Durkan’s Favorability Rating Has Plunged



Anyone know of how Murray’s favorability polling looked towards the end of his term? Just curious if she is more or less popular than the pedophile.


Gee, Nate Gowdy sure knows how to manipulate an image to suit the Stranger's agenda.


Propaganda 101: Never, ever admit your people are doing worse than the subject of your attack.

"While the city council's job performance numbers are faring worse than Durkan's..."

@2: Most voters in Seattle never swallowed the emissions of male convicts. We said Murray was front-runner, even after he'd ended his candidacy:

"About 22 percent of the Washington State Wire poll respondents, contacted after the lawsuit was withdrawn, said Murray would be their first choice if he were to re-enter the race. [...] Murray did even better in the KING 5/KUOW poll, with 33 percent of respondents saying they would vote for him if he were on the ballot."



92.5% of all readers skipped what she wrote and went to the comments. Also 99% don’t care. See I can make up numbers also


Now that the City Council has virtually emptied the City's rainy day and emergency funds for this New Tax it's time for them to paint the most rosy picture possible for the next 6/12 months.

But it's going to get be paid back!!!
Unless the Courts find it Unconstitutional then it will just be lost.

The faith is so strong with our Council such minor obstacles are whimsical


Those results do not bode well for the recall initiative, Sawant's impeachment articles or Mosqueda's pending mayoral campaign in 2021. The more time that passes from the riots in May the more the public is going to lose their outrage over the mayor's performance and her approval ratings will most likely begin to climb. What is truly amazing is that even at her lowest moment she is still viewed more favorably than the council. How bad does the council suck... Answer really bad.


@8 @5 Uh huh. Now let's do the approval ratings for people's own district councilmembers, rather than the council as a whole.

In the US House and Senate, in state legislatures, and in representative democracies all over the world, voters consistently have a middling to low opinion of the parliamentary body as a whole, and a high opinion of their own representatives within it.

For obvious reasons of course, but I'm going to have a grand old time reading your crackpot contrarian explanations, so by all means fire away.


@8: After following CM Sawant over the edge of the Showbox cliff, even our Council is done with supporting her bad ideas. If they try to remove our second elected mayor in a row, especially with CM Sawant's openly sneering contempt for the voters' right to choose, they will simply stoke the resentment of the many citizens who had already opposed the political character assassination of Murray.


@10 There is no doubt Sawant lacks political capital with this council aside from her proxy Morales. She really is nothing more than a sideshow that Mosqueda uses to push her own agenda however she is a savvy politician which is why she has yet to put forth articles of impeachment like she promised and most likely never will. It doesn’t matter though because she now has the slush fund she needs to pay off her buddies at Share who got her re-elected.


@9: "@8 @5 Uh huh. Now let's do the approval ratings for people's own district councilmembers, rather than the council as a whole."

No one's stopping you, so by all means get right to it. (You'll have to look at polls other than the three linked in this headline post, because none of those asked about individual Council Members.)

I'll also do you the kindness of reminding you there's a term for asserting, without supporting evidence, that a much smaller group shares all of the overall characteristics of a much larger group to which it belongs. We call this "the environmental fallacy."


@10 Looks like someone's forgotten the Showbox controversy happened BEFORE conservative and centrist council candidates were obliterated in the 2018 primary, and even longer before Sawant's triumphant come-from-behind victory over Amazon's campaign-funding megabucks in the general.

Or are we doing alternate history fanfic now? That's always fun, I think I can come up with something with mechs and neural implants if we want to really get rolling with this.


@12 OK so what's the magic high-school debate-club logical fallacy where you just straight-up reject the consistent results of polling on legislative bodies throughout the US and the world?

If there's a single new named logical fallacy the world really needs, it's one for where you invoke the name of a logical fallacy without actually doing anything to show the argument you're trying to attack is in any way fallacious.

I think "name-calling" and "appeal to authority" are already taken, and neither are really specific enough. Got any suggestions?


@13: I also doubt they've forgotten having their unanimous vote reversed by the court. (That did actually happen, BTW -- along with Seattle paying a rich right-winger the ~$1M he spent defending his property rights from their blatantly illegal behavior.)

@14: I didn't reject the polling results, I rejected your assumed applicability of those polling results to Seattle's current voters. Again, it's called the "environmental fallacy," or sometimes "ecological fallacy," and if you were following local politics in 2005, you may recall it was the reason the Republican lawsuit against Gov. Gregoire's winning the 2004 election on recount was rejected. You can't simply assume a small population (Seattle's voters) shares any characteristic of a larger group to which it belongs (whatever constituencies you're referring to). Compared the global, national, or even Washington State population of voters, Seattle's voter population is small enough to be a complete outlier on pretty much any behavior. (On that last point, there's no shortage of elections where Seattle's citizens voted heavily in one direction, whilst citizens statewide voted the other way.)

Again, if you have recent polling data on favorability ratings of Seattle's City Council Members, then by all means, carry out your threat @9. If you haven't any such data, then you have the harder task, of showing other evidence to validate your assumption Seattle's voters fit the overall pattern. Good luck with that.


@15 So, do you want the neural implants first, or the mechs?

2018, tensor. Not 2005, not 2004. 2018. That's just two years ago. Ring any bells for you? No? Not one?

Keep naming those named high-school AV-club magic debate fallacy names by name, though. It's really worked out fabulously for you so far, hasn't it?


Yeah. It’s pretty amusing when trolls squeal about fallacies while simultaneously employing them.


Look, it's just that nobody likes her or approves of her job performance.

Doesn't matter what side of the spectrum you are.


So the mayor is unpopular and the city council is even more unpopular...Sounds about right.


@16: "2018, tensor. Not 2005, not 2004."

Because the rules of logic change over time?

"Keep naming those named high-school AV-club..."

It was a judge. In a court. Well within living memory. Who found that attempting to infer how individuals behaved from the behavior of the groups to which they belonged was a form of the ecological fallacy. Our state was legally bound by this finding, and Christine Gregoire remained our governor.

"It's really worked out fabulously for you so far, hasn't it?"

We're still waiting for you to carry out your threat @9. Show that the utterly dismal job-performance numbers our City Council has richly earned -- numbers even worse than Mayor Durkan's (!) -- do not apply to one or more individual Council Members. Polling data from 2020 (not 2018, or decades ago) in Seattle (not many other places around the world), please.


This article fundamentally misreads the poll cited. It deems a response of "fair" as a negative viewpoint. I don't think that's a safe assumption. Fair to many people means fine, not great, not super awesome, but just fine. Say average, but not necessarily negative.

Viewed in that light, it's not as bad for Durkan as the author makes it look. It's certainly not great either, but given how terrible the city has looked over the last few months, Durkan not being underwater is pretty telling.


"Seattle adults"- funniest thing I've read all day.