Portland Protesters and the Power of High Quirk





Except it HAS NOT produced his desired results. His desire was to have his fake army assault a bunch of Black people and the protests be shut down completely. Instead the protests are stronger than ever and his storm troopers are on tape snatching people into unmarked vans, assaulting people not doing anything illegal, and tear gassing pregnant women and "the wall of moms." So let's be clear. He can say whatever he wants (he does and always believes that is reality) but what he wanted has not happened and will not happen. Oregonians are fighting back and the protests in Portland are not shut down, not even remotely.

He has also pissed of the military by allowing his goon squad to wear their uniform.

Donnie has no idea how bad this is making him look. Anyone believing this is winning him points is already drinking his crazy kool aid.


Trump is no Law and Order Tricky Dick. Tear gassing citizens is a bad look.
However, Trump does get a far bigger boner doing his Law and Order routine, than Melania will ever see.





Mellow honey......lame as usual. How can they not be secret police when they specifically mask their identities and agencies to which they belong? I remind you that a suit filed against agents accused of rounding up protesters in unmarked vans have them listed as John Doe 1-10. Because their identities are secret.
They are, and this is no secret, free of accountability. You and your little fascist friends may not like it but the Constitution serves a purpose. Maybe if your entitled and violent fascist buddies would remember that that document is more than one amendment and would go stand up for what this country was founded on the feds wouldn't get involve. And then the Governor, Oregon Department of Justice and the US Attorney ( reappointed by Trump btw) can stop suing DHS over violations of the 1st 4th and 5th amendments and you can have your milk and cookies, a few joints and everyone would be happy.

There sweet pea. Fixed it for ya.


One thing for sure, Trump's quasi legal goon squads have stimulated some groundbreaking work in pedantic hair-splitting.


@3 nothing says anarchist and antifa like middle aged women in yellow t shirts


You know what really cracks me up is people like Mellow saying that since we know these agents exist that means they're not secret. I mean it is such a blindingly stupid thing to say.

In every country that has HAD or HAS secret police EVERYBODY knew or knows that they existed and that they are agents of the government and hell, where their fucking building was.

What makes secret police secret is that they are unidentified as individuals. Their identities are shielded and they are not held accountable for their actions.

These como-clad masked, badge-less men who beat and gas, and shove protesters to the ground every night in Portland can be standing in line for coffee the next day with a mother who they cracked in the head the night before.

No accountability leads to abuse.

Like I said, there is reason the agents being sued for kidnapping people off the street are referred to a John Doe 1 - 10.

Because, hey.
Nobody knows or knew the names and faces of the agents of the government who scoop and scooped people off the streets of Chile, or Argentina, or Israel, or Russia or East Germany or Myanmar or China etc. etc. either.


@9: Can I just say that I wish I had read your comment before I posted mine @10?

Cuz I would have name checked you for being blindingly stupid as well as Mellow.


Pedantic hairsplitting aside, I like where Mr. Mudede is coming from here. You know the old saw about how it’s important to always look to fight the next war not the last war? Something close to that is happening with what Il Douche is doing with this federal police deployment. This guy is incapable of forward thinking, so he is, again, trying to create a scenario IRL that matches his anachronistic, sociopathic, simple-minded, myopic, imaginary world. The street must refuse to take this stage and play the role this madman has assigned us. As Mudede said, this is (it always is) a performance. We need the creativity to match the moment. Yes, the quirky! Like how the K-Pop Stans scuttled the rally in Tulsa. Smart, fun, and effective is a pretty great formula.


This is what downtown Portland, OR looks like right now. Trump's goon squad tends to come out after 11PM. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC-NLNmFex6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


Court documents reveal secretive federal unit deployed for 'Operation Diligent Valor' in Oregon

The documents, filed on Tuesday, helped shed light on what had been a secretive operation that involved days of violent clashes between unidentified federal law enforcement officers and anti-racist protesters outside a federal courthouse.



@2 - Au contraire. It IS producing the desired results, once we realize the desire is to ESCALATE the demonstrations so that Trumpster Fire can use them for his fascist 'Law & Order' crisis messaging and partisan division tactics.
To which I second desertwalker @13's comments: Don't give him what he wants.

@3 - They are unbadged, unlab--- I defer to Lissa's better comments starting @6! Thanks Lissa!

@Mellow, Downfall-- Tell me: How do you describe the actions of "secret police" in the various nations that have had them? (East Germany, Poland, USSR, China, Philippines, etc.)


You, a dumb person: These are Nazi tactics.

Me, wise: my dear sir, the Nazis employed Hugo Boss to design their uniforms. I see no fashion design involved in these officers uniforms.


fascinating how quickly the "big government BAD" crowd pivots to loving it when federal agents are teargassing hippie because real fascism only happens when you are required to have health insurance


Just remember kids: people like Mellow, Downfall, Couvis and their ilk - assuming of course for the sake of argument they're not all in fact the same pathetic account-burning troll desperately attempting to make it look like there's more RW consensus here than actually exists - are the two-thirds of your fellow citizens who would either gleefully exterminate you, or watch in silent approval as someone else did.


@20: Gymnastics is fun!


"it adds nothing, it only wants to appear to be interesting"- perfect description of Mudede's keyboard mashings.


Charles, there is nothing whimsical or quirky about your self absorption, if anything it is predictable. Are you capable of writing or is it more dear diary?


@12: Uh huh. Read what I wrote @10 again punkin. Specifically this part:

In every country that has HAD or HAS secret police EVERYBODY knew or knows that they existed and that they are agents of the government and hell, where their fucking building was.

and this part:

What makes secret police secret is that they are unidentified as individuals. Their identities are shielded and they are not held accountable for their actions.



Panicking in a pandemic.


"But why was this quirkiness so effective [...?] Because it exposed the secret police ... as nothing more than a performance."

Nope. It's effective because it makes the protesters more relatable. We all either have a mom or dad, or are one ourselves. Once you relate to a person, you are more sympathetic and can better see the disproportionality between actions and response. Activists of all stripes have relied on this tactic for decades. In this case, someone who didn't previously think the secret police were overstepping their authority may now have a change of heart, but why would they conclude that the goon squad tactics were just a performance?

I so appreciate the Stranger writers who take time build their arguments. Unorganized stream of consciousness is standard fare for this one. (I miss Katie Herzog.)