Trumps officers pepper spray a protester in a cloud of tear gas Saturday night.
Trump's officers pepper spray a protester in a cloud of tear gas Saturday night. MATHIEU LEWIS-ROLLAND

The New Function of the Protests In Portland: The protests in Portland were sparked over 50 days ago by the murder of George Floyd and had the goal of deep police reform. This call for reform has entered the mainstream with real results. The world before Floyd's windpipe was closed by the knee of a white police officer is different from the world after it. Cities finally have a critical eye on the bloated budgets of their police departments. A professional football team is finally changing its racist name. But none of these and other like developments have had much of an effect on the streets of Portland. Protests are still going on there as ever, and their nature is rapidly changing, thanks to Donald Trump’s intervention.
Washington Post:
Homeland Security officials said Monday they are making preparations to deploy federal agents to Chicago, while President Trump threatened to send U.S. law enforcement personnel to other Democratic-led cities experiencing spates of crime.

Trump made the pronouncement as he defended his administration’s use of force in Portland, Ore., where agents have clashed nightly with protesters and made arrests from unmarked cars. Calling the unrest there “worse than Afghanistan,” Trump’s rhetoric escalated tensions with Democratic mayors and governors who have criticized the presence of federal agents on U.S. streets, telling reporters at the White House that he would send forces into jurisdictions with or without the cooperation of their elected leaders.

As our Lt. Governor, Democrat Denny Heck will fight for justice.
He took on Trump to protect our Democratic values. It's time for his proven progressive leadership.

The function of this move is to make urban protests about the president. The reason for this is simple. The pandemic is a crisis he lost badly—the polls show that. An urban crisis focused on him will have the advantage of being controllable and it will take some news time away from the pandemic. There is nothing Trump is doing right now that is not about him keeping the seat in the White House. Protesters in US cities need to get smart about this emerging situation. Trump has made his move. What will your move be?

NEWS UPDATE Washington is now on New York's shit list.

Shifting the Protests From BLM Protests to Anti-Trump Also Has This Advantage: Most American's support BLM, but they may not support Anti-Trump protests.

Washington Post:

A majority of Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement and a record 69 percent say black people and other minorities are not treated as equal to white people in the criminal justice system.

UW Pediatrician Says: "Plans for reopening schools have to be 'balanced with the risks.'" This is total nonsense. There is no such thing as a balancing act when it comes to the virus. You must either check its spread by keeping schools closed or not check its spread by opening schools. It's just that, and that alone. Israel now knows exactly what happens when you open schools too soon. The rate of infections sharply rises. So, to hell with this balancing business.

The Governor of Missouri Says: “These kids have got to get back to school ... And if they do get COVID-19, which they will—and they will when they go to school—they’re not going to the hospitals ... They’re going to go home and they’re going to get over it.” America is in a very, very dark place right now. And things will only get darker as Election Day nears. On Nov 3, America will meet its Kurtz.

The Only Way N95 Respirator Masks Work: On a social scale is if everyone wears them. The reason for this is not hard to grasp. The exhalation valve on the mask filters air coming in, not air going out. As a consequence, these fancy masks protect only the user. A simple mask, on the other hand, protects others from the user.
The facts:

Wearing masks in public is our new normal. But health experts have concerns over one type they’re seeing some people wear. These are N95 respirator masks, which have a breathing valve. The air you breathe in is filtered, but the air you exhale is not, putting others at risk. That’s why one local hospital is discouraging people from wearing them when they visit.

No need to get all fancy. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it not about you.

Sexual Misconduct Bonfire: Is happening again at Fox News. Hannity, Carlson, Henry—all in it. And the last, Henry, is also accused of rape.

A Shooting in the Central District Leaves: One dead and one fighting for their life at Harborview Medical Center. The bad encounter happened at 10:30 pm at the well-known gas station on 23rd Avenue and East Cherry Street. Angry words. Guns out. Bullets flying. Bullets in bodies. Bodies on the ground. At this moment, we need to stop what we’re doing and deeply listen to D'Angelo's "Devil's Pie."

"I ain't going out for a slice of the devil's pie."

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American Denial of the Coronavirus Dead is Increasing: A new poll found that nearly one in three Americans believes the US is over-counting the coronavirus dead. Most of these believers happen to watch a lot of Fox News and also support Trump. And so the deep denial of this death-count denial is the obvious failure of their almighty leader.

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Margaret Talev writes:

It shows President Trump's enduring influence on his base, even as Americans overall say they are increasingly dissatisfied with his handling of the virus and political support is shifting toward Joe Biden.

Trumpers will climb over a mountain of corpses to keep up with the pussy grabber.

Goddamn! Is there any good news somewhere in the world today? Come on, pandemic times, give me at least one cheerful thing.

It's Cat Stevens birthday?

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