'one of us'?

e pluribus


@1: Yep, Republicans don't hold the copyright on bigotry.


Right as rain. They're


Let's face it-
The Republican platform for the last 40 plus years has been;
"We'll lower your taxes, and keep those minorities off your front lawn."
The Dems can't hold a candle to this dog-whistling. Don't believe me? Just ask Steven Miller!


One example of many- Ford Jr(D) runs for U S Senate in 2006. The GOP run blatantly racist ads against him. He loses, of course.
The Dems are great at bringing a pea shooter to a gun fight.


@4: Yes, that is true generally speaking. People who identify as "conservative" or "republican" span a spectrum of ideological dispositions. Logically, those who are prejudice and bigoted would prefer less government, not more.

Conversely, people who identify as "liberal" or "democrat" have an equally varied set of ideologies. And logically, those who are prone to aggressive anti-police actions would prefer this category.

The human condition defines both parties, with lots of overlap between them. Love, means never having to say you're sorry for being a Republican.



That's double-plus ungood to you, comrade! Remember our boys on the Malabar front! And the sailors in the Floating Fortresses! Just think what they have to put up with. Now try again.



I'm not sure about that; the flyer clearly favors Nobles, a candidate so fiscally responsible she supports paying for stuff with passive fundraising instead of cannibalizing funds for Washington families from other crucial areas and leaving them threadbare. Plus, her solutions are black and white and easy to comprehend, not this nebulous voodoo economics with a receding hairline. The choice is clear, her font size is larger.


Republicans are not only horrible people, they're really, really, stupid. How stupid do you have to be to believe an ad like this?



Well, I can think of a good half-dozen regular comment-generators (assuming they're not all one Jabba The Hutt sized super-troll) on SLOG who would go for it like a cop eagerly grabbing the last doughnut out of the box.


We are doomed as a species because we are too stupid to live. Perceived slights and offenses EVERYWHERE. Dr. Seuss and his star Belly Sneeches had it right. A jerk is a jerk and we ARE the jerks. And the media LOVES to stir the pot.


Hey Stranger, did anything interesting happen in Seattle last night?

I guess not since you haven't covered it at all.


Please back up a bit and prove to me anyone looks at these rather than tossing them in the recycle as one sorts 'good mail' from 'junk mail'. THEN we can discuss 'dog whistles'.



Stupid enough to vote for Trump.


I think you have to be a special kind of crazy to run for office in this day and age. The first flyer just used a poor quality black and white photo. Not racist. And the second flyer is no different than countless others we've seen over the years. Nothing racist there either. The opponent has only lived in the district for a year and a half. By the most well known definition of the word she's most definitely a carpetbagger. And yet the media is out there coercing phony apologies out of these people. It's no wonder we get the candidates we get in this state. Who else would put up with this nonsense for a job that pays $52K/yr?


Oh now, TheOne dear, don’t be bitter. It’s one thing to be horrible and stupid, but if you are willing to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and apply yourself, there’s a chance that you may attain baseline intelligence and become not so horrible.

In cases like yours, however, we must put our faith in prayer.

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