Seattle City Council Passes COVID-19 Relief and Fleshes Out Payroll Tax Despite No Mayoral Support



Fuck Mayor Tear Gas!


Uhh, businesses with up to 25 employees would tend to be, on a one-to-one basis, more "important" than businesses with up to ten employees.

That bit on race is about as classless as it comes.

"My life was free, why wasn't yours"?

Its twenty two percent Federal.


Goody, Goody! A new Tax with New Spending! What about all those Regressive Taxes we've been hearing about that puts our State on the worse list? Never mind, this is fresh cash that you'll have a hell of a time finding out where it goes.


The council is worried about the mayor undermining them. That there’s some irony for you.


So, by what Right do our local officials have the power to say I'm making too much money?


The goals are admirable and the tax is fair, but the consequences are unknown. Will it move the bar on equity and housing? Will it cost jobs? Will it benefit surrounding cities? Do we have the system in place to distribute funds effectively and with discipline?


city council can all fuck off with their patronizing self important bullshit, day after day


Stranger is full on propaganda with the council. Graham knows the dem orgs that have called for the mayors resignation or removal are controlled by supporters of the council majority. This is a deception play to gain support to remove the mayor by council vote and seat one of their own. BLM of king county called this out a couple weeks ago in a letter to Council President Gonzalez. There is no diversity of opinion and the council continues to enact its extremist world view. They turn a blind eye to the chop murders, violence and destruction. They squandered almost ten years of a growing economy. Every industry sooner or later gets called out as an enemy of the people. This is crazy.


To the extent we have a corrupt police department in Seattle, it's Mayor Durkan who works to keep that system in place by only suggesting reforms that her and the police union know will change nothing, She will do nothing to endanger her patronage system with the local police department and their union that help keep her in Power.

Mayor Durkan needs to go, along with the DA and the 2 remaining council members that continue to keep this corrupt policing model in place for their career benefit at our expense.


@9: and the council majority is controlled by the people. The people elected them. You seem not to have noticed that.

What point is there in Durkan staying on, really?


@12: And the Mayor was elected by the people. Why should the Council disrespect our decision?

If the Council has reason to believe the Mayor has behaved illegally, they can write and pass articles of impeachment. (CM Sawant has said she would do this, but has since taken no action.) Otherwise, we have a separation-of-powers doctrine which keeps the legislative and executive functions separate. The Council should not try to remove the Mayor simply to move a Council Member into the Mayor's Office.

"What point is there in Durkan staying on, really?"

Because we elected her to a full term of office? Seriously, why should she leave?


@13: Fine. By the same token, CM Sawant and everyone else on the council were elected to full terms, so no one has any valid reason to demand that THEY resign.

If this was `1974, would you be demanding that Nixon serve the rest of his term?

The one thing I do thank you for is the implicit admission that the U.S. had no right to foment the overthow of elected left-wing Latin American leaders-from Arbenz to Allende to Evo Morales-and has no right to demand the resignation of the democratically elected leader of Venezuela in order to replace them with are effectively right-wing dictatorships who would impose massive privatization and austerity against the will of the peoples of those countries.