SPOG President Repeatedly Says It "Might" Be Time for Trump to Send Feds to Seattle



I'm looking forward to learning Mike Solan's opinion on a replacement for the Magnolia Bridge.

Maybe he should run for office.


Who cares what that stupid pig thinks?

The first step in defunding the police is decertifying SPOG.


Beeeeecause the SPOG spox/prexz/etc wants to.... Escalate tensions? And injure unarmed citizens? By explicitly authorizing over-the-top state violence that is beyond the control of Mayor "Teargas" Durkan and Police Chief "Attack Them Again" Best to stop?

How is that a good idea?

Sounds like he's vying for more over-time money extracted out of the Seattle budget.
Vote NO.

@1 - Ha!, right? Inquiring minds ~need~ to know :¬)


Kind of sad that the SPOG president thinks his members are not competent enough to handle the job on their own.


@3 It seems pretty straightforward to me. If the feds come in, they can do all the stuff SPD isn't allowed to, like teargassing and beating protesters. Everybody (wearing a uniform) wins! Of course, the rest of us descend into a fascist hellhole, but you gotta break a few eggs to get that omelet.


I think it would be more accurate to say this is the sort of firepower Solan wants to rain down on ALL protesters, period.

These people are all about control subservience.

Check out this article about an 18-yo kid being arrested for assault for taunting police with a donut. Watch how the unis react initially by laughing, but when one cop overreacts the good-natured cops suddenly become enraged.

Anyway, is Solon currently a police officer, and can he be fired from the force for acting against the interests of SPD? Cops get fired for posting discriminatory stuff online, so how about this guy? If Durkan doesn't want feds policing our streets, that means (or should mean) SPD doesn't want feds involved, so he's undermining SPD policy.



*control and subservience.


Funny how the Trump administration takes zero responsibility for masks, testing, anything to do with suppression of Covid outbreak - but now they want to get hyper-involved at the local level suppressing protests.


Solon should be fired for publicly espousing blatantly unconstitutional gestapo police tactics.

Worse, Solon isn't some random jackass cop. He's the head of SPOG. SPOG elected this guy to represent them, knowing full well what kind of guy he is. He isn't an anomaly, he represents the mainstream of cops in SPD.

Fuck Solon. Fuck SPOG. And fuck SPD. They are morally bankrupt through and through. SPD should be completely dismantled. Start over.


So much for the 2nd Amendment humping, ammosexual cowards and their penis-substitutes saving us from the fascist, secret police state.



Hey, fuck the constitution if it will own libs, right?


@6 I'd like to see those snowflake cops work a retail or restaurant job. I doubt they'd last a full shift without breaking down into tears.



Wasn't he the one tweeting a bunch of #MarxistTerrorists dumbshit stuff the other day? Dude's a full bleach drinker.


The donut story is a great example of how police culture is so often fucked up. It was a funny joke, and some of the cops thought it was funny. But then another cop didn't think it was funny. He though he was being dissed. So then he jumped on the cop, and as soon as that happened, all the other cops joined in. This is fundamentally no different than a gang (although at least this time they didn't put a cap in his ass).

Remember though, this is about a donut. Now imagine the same mentality, but imagine it is about someone who actually committed a real crime (like drunk driving). You already have the man's name (verified by his license). He is out of his car, and thus no threat to anyone. You start to arrest him, and he runs. At this point, a sensible person would just laugh. In fact, a really smart cop would start mocking the criminal, but in a somewhat joking manner ("Hey Rayshard? -- where you goin' man. We got your car. We got your name. We know where you live. Come on back, dude.").

But these cops aren't smart. They are egotistical and stupid. But the fault lies in the culture. There are plenty of shitty, stupid and even drunk surgeons out there, but nurses stop them from killing people or just fucking up ("Wrong leg, doctor"). The system works. But with cops and gangs, it is all about loyalty and machismo. It is understandable that a cop would take offense -- but another cop should grab them by the shoulder and say "Calm down, John, -- it's just a joke". Then the cop can tell the kid it was funny, but move along, get out of here.

But of course, that's not happening, because cops are acting like gangs. Meanwhile, many at the top (like the head of Atlanta police, or our own Best) are probably good cops, who understand the attitude, but have progressed beyond it. Erika Shields quit, and while her words were about healing, I'm sure she basically was thinking "fuck it, I can't control those dumb-ass cops". It may be only a matter of time before Best does the same, although in her case she hasn't been on the job too long, and still believes she can control the idiots.


I guess this is another thing that happens when your entire live is the screen on an iPhone.


“life” not “live”.


Did Solan really say "in Seattle"?

The actual quote, I assume to justify the headline, does not have "in Seattle" within the quotation:

Solan twice characterized federal arrests in Portland as a "success," and three times said some version of "perhaps it's the time we bring in the federal government" to reinforce police here in Seattle.


It certainly is plausible. But readers expect accurate quotes they can use for reference.


Hey Rosy #14;
You forgot about the big fight the drunk driver started when he was trying to get away from the cops. Why would you do that? Is lying the way you do things?



@14 may not have mentioned it specifically, but it was pretty much covered. The fight struggle happened after a lengthy calm conversation, after the second cop showed up, and it didn't need to happen. The cops already had his information, he wasn't going to be able to go anywhere. If he didn't want to be cuffed at the moment all the cops needed to do was give him space and wait him out, because getting him in cuffs was not an urgent matter.

Sorry you were unable to figure that out.


@2 Catalina Vel-DuRay, @3 treacle, @10 Original Andrew, and @18 German Sausage: Thank you, and bless you all for beating me to it. I nominate the four of you in a shared tie for the WIN.


Actually, we're three years and six months overdue in sending the entire Trump / Pence Evil Empire, their lawyers, lobbyists, fixers, trophy bimbos, paid off bitches, and snotnosed heirs to prison.
And let's also permanently revoke all MAGAs of their right to vote, for their willful role in getting us into this avoidable mess.


Hooray! The left is now expanding eating their own into Union Busting. Ah, the future looks so good.



@14 didn’t mention the fight at all. @14’s version made it sound like the guy just up and tried to run off and the cops could of had a good laugh about it if they wanted. That’s not even close to the truth. You guys are using half truths and lies. Who does that make you think of?


@24 snarky, but a valid point. New Seattle is tech, moneyed, highly educated and indifferent to labor.


"Solan's remarks came the day the South Seattle Emerald reported that six SPD officers, including Solan, apparently violated the law by registering to vote with their respective precinct addresses."

I look forward to seeing these cases of vote fraud prosecuted.


"...some protesters who on Sunday smashed the windows of two courts, three police stations, a couple Starbucks cafes and AmazonGo stores, and a Walgreens..."

Yeah, "some protesters" ...

Yeah, lots more journalisming all over this paper ...


@24, Nevertheless, tech big money came first and "labor" followed. Many are no longer there. Labor is not doing well. Labor will be the first to admit and tell you they need work but you need the other people there to do that to work. I would say most all people are more than aware of labor. Paying 20% additional to your meal was a acknowledgement to that. Or even retaining labor services repeatedly is a recognition of labor and services rendered. Labor thrives/depends on that.
Boy oh,boy. Tech jobs sure sound like big easy money but I think you would have to have a long round table talk to convince them their work is not Labor.


@10 why should we save the same people who regularly foam at the mouth and start masturbating furiously to the idea of stripping us of our rights? You shit regularly on gun owners but yet now we are supposed to be your friends? It's not even a respectful disagreement, you people clearly loathe us, but yet here you are chiding people that you are happy demonize on any day ending with a y for not standing with rioters and looters.


@3 yes clearly not being allowed to burn down a courthouse and a police precinct that taxpayers paid for means we are living in a "fascist hellhole". Were you a fan of the CHOP by chance?


You're telling me gun owners in areas with a leftist bent aren't strapped because they're itching for pitched battle, and ain't no goddamn commies gonna take my guns from me?

Next you're going to tell me no one knows what a Democrat is.

I mean, do tell us when and where you wish to foment armed rebellion, Andy.


Not at all, Jackay. Here's my plan for transforming the public safety environment

1) Council decertifies SPOG (they can't "decertify" per se, but they can refuse to acknowledge them for contractual purposes, or just propose completely unworkable contracts)

2) Give the entire SPD a sixty day layoff warning. (This will get rid of a lot of the old cops and bad cops right there)

3) Make everyone re-apply for their jobs, with complete psychiatric and background checks.

4) The people who make it through the application process get their jobs back (or get promoted!) with full seniority and benefits in place.

5) The new force forms a new union. No one who was an officer in the old union can be an officer in the new union (if they even made it through the reapplication process)

While all of the above is going on, a task force would be working on what tasks normally assigned to the police can be assigned to other, or new , departments, and budgets for those departments increased by taking from the police budget.

Unions are essential. But when they get corrupt, they need to be dissolved. Just like corporations should be.


You should be in PDX Rich, showing your support for the riots/rioters.


A four year stretch of American history bereft of the phrase "but cooler heads prevailed."


@30 & 31: Aww the two of you. So cute! Running on in here to serve as a perfect example of what @ 11 said, which you will recall was:

Hey, fuck the constitution if it will own libs, right?

It's as if you came from central casting, you're such a pair of stereotypes.

And @30. 1000 whole rounds! What is that, a case? Two cases? Yawn.

See the thing about gun owners on the left is that we support the ENTIRE Constitution and believe (wacky! I know!) that it is there to protect ALL the citizens of the United States even those with whom we may disagree, or who say meeeeeeeaaaaan things to or about us.

All the two of you are doing EVERY time you post about this is prove to us all that you really don't give shit about Constitution and never have.

Your position on the 1st and 2nd amendment is entirely based on personal emotional grievance, as indicated by the fact that you can't make up your minds between squawking that armed leftists are scary thugs (CHOP/CHAZ) who should be dealt with harshly by law enforcement, or sneering that armed leftists aren't on the front lines in Portland making a volatile situation worse.


@40: Why do you hate the Constitution, Mothers and the Fire Department? Cuz ya may have missed it but Portland Fire and Rescue has explicitly banned DHS agents from their property.
Think for a minute.
The mayor, the governor, the police commissioner, the fire department, the US Attorney for the district, the Oregon Justice Department, sitting members of congress, suburban moms and dads with leaf blowers are all united against DHS agents running a muck and violating the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments of the Constitution.
And then we have you......pitching a fit about graffiti, which the aptly named Chad Wolf has explicitly stated was the reason they were deployed. Graffiti.

You are on the wrong side of history dollface.


The bleach is strong with this one.



Naw, the RWNJ's (cit ref @31) are sitting back gleefully masturbating to images of federal goons gassing and beating hippies (because protesters = hippies is about as ingrained into their collective socio-political consciousnesses as is protesters = communists) in the hopes that they'll quickly escalate to just shooting all of them on-sight, thus paving the way for the fascist dictatorship they've all been longing for ever since their grandparents told them stories of far off lands where many years ago White Christian Males lived a "Life of Reilly" free from the oppressive tyranny of: Coloreds, Fags, Women (particularly pesky FemiNazis, but not excluding their constantly nagging "ball-and-chains"), Libruls, and any other group that poses a threat to their God-given-it's-totes-in-THE-BIBLE! patriarchal right to fuck up shit however they see fit.


31 weird to admit you have 0 principles and this is all about vanquishing your perceived enemies as though you aren’t proving your perceived enemies’ point by doing so


And on Nov. 3 when trumpf will have
all his DHS Minions in place and it's
obvious he LOST there they'll all be
to Enforce trumpf's "Victory!"

Even Hitler knew he had to have
his very own Personal Bodyguard
/Army to retain Total Control.

trumpfy's Fascism is no different.


@44: The DHS has said the reason they are there is because of graffiti on federal buildings.
That's a problem solved by local officials, some solvent and some elbow grease.
Not by violating the constitution.
And as far as people being denied access to federal property that's "bull-pop".
These protests have been taking place after business hours and there is no indication that people conducting business in the federal building are being blocked from doing so.
Ya know how I know? I called and I checked the websites of the agencies housed there.

Before DHS showed up armed to the teeth to beat people up over graffiti, the protests were winding down, and the police were handling it in their own heavy handed way. The police who I remind you DID NOT ask for help. Because they did not need it. Any more than we in Seattle need DHS to swoop in here. I will remind you that SPD and city government got through our upheavals and CHOP has been dismantled with out the aid of unidentified federal agents.

Since DHS has arrived in Portland every night the protests have gotten larger. And they ALWAYS start off peacefully until the gassing, and the rubber bullets start flying.

Oh and let's not forget those feds, who are supposed to be standing around protecting federal buildings roaming the streets scooping up people in un-marked vans blocks away from any protests or federal property.

I mean punkin. Ya either believe in the constitution and states rights or you don't.


47 If nothing else, as a matter of self preservation you should understand that any acts of barbarism by the government you rationalize today could be used against you tomorrow. I realize you are not speaking from a rational perspective right now but one clearly boiling over with emotion. Maybe after you’ve simmered down you will be able to think clearly. Right now you seem a little hysterical.


A comment on the article ‘The Whole of Liberal Democracy Is in Grave Danger at This Moment’ Trump’s America has accelerated “the authoritarian dynamic.” By Thomas B. Edsall:

The article builds on earlier scientific evidence that conservatives are dominated by their overactive amydalas - the fear and anxiety center in the brain - while liberals are dominated by their anterior cingulate cortex, a region of the brain that helps people cope with complexity and nuance.

The article also suggests some equivalence in left-wing authoritarianism and right-wing authorianism, which is misleading.

While one can cite the 'cancel culture' and political correctness and other anecdotal issues as quasi-forms of authoritarianism on the left, it is the American right that champions tyranny of the minority through Republican dirty electoral tricks, unregulated guns, religification of the state, widespread voter suppression AND the blindly loyal support of the most incompetent, monosyllabic President in American history.

American 'conservatives' have largely devolved into authoritarianism, patriarchy, religiosity and a world of fear, conspiracy and paranoia to point of rejecting wearing little masks that save their lives, their families' lives and the lives of friends.

There will always be fear-based humans in the world, but they generally comprise no more than one-third of the population, roughly the base of Donald Trump's fear-based political strategy.

It's the job of the rest of the population to pay attention to our anterior cingulate cortex angels and outregister and outvote the fear-based population who are too scared to cast a vote for nuance and progress.

--Socrates; Verona, N.J. 7/22/2020




Why are the Federal agents not being sent in to beat up the herpes trolls rather than peaceful demonstrators? Would seem like a win-win. The Feds get to have their whacking opportunities, the magical Herpes Witch gets what she deserves, and the rest of us don't have to deal with her anymore.

@48 - you seem to be forgetting that "states' rights" was only meant to apply to Right-wing States. Certainly not to those Hippie-run looney bins that kept insisting that minorities should be able to do things like vote.


If people are committing acts of vandalism then track them down and send them to court. Using their actions as justification to violate the constitutional rights of others, the overwhelming majority of whom are not vandals, is neither principled nor winning hearts and minds. You guys sound like a bunch of scared babies.


If people do bad things charge them with crimes and let the justice system sort them out. You guys want to use bad actors to justify bad behavior by the government and it betrays how completely full of shit you are.


“ Big daddy govt as has always been your favorite”

lol I didn’t even read your whole comment before my last post but my god pick up a book sometime and learn what irony means bc when you say this while defending the feds gassing people you look like a motherfucking clown


56 state violence is obv a huge turn on for fascists but it’s not a great look for anyone else



Fuck SPOG and fuck Mike Solan, may he fall victim to the very same violence he glorifies.


“And then the story turned really dark.

“As the virus spread, and businesses had to shut down again and schools and universities were paralyzed as to whether to open or stay closed in the fall, Trump’s poll numbers nose-dived.

Joe Biden opened up a 15-point lead in a national head-to-head survey.

“So, in a desperate effort to salvage his campaign, Trump turned to the Middle East Dictator’s Official Handbook and found just what he was looking for, the chapter titled, ‘What to Do When Your People Turn Against You?’

“Answer: Turn them against each other and then present yourself as the only source of law and order.”

From: Trump’s Wag-the-Dog War

The president is looking for a dangerous domestic enemy to fight.

By Thomas L. Friedman



Sigh. Why @53 and 55, are you laboring under the delusion that objecting to agents of the federal government violating the Constitution means supporting vandalism?
Has anyone here said they were pro graffiti? Have I ever once said I was pro violence or pro looting?
No. I have not.
What I HAVE said is that these crimes do not warrant federal intervention nor violation of the 1st 4th and 5th amendments.
And it's not me that is saying that.
The US Attorney for the District of Oregon, (who I will point out was reappointed by Trump), says so.
The Oregon State Justice Department says so.

But sure, what do they know?


@Lissa -- when they knock over that violence-lovin'-Lefty-made-outta-straw, it makes them feel Powerful just like a WMD or the Washington Monument.


@34 -- normally I love your perspective, but what you're proposing in this post will do nothing but embolden SPOG, because it will result in a whole bunch of favorable decisions in front of PERC for and in court for them. The fundamental issue is that when bargaining, employers need to start having a bunch of Elizabeth Warrens (smart, capable people who know how to work within the confines of the law) working for them. They don't need to make bad decisions that are indefensible.

It's a long game. SPOG knows this. The city needs to start acting like it instead of constantly engaging in short term gambits that go nowhere.


@47- I don't support the protesters breaking shit for a minute But I also don't think that the Feds WOULD go home if the protesters stopped breaking windows. This is Trump's golden opportunity to show the MAGAts how he can be a big tough guy and own the Libs. Conicidentally, it's his chance to get the jackboots on the ground to "keep order" the next time a city decides to defy his Mangoness.

So fuck this guy. And fuck the Stormtrooper detachment that Trump is sending around.


Fuck Solan, fuck SPOG, and fuck SPD. Does anyone know when their next contract is up for negotiation? It’s time to start building political support against those entitled, Fascist ass licking overtime stealing fraudsters, and their bloated tax payer funded pensions.