law and order," but to ensure there is due process and to place limits on "law and order" don't you? The Constitution is not there to stop the mob. It's there to set rules on how the State can respond to the mob. If you ever read Polybius you will understand why. A state does not fail because of protestors. It fails based of the government response to protestors.

I bet if I were to ask you about Hong Kong you would be on the side of the protestors fighting for democracy. Why then when it comes to your own government do you support the equivalent of the Chinese government?

That a rhetorical question, so let me answer for you. If you watch Monkeys or Chimps for any length of time, you'll notice a need for them to reflexively select and worship a strongman in the group. Many people like yourself never evolved beyond that chimp. You spend your entire life looking for an authority figure to tell you how to live your life, then pretend you arrived at what he tells you on your own. I think the vernacular for this is "toadie."

So here's the thing. Some people have a moral center and don't need a strong man to tell them how to live their life. I generally call them "Americans" even if it's a vanishing breed. I know this is totally unfathomable to you, but yes, they don't depend on a violent overlord to tell them right from wrong.

If the Feds left Portland and the PPB was defunded, the protestors would go home tomorrow, but the Feds and PPB will not go home. They know people like you need them to you how to wipe your ass every time you take a shit, then stand their demanding that we all follow their directions on how to do this. The thing is, many of us know how to wipe our ass on our own, even if you need someone with a monopoly of violence to tell you how to wipe yours.


"... don't try to come at me with supporting the constitution while safe harboring the existence of violent rioters without no [sic] goals other than to destroy public property."

Nah -- you fascists can have the all the Rioters you want.

Just keep 'em away from those of US exercising our Constitutionally-mandated right to peaceful Protest.


Oh and did I mention how Fran Klutz and the anti-Antifacists want us to use the far "right's" politically-correct term "Antifa" and never ever to use the term Anti-Fascist because, whoft Loves Fascism/fascists anyway?

Anti-antifascists, that's who.
And you're either With the Fascists
or you're Against them. Hard to Remember
but WE the People Fought* a Fucking WAR
against them -- pretty recently.

*and WON!
which is why we're (Most of us're)



can you say "trumpf"?