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@1, is she really?, she says she is not voting for anyone, which includes Trump.

To take a more positive view, maybe she's not voting because she's a wanted felon (perhaps for murdering her last three boyfriends) and she doesn't want to register to vote because she's trying to "stay below the radar". So she claims to not want to get involved with political argument with her parents. After all, if she doesn't support Trump she could just lie to her parents, as they apparently respect people who lie to them. If she's worried about her acting ability, the most transparent, bat shit crazy lies seem to be just fine.

Of course the boyfriend "demanding" that she vote for Biden is pretty fucked up too, so it sounds to me like a match made in heaven.

Apropos of nothing, my forearm is quite a bit larger than my cock (which in turn is not much less than, nor more than, average)