With Big Cuts Coming, Here’s What Seattle Public Library Is Losing & Keeping



"(The Library’s 2020 budget was $81 million; for comparison, the Seattle Police budget in 2020 was $409 million.)" (Where's a local Billionaire [or two] when ya need one?)

Perhaps we might transfer say, ten or fifteen million to the Library in exchange for I dunno -- what could a Library do* that our po-po might pass over? Let us ease their burden a bit...

*They say there's lots of Geniuses
and Billionaires around here. Per-
haps, before we eat them [the
latter] we might see what we
[they] might come up with?


"they’re going to have to trim millions from their 2021 budget to help make up for a gap of $210 - $300 million in the city’s general fund."

Wow, that's about the same relief $ The Unemployment Office sent to Africa with no strings attached. Well, just what they admit to so far. The Governor is still scratching his nut over it.

It's your money.


When you hear, "Throw the book at them"
it's a cop, since the libraries are broke!


The library closed its buildings since March but has retained all full time staff. Like those that shelve the books that are not being circulated. Like those that check out physical books that are not being circulated. Like those that clean buildings that are not being used and therefore are not in need of cleaning from the impact of patrons. Like those who interact with customers who are not coming in, and who are likely not tying up the phone and email with queries enough to fill a day. Tragedy that there won't be a social worker at the library.

If there were no libraries and we were to create them today from a zero basis, based upon current technology, would we construct buildings full of books, and staff as they are now staffed? Or might we build smaller buildings, with primarily online books, subsidize e-readers and Internet for the few who can't afford them (one can get Internet for about $10,00 a month from Comcast if of demonstrated low-income), and perhaps run special programs for children and selected vulnerable populations? Physical books wear down, get damaged, lost, stolen. E-books are licensed to ensure the author benefits, never wear down, get returned on time, never incur late fees that we now forgive. I love books and reading, but have embraced digital technology. Many libraries including ours seems committed to largely perpetuating itself in obsolescent ways, and has behaved irresponsibly through the Covid crisis by not furloughing every staff member who was not fully engaged in actual work. Learn to live with less and embrace the opportunities that focus can create.