More than Korea.
More than Vietnam.
More than WW I (Great War).

By Christmas more than all three combined.

And that's if they start funding and masking now.

If not, we're talking WW II numbers.



John Maynard Keynes -
"In the long run, we are all dead."


@7 Its not an "argument" at all - just a listing of trivia and a confession presented as advice.


The global cure for TRUMPVID-19 cannot come fast enough.


Yeah those who are still alive can grieve. And those who are permanently disabled due to having had COVID-19 and survived it, they can grieve the lives they had before they got sick. It's going to be so fucking cathartic to be able to grieve the mass murder Trump committed with the aid of his administration and the GOP. FUCK. THAT. NOISE.


Great article Charles. Outstanding. I appreciate the reference to The Daily Show. I've been watching that for a while, and feel like Trevor Noah has really hit his stride. I've liked his standup, but was initially disappointed when he took over. Now he is just killing it -- he is hilarious every night. His interview of Biden (from a while back) is worth checking out, if you haven't seen it. It has made me more excited about a Biden presidency than I was before, and everything he has said (and wrote) since then has made me more excited. A lot depends on Congress, of course. But it is clear that Biden is ready to hit the ground running, and the country (and world) will be much better for it.


If there's any justice in this universe, trump will be among the perished. But no one with a functioning brain stem will mourn that fat old fraud.


@3 Congress would be one answer

But really, the Tweet said "imagine" I imagine that when the US signed the Paris agreement Obama/Biden were imagining some progress being made at some time in the future. I think they did make some progress with the economy relative to what they started with.


Washington was already hit, Cat.

If you had it you could see signs, like the involuntary movement of Birx' shoulders, and I dare admit I felt a twinge of sympathy and rationalized the injection of Lysol and light bit as delirium.

He made it.

Bunch of folks around here I'll never see again, though.

Lady I know came back with the DC strain. Kept herself cooped up and coughed on through.

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