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Tonight's evening news round-up starts with a big win for the #NoNewYouthJail Coalition:

King County Exec Dow Constantine plans to announce a phased closing of the King County Correctional Facility at his State of the County address on Thursday. In a memo released today, Constantine said he plans on supporting programs for prevention, diversion, rehabilitation, and harm reduction instead. The goal appears to be to end youth detention in King County no later than 2025.

As our Lt. Governor, Democrat Denny Heck will fight for justice.
He took on Trump to protect our Democratic values. It's time for his proven progressive leadership.

New CDC guidelines on how long to isolate if you test positive for COVID-19: You should isolate for 10 days after you have a symptom onset, not 14.

"The amount of fucking teenagers I've had to tell to put on a mask," reads a text from my boyfriend today, who works at a vintage shop down by the Great Wheel. Masks are mandatory, kids! You'd think the teens would love masks—they hide acne!

Trump revived his coronavirus briefings: They will occur daily, although he appeared by himself today. Dr. Fauci told CNN he hadn't been invited to participate. I don't recommend wasting your time watching Trump ramble about coronavirus by himself, but here's our President's briefing:

Trump signed an executive order that would exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted in congressional districts: The ACLU plans to fight the memo in court, calling it unconstitutional.

Washington state confirmed 832 new COVID-19 cases and 12 additional deaths today. Roughly 3% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Washington have died.

Today the United States reported more than 1,000 deaths in a single day: Nevada, Oregon, and Tennessee reported their highest single-day death figures so far.

And today Florida recorded more COVID-19 deaths than any other state: That includes Texas, which has 25% more people than Florida. From Orlando Weekly:

According to the Florida Department of Health, as of Tuesday, Florida logged 134 new deaths, which is the state’s second highest amount for a 24 hour period. The total number of lives lost statewide to COVID-19 since March 1 is now 5,206. The state’s daily death average for the past week is now 115.

Florida also added 9,440 new positive cases Tuesday. This brings Florida’s total positive cases since the start of the pandemic to 369,834. On top of this, the state witnessed a record-high number of 518 new hospitalizations Tuesday, according to the Florida Department of Health.

The additional $600/week of unemployment benefits is about to end in August: It's going to be cataclysmic if Congress doesn't immediately step in to provide assistance. "More than 20 million Americans could soon see their weekly income fall by half or more at a time when the unemployment rate remains higher than in any period since World War II," reports the New York Times.

Grey's Anatomy is apparently still on TV, and its 17th season will explore the coronavirus pandemic, according to Grey's executive producer. "There’s no way to be a long-running medical show and not do the medical story of our lifetimes," said exec producer and showrunner Krista Vernoff. The President may not be taking COVID-19 seriously but at least Grey's Anatomy is.

Rich Smith wants to add a blurb. Take it away, Rich:

Voters will get to decide on two big issues regarding the King County Sheriff’s office this November: Today the King County Council voted to send two charter amendments to the ballot for voter approval. One would make the King County Sheriff an appointed position rather than an elected position, and the other would authorize the council to “abolish, amend, or reduce” some of the duties of the King County Sheriff’s office and assign them to other departments. Right now the county charter prevents the council from doing that, which stymies demands from Black Lives Matter and other police reform groups to ~~*reimagine~~~*.

Right now I’m split on whether it’s better to elect the Sheriff or appoint the Sheriff: On one hand, choice is good. On the other, I’m not sure how many great Sheriff’s candidates there are out there in copland. A progressive county council, which voters have a little more control over, might be able to pick a more progressive Sheriff than could win an election. That said, relatively speaking, Sheriffs don’t come much more progressive than Mitzi Johanknecht, and if the Sheriff becomes a political chip in council negotiations, then maybe we'd end up with a hardliner at some point. THAT said, people seem to be more aware of policing issues, and so I expect public scrutiny over appointing a Sheriff would be intense. This has been Sheriff Thoughts with RICH SMITH.

The city has cleared "CHOP 2.0" AKA "Mini CHOP" AKA "Post-CHOP": Tents had been set up on the south lawn of Seattle Central after the fall of CHOP earlier this month. “After two weeks of working with homeless support services, speaking with organizers, and hearing from employees and neighbors, [Seattle Central] received assistance from the city of Seattle this morning to clear the illegal encampment at the South Plaza without incident," reads an email from the college this morning. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has the whole email here. A city spokesperson followed up with CHS Blog and stated that “the operation today was SPD and not the Navigation Team."

Senator Tom Cotton compared Portland demonstrators to Confederate "insurrectionists": I think he's missing some important historical context here. Apropos of nothing, if I was writing a character who happened to be a white nationalist, I can't think of a name more on-the-nose than Tom Cotton.

Love Slog AM/PM?

"It's not about the wedding": Zoom weddings are on the rise in Nigeria.

The Tokyo Olympics are postponed until next year (if they even happen): The opening ceremony would have been this week. I come from a family of athletes—my dad was a professional baseball player and my cousin played for the Phillies and now the Blue Jays—but my interest in sports starts and ends at the Olympics. I'm a sucker for hot people coming together to imagine a utopia.

In lieu of the Olympics this year, I'm working my way through the Criterion Collection's 100 Years of Olympic Films. Every weekday for the next few weeks, I'll highlight a different moment and film from the last century of Olympic films. Today's post was on marathoner Abebe Bikila, the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and Kon Ichikawa's BAFTA-winning documentary Tokyo Olympiad. Here's a trailer:

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