Portland Mayor Condemns Feds' "Indiscriminate" Use of Tear Gas, Despite Portland Police Using Identical Tactics



"Welcome to the party, pal."


Made the NY Times. Despite the mayor's PR stunt, the protesters were thousands strong and peaceful UNTIL the fed goons came out and started gassing people. I hope the people in all of the other cities Trump is sending his goon squad to fight back just as hard, if not harder. This is NOT okay and every single person in this country (including all of the rabid gun obsessed right wingers) should be outraged that Trump is doing this. Portland is holding strong and the crowds are bigger every single night. Trump will not win this war. The optics are bad. He is simply too stupid and deluded to understand that.


Ok, so the mayor got a real-life lesson. But did he find out what the protestors want, because I would really like to know. Seems like many of them just want to deface and/or destroy a Federal Building. How does that help anything?


More like waiting to be violent until the fed goons came out.



Don't expect the 2A humpers to get outraged over this - most of them are too busy kicking themselves for not having thought to join CBP when they were still young and fit enough to pass whatever minimal pre-employment testing they require.


@4: LOL wut


@5 I totally don't expect them to (just more hypocrisy on their part). As for any requirements for being on CBP under Trump's watch, there are none, other than wanting to join.



"They were asking for it."


Man, If Muffy (aka "Mellow") comes on here whining about plagiarism b/c he's too stupid to understand that a writer cross-posting their own work to a couple different sites is perfectly normal, Imma flip out.


@8 - Na, but they weren't exactly expecting group hugs.

Strong yes, but to describe Portland protesters as peaceful (re @2) is dishonest. Property destruction and graffiti vandalization are not peaceful tactics.


@2 yes we are totally going to join the same people who never miss an opportunity to call us gun humpers, ammosexuals, insult the size of our genitalia and promise to take all our guns (and kill us if we resist) the second they get political power. Maybe next time try doing some outreach to people whose support you want rather than shitting on them for years and years and then demanding it when its politically convenient. In short, you can sit and spin.



If you cared about America and its ideals, then yes, you would. But everyone knows you don't.


@5 you are right, we are not. Just like you wouldn't be outraged if this were happening to us. In fact, you people were calling armed anti lockdown protesters grandma-killers and domestic terrorists only a couple months ago. And now you have the gall to ask for their support? We are political enemies, and most of us understand that now. Dont expect your enemies to help you out.


@12 we've been told america is an irredeemable, racist place whose symbols and culture and history all deserve to be torn down by crowds of woke starbucks baristas for the past month and a half and anybody standing in the way needs to be beaten into the ground. All of a sudden, the same people who want to outlaw speech they dont like as "hate speech" are getting the business end of the same government, they dont like and come crying to us (without even stopping to call us names and slurs for two minutes in the name of being diplomatic). Get it through your thick skull, It's not america or its ideals we dont care about, it's you. Your lack of self awareness is precious though.


Seems The Stranger has nothing to say about last night's vandalism/rolling riot on Capitol Hill. Breaking windows, starting fires, looting, what's now the routine. It's almost as if some folks in this movement WANT to tangle with the Feds and are taking action to ensure they come to Seattle.


@15 they did the same with the chop. They'd rather cover some ridiculous fart sniffing hipster music venue than EVER comment on murders, sexual assaults, armed robberies etc going on right outside their window(unless they can blame it on cops/whitey somehow). It's a real pity the CHOP degenerates didnt set their office on fire.


The entire point is that the gun obsessed assholes who are constantly screaming about THEIR rights are PROVING THE POINTS that they are racist hypocrites. Gun sales are up, what, over 450%? Sure as shit not to protect yourselves from government overreach. All of the "Obama is going to take our guns" rhetoric we had to listen to for 8 years of his presidency and now we've got a totally out of control wannabe dictator dementia patient in the White House sending out unauthorized squads of armed goons to assault and kidnap people in this country exercising their First Amendment rights and the 2nd Amendment screamers are silent. Why? Because Trump and his goons are harming people protesting the murder of Black people.

You can push back all you want and say it is all our fault that you and your ilk are not participating or upset by what is happening because we're big meanies who call you out on your bullshit of violence obsession, murder weapon lust, and blatant racism, but no one is buying what you are selling.

If the protesters with guns showing up at state capitols and governors' homes armed to the teeth screaming about how wearing masks violates their rights were being attacked and snatched by Trump's goons, you'd be out there raising holy hell and using your murder weapons to make sure YOU weren't harmed. Please continue with your pathetic insistence that it's (once again) not your problem because (insert lame ass excuse blaming other people here). And you call us snowflakes. You are the whiniest bunch of babies. "We don't care about Trump's treason because other people exist and we don't like it!!! WAhhhhhh Wahhhh Wahhhhh"


@14 who's "we"?


@15 https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2020/07/23/44143052/slog-am-portland-mayor-gets-gassed-unemployment-numbers-rise-mlb-gets-virtual-fans




Those reminders must not be terribly resonant as your boy's down double digits and, if recent events and statements are any indication, in an all out panic.


@17 haha "murder weapon lust". Your hate for us is so strong that you cant even stop blurting it out when it's clearly counterproductive to convincing anyone on the right that it might be to their advantage to join you. Like give us a single reason to join your crowd of black mask degenerates . All you'll do is call us names and knife us the moment you get an opportunity. You are not "big meanies," you are an active and persistent threat to our way of life that loves to wield political power to crush our rights the second it gets an opportunity to do so. And maybe gun sales are up 450% because there are violent riots going on across the country and people want to protect themselves, especially if people like you want to take away their police protection? Nah, cant be, everybody is just a massive racist who hates blacks. Also, you are not protesting the murder of black people when you smash windows at Amazon go and try to set a federal courthouse on fire. Those arent protests, sorry.


"After several people shot fireworks toward the federal building and lit a small fire on the steps outside, federal police dressed in combat gear burst out of the courthouse’ front doors"

I wonder how big the fire has to be before Ted Wheeler thinks a law enforcement response is warranted.


@22 Blah blah blah. Keep proving my point. You do not care about the 2nd amendment. You care about yourself and hide behind the 2nd amendment (which you do not understand at all) to justify your murder weapon lust.

How, exactly, are we an active and persistent threat to your way of life? Nothing has gotten anyone in this country to do anything about your murder weapon lust or your violence. Mass shootings every day (well not since the pandemic hit), cops murdering Black people (mostly using guns), and people like you pulling out their guns all of the time for no valid reason (from white woman bumps into Black child at store and then pulls out her gun and threatens to kill the child and her mother when they ask for an apology "because they feared for their lives" to two white crazy people with guns drawn and aimed at protesters walking calmly down the street not doing anything to them "to protect their home and personal property.")

Every statement you make just proves the point more. You are unhinged and DO NOT GIVE ONE FUCK about Constitutional rights or the lives of anyone else other than yourselves. If you did, you would want there to be actual repercussions and accountability for those who murder people with guns, cops who kill with impunity, and a rogue and secret federal group of goons going after other people in this country. Thousands and thousands of people are protesting. You accuse everyone protesting the murder of Black people by cops of smashing windows and setting fire to federal courthouses. That is just plain bullshit and you know it. More deflection and lies as you refuse to face your own hypocrisy.

The more you say, the more you out yourself for exactly what you are. You and your ilk are so scared of Black people and hate people who are able to wield great power through protest (without waving guns around) so much that you will dig in your heels and insist it isn't so until the end of time. Does not change any of the facts.

If you all weren't violent racist shit bags you would be insisting that every Black person be armed to the teeth and shoot to kill when approached by cops who clearly are danger every single time they engage with a Black person. Where are the 2nd amendment screamers fighting for Black people? Oh right, they're nowhere, just like they were when the Black Panthers armed themselves and suddenly this country thought gun laws might be a good idea. Keep it up keyboard cowboy. Hump your gun while you type your bullshit.


Just keep on forming mobs during a pandemic and, bit-by-bit, destroying portions of your local economy while on the dole.

The long game, you know.

None of us ever spoke of guns until you ransacked downtown.


If polls are opium to us, then slack-jawed ignorance is freaking black tar heroin to you shitheads.


"i have no constitutional principles whatsoever because someone online said i have a small penis" is quite the take


@17: Wow. You're right. My Smith and Wesson shares have nearly doubled.


They should have gassed his block a month ago.


The fact that the mayor was gassed too is karma.


@30 Talk of abolishing the police will do that.


The pandemic sure has brought out the worst in people.


when the kind of people who hoard guns hoard more guns the only thing that comes of it is those people have slightly more guns than before


@37: Same is true with porn and sex toys.



Yes well as the ol' saying goes... "I may be tense, but you're fucking stupid. And I can smoke a joint."


@35 Oh. No. BLINDED! Permanently!

Oh. Wait. As reported by who? Fox News? Ah. Yup. By way of the source the Blue Lives Matter website. Thats sounds reliable!

Article: https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-riots-federal-officers-blinded-lasers-fireworks-doxed

Okee dokee. Let's dissect that article. Oh my. Look at that journalism:

"...crowds of over 1,000 for more than 50 consecutive nights, shined lasers in their eyes and threw fireworks at a federal courthouse, officials said"

SHINED! They had lasers shined at them! Him. No official mention "blinding them" though. Unnamed court official. Okay. And look at that the court official says "fireworks."

But then they jumped to:

"Federal Protective Service (FPS) Deputy Director of Operations Richard “Kriss” Cline said at a press conference on Tuesday that a crowd of more than 1,000 “rioters” surrounded the Hatfield Federal Courthouse and began removing plywood coverings before attempting to throw objects – some of them incendiary – through the windows at federal officers inside."

Ah, the FPS Deputy director (under Homeland Security) who is ANOTHER guy, In fucking Washington DC. Not Portland. hey make you THINK it's a courthouse official. It's not.


"“When officers responded to put out these fires, glass bottles were thrown and lasers – which can cause permanent blindness – were shined in their eyes,” Cline said.

CAN. But no proof is offered that they DID.


“We have three officers who currently have eye injuries and they may not recover sight in those eyes from those laser attacks.”

Three officers (un-named) may (May? Me too? I "may" be blinded reading this!) not recover sight says a guys in another city. Not a doctor. No hospital is referred. Just some Trump stooge making a claim to the notoriously reliable Fox News.

Meanwhile we no for a FACT that protestors and journalists have been blinded, injured nearly killed by police. Like we have their names, hospital records, police reports, photos. And of course videos.

Reported by the Washington Post, TWELVE people blinded by police in a couple days:

Journalist blinded during protest sues Minneapolis police, State Patrol.

Aubreanna Inda nearly killed right here in Seattle by being shot point blank with a flashing grenade in the chest. Her heart stopped several times.

LaToya Ratlieff in Miami brutalized, beaten and shot with rubber bullets.

And of course there is the ongoing decades of Police murdering innocent citizens and getting away with it. On and on.

But man. It would be terrible if those anonymous armed guys who were abducting American citizens off the streets without due process and in clear aviation of the constitution maybe got some eye damage. The would be a shame.



No one is asking for your support because no one ever expected any from you. The only difference between more recent events and the ones you're describing is that someone else is beating and gassing the grandmothers - but you're still getting hard imagining it was you instead of them doing the beating and gassing.


@24 yOu aRe tHe uNhIngEd oNe
proceeds to write 30 paragraphs about how everyone right of stalin is a vicious racist

@29 people who dont believe in the constitution and actively work to shred it any chance they get dont deserve its protection.


@42 nice projection mate. Why is it that you lefties are so obsessed with the masturbation habits and penis sizes of people you've never met? Your psychopathology is pretty obvious not gonna lie.


43 “people” believe all sorts of things — like there are protesters & protester supporters who also support the 2nd amendment! — but the whole point of having principles is that they transcend your hurt feelings and disagreement with others because it’s not about you


@45: Psst, hey. From one gun owner to another, I don’t think you’re a hypocrite. I think that’s entirely unfair.
To be a hypocrite you have to have had principles in the first place and for gun guys like you it was never really about the Constitution.
You don’t own guns to protect yourself and your neighbors from a tyrannical government.
You own guns because you can.
You own guns because they’re fun to shoot and because it’s thrilling to have the power to kill someone, even if you never do.
You own guns because they make you feel safe.
It’s fun to walk into the store with a pistol on your hip imagining what everyone who sees you is thinking. Do they think you’re a badass? Are those libs who bother you so much pissed off to see ya? Ain’t it grand they can’t do anything about it?
You own guns because doing so is part of your identity politics.
Me? I’ve been a gun owner for over half my life and I treat my weapons as the dangerous tools they are not as a team insignia, and I don’t cry myself to sleep when people who hate or fear guns say mean things to me about them. I understand why they feel the way they do and I don’t feel that they deserve to have their constitutional rights violated because they feel that way.

But then, I’m not a whiny piss baby like you


well... simply saying "I hate Trump" is now what passes for intelligence among Pacific Northwest Politicians. But soon Trump will be gone, and every last one the idiots will have nothing left to say, no one left to blame, and the same problems will exist.