Why New York Is Right to Quarantine Washington Travelers



You could just fly from Portland.


A problem is that people don't self-quarantine anywhere. Look at all the fishing boats busting out in covid after the crew 'quarantine' before boarding. The occasional run out to McDs doesn't count against quarantine for these people, and it won't for self-quarantiners in NY either.




Ever since Boeing execs got caught putting profits and their blatant disregard of airline safety ahead of people, I'm glad not to have a reason to fly anywhere. Especially not now during a global pandemic. Why is Sea-Tac International Airport still open, business as usual?


@4 There are still people who need to fly for business necessity, emergencies, and so forth. Also mail. But I agree travelling for vacation during this is most certainly foolhardy.


Inslee is perineally caught wanting to do the right thing but not actually doing it. A man who directly fails at passing cap and trade or even a flat carbon tax in his own state should not run for president on an environmentalist platform and a man who runs against the current president's platform of malign misinformation should should not then wait on that man's administration for guidance on health policy, as it is now fairly clear he did (or somehow didn't but fell into the same pitfalls?)

Not that Cuomo is deserving of the adoration he has achieved. When days counted he waited at least a full week longer than he should have before closing schools, undoubtedly one of the main vectors for early corona virus spread. Then he got into a battle of the tits with the president instead of taking the Hawaii route and simply cutting off all travel for a month (a full airtravel ban for the state of New York until the president sent sufficient medical gear would have had the duel advantage of containing the spread somewhat more than actually achieved and also forcing the president to change his pants).

It's clear now that both Inslee and Cuomo are men with their hearts probably in the right place, but Inslee's may not be beating and Cuomo's runs the long route to the brain, so to speak.


@1 Or, you know, drive. If, that is, New York State's self-quarantine advisory were based on modes of travel, last ports of departure, or even places of residence. Which it isn't.


"Where the fuck are you going, mate? There is a fucking pandemic. Stop this stupidity. Stay away from planes and airports. Stay your ass home." --@Chas

Bingo & thanks for "Whispers in the Deep," by Stimela.




That's ok, I'll just take the nationwide high speed train network that all First World and Third World nations have ...

... what? we don't have one? ... we really are a S4174O13 nation


"No state should be using police to prohibit interstate travel in any way." - Andrew Cuomo, March 2020