Slog AM: Portland Mayor Gets Gassed, Unemployment Numbers Rise, MLB Gets Virtual Fans



The world is going to hand basket in a hell!


Real fans: "The Mariners suck! Thirty dollars for a draft beer and a hot dog?"
Virtual fans: "The Mariners suck!"


Kraken! Love it! Love the colors too.

Also, I have to raise my hand and admit I was stupid for ever thinking that reviving the Totems name was a viable option. No sooner would they have picked the name than they would have had to form a committee to change it.


@4 I was hoping for the Redskins


3 your weekend will be spent like every other one, masturbating in the dark while sniffing socks you stole from your mom's hamper


5 Already taken


What sort of 'musings' might a Swift song provide...? Where can she go?
"We are never ever ever getting back together,
We are never ever ever getting back together,
You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever getting back together
Like, ever..."


7, 'I know you are but what am i' sure is getting a lot of mileage. For the sheer volume of trolling you do, you should be better at this.


@9 Your effort at minimizing the ongoing problem of racism is lazy and tiresome, at best.


nothing burns harder than telling someone they are impossible to insult (srsly tho how are you so bad at this???)


@8 no it is now the Washington Football Team.


Isn't "Kraken" (or Kraaken or Krakken) both the singular and the plural, like "fish" (or Phish)?


@17 yes


Wow. Way to stick it to the SPD and the feds. Was that the Imelda Marcos Brigade looting the shoe store?



That's just your limited imagination and below-average intellect talking...


That photo of the entrance to Whole Foods is stunning in how impotent corporate messaging is.


@17 Yes.

From my own point of view, property damage in no way compares to assault or homicide. Smashed windows happen. Graffiti happens. It's part of the cost of doing business. The cops can't prevent it, and we the voters don't want to address the root-causes or even examine them. So these will continue to happen -- and they happen regardless of whatever protest happens to be occurring.

Remember 2008? Good year, right? My store windows were broken twice that year. I had to deal with new graffiti every weekend (my city has an ordinance -- if I leave it up, I have to pay a fine). Cops? Ha. Insurance co? Nope. They don't pay for that. It was the cost of doing business in the big city. Tough luck, buddy, they said. This is why you need to save for a rainy day, they said.

And apparently, that's what good capitalists do. They save for a rainy day. So why all the weeping and gnashing of teeth over a few broken windows and some mis-applied spray paint? It's just a little rain. You saved for that, didn't you?



Will Kraken fans be known as Krakheads?


@4, not a big fan of the name, hate the anchors on the sleeves, but a lot of people made a lot of noise for the Kraken name and we gotta live with it. Doesn't rock like the Thunderbirds name and logo, but at least our team is NHL. The least you could say is that it wasn't the Emeralds (wussy) or the Sasquatch (a potential national embarrassment - think of movies with Orangutans).


@24, yes. And I love it. And as Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory" used to say, "'Release the Kraken'--it never gets olds." So true. So true. (Not a "Big Bang Theory" fan myself, but my mom is.)

Also, absolutely looking forward to the new quarantine album from the songwriting genius that is T-Swift. Still enjoying the quarantine album Charli XCX dropped. And hey, haters gonna hate.


Oh, and you know how you can tell NHL Seattle made a great choice with the new team name and logo and colors?

Just go over to The Seattle Times story on the announcement ( and check out all the bitchin' and moanin' on the comment thread. You'd think the state had just raised these people's car tabs.


Paul Krugman said the glass smashers are just stimulating the just stimulating the economy for glass blowers and repurposed Chihuly wall spikes. That'll make the Seattle punks hesitate before crushing something both functional and stylish.


Too much cofffee


Texas is so overwhelmed at least one county is just going to let the people who they believe are not going to survive, die, without even attempting to provide care. Tell me again how the Democrats and the ACA are responsible for "death panels" when the GOP are the ones flat out committing mass murder. Trump is a traitor and a mass murderer.

Texas county, overwhelmed with COVID-19, will deny treatment to those deemed unlikely to survive


@27, when the Kraken get beaten, as they will be quite a bit in their first few years, lest some George McPhee genius builds a good team quickly, some victorious fans will say "we smoked the Kraken".

Musically, can't wait for the next Sunn :)) show, if we ever have live music again.

I'm so far, politically, from a reactionary Seattle Times commenter, and I am a huge hockey fan, but the initial logos just don't groove me like some of the original six teams - Rangers, Canadiens, Maple Leafs, and post original ones - Sharks, Blues, Devils


In the last month a veto proof majority of the city council has come out in support of defunding the police 50%, they have also passed the single largest tax increase on big business in city history, the city prosecutor has stated he will not be charging anyone arrested during protests, the county executive has stated he is going to close both the youth and adult jails downtown, the county prosecutors office has suggested no longer filing charges for property crimes or assaulting police and the county council has put forth a ballet measure to allow them to take over complete control of the sheriff's office.

And yet the looting and vandalism continues unabated. Is it time yet to admit this isn't about a protest and this is simply destruction by people who just enjoy it?



And yet the beating and killing continues unabated. Is it time yet to admit this isn't about law and order and this is simply brutality by people who just enjoy it?


@33: Fail.


neo-realist @31, I'm not so crazy about the S logo myself. But I love the anchor with the Space Needle. And the team colors really are just perfect.

District13refugee @32, I agree with you. And everyone I talk to feels the same way. And yet, this is the City Council we've elected.

Hey, if Trump can make America a shithole country, Kshama Sawant can make Seattle a shithole city. And it sounds like Trump and his buddy Bill Barr are all too happy to help her (unsolicited help of course).


@33, agreed, see how his example defies logic when the ingroup is universally quantified?


"I wrote a book about proslavery rhetoric (,1942.aspx), and when I would make this point—“both sides” weren’t “just as bad”—neo-Confederates would say, “What about John Brown?” That’s the bad math. If, on one side, advocating and engaging in violence is commonplace, then one example on the other side doesn’t mean they’re both just as bad. You can even bring in Bloody Kansas and not get the amount of violence (and advocacy of violence) commonplace in supporting slavery to be anything close to the violence on the part of critics of slavery.

Here is my crank theory about why people reason that way. A lot of people really don’t (perhaps can’t) think in terms of degrees. They think in terms of categories (this is not the crank theory party—it’s a fairly common observation). Thus, you’re racist or not, certain or clueless, proud or ashamed; something is good or bad, right or wrong, correct or incorrect; you’re in-group or out-group, loyal or disloyal. They don’t think about degrees of racism, certainty, pride, goodness, loyalty, and so on.

There’s a funny paradox. Because they don’t think in terms of degrees (or mixtures—something might be loyal in some ways and disloyal in others), they believe that you either have a rigid, black/white ethical system, or you’re what they call a “moral relativist.” They actually mean “nihilist.” So, they hear “right v. wrong might be a question of degrees rather than absolutes” as saying there is no difference between right and wrong—one of their crucial binaries is “rigid ethical system of categories or nihilism.” That binary imbues those other binaries with ethical value—being rigid about loyalty v. disloyalty seems to be part of being a “good” person.

Because people like this think in terms of putting things in a box—something goes in the box of good or bad, racist or not racist, loyal or disloyal, then, if they can find a single racist thing related to Biden, he and Trump are in the same box. And, therefore, that box can be ignored when it comes to comparing them, since they’re both in it.

And this brings us back to Stoehr’s point. The attachment to rigidity, the tendency to think in terms of absolutes and not degrees makes these people actually incapable of ethical decision-making. Since wildly different actions are thrown into the box of “bad” or “racist,” people who reason this way can’t tell right from wrong. They can end up allowing, tolerating, encouraging, or even actively supporting wildly unethical actions because of their inability to think in nuanced ways about ethics. It’s moral nihilism."


@33 where is the beating and killing going on that you speak of? The police are standing around doing nothing and having bombs full of bb's thrown at them. If you are referring to events outside of the city's jurisdiction than what you are admitting is it is pointless for the city to work to appease these "protestors" because what they are seeking is not within the ability of the city to grant and also that they will never stop vandalizing and destroying things because there will always be some level of injustice somewhere in the world. I think the more likely explanation is that they could care less about the cause as long as they get to destroy.


@33. Where is it not


What is at stake is accountability for violence with impunity on one side and destruction with impunity on the other. Both are within our control if we listen to each other and take meaningful constructive action accordingly. The problem is that losing your loved ones and having your shit stolen or destroyed makes you want to cause harm.


31 The NHL now absolutely stacks their expansion teams.

See: The Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Gotta read up on some law and form another shell Corp now. Cant resell and must state disassociation, that much I know.

Targeted ads for rum, cryptocurrency, and hockey. We can do this.


Kraken? Seriously?


Couvis you don’t have the balls to show up and break some windows let alone protest.


Is this weird fetishization of the "heartland" by people who have never been there exclusive to the local troll gallery or is this a thing people actually say IRL? The heartland has been a hollowed-out shell of its former-self for decades and if the american dream is even a thing it relocated to the coastal states years ago.


i admire your persistence in acting as though you have the slightest clue what people in tHe HeARtLaNd think


Hey Garb, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your comments. Your post @40 was really eye opening. Thank you.



Thanks so much, Lissa! Your writing is a refreshing conduit of hope and empowerment, and I am encouraged by your fervor and deep insight.