The College Inn Pub Didn't Survive the Pandemic



Fuck this.


Very sad. It was a cool place.


Terrible. I love going into that cavernous place to drink. Many happy memories.




One of my fave places.


Good Afternoon Charles,
Indeed, most unfortunate news. Definitely liked the interior design. Quite a throwback. Imbibed not a few times there. It shall be missed.

However, I will part with you comparing losing College Inn to losing Pike Place Market (PPM). There's no similarity. Losing PPM would devastate Seattle. There are several businesses in PPM & it's a tourist draw. Big difference.


What else could go in that space? I'm hopeful when this is over it comes back to life. Like a carpenters son.


This makes me so sad. I had my very first omelet there and discovered that it wasn’t, as I had believed my whole life, that I hated eggs, but the sulfurous scrambled so hard they bounced on the plate eggs that I grew up with.


I'm crying.


This is very sad.
I've had lots of beers there, while taking a break from biking on the Burke-Gilman trail.


Thank you papa Inslee for picking and choosing who works and who can stay in business. I’m so thankful I live in a city that makes good judgement calls. Now the local tweekers can stay rent free thanks to your extended moratorium. You clearly have the i.q of a breadstick.


The Paper Chase was on CBS along with such educational programming as the Incredible Hulk and Dukes Of Hazzard.


I don't participate in comments sections often, but lemme say this:
Hey, look folks, as the guy featured in the article I want y'all to realize and recognize that this beloved place went down due to a panoply of reasons. NONE OF WHICH should be blamed on Charles (for your sadness/inability to deal with a fucked world) or the Governor (how is he supposed to save every business?!?). This problem we face, a massive one at that, and its effects and symptoms are far-reaching and caused by problems much more deeply rooted, historically, in fact. Inslee, like him or not, is not the problem, but an extension of the real problem. Please calm down and look deeply at how Capitalism is failing, even in its ability to reinvent itself within White Supremacy. Yes, it is sad the Pub is gone, but in the spirit of the Pub (and the intellectualism we always liked to foster), I encourage you to reflect on its passing with solemnity and depth and a sense of reason. Reach further to find the roots of what is really driving us all nuts. Live Long and Prosper.


I didn't ever ask your name but I noticed the sweet music selection too. Do you have any public music playlists online anywhere? Same question about the writing. We can't bring the bar back but perhaps could support some of your other art. <3


Are there really dumber-than-dirt Trumpanzees blaming Inslee? Siriusly? Trumpanzees are beyond STUPID.


I didn’t think my guy could be punched any harder, but boom there it is. Ouch. I hold some very dear memories of this place...being a young musician and in love and adventuring there with my sweetheart and friends 20 years ago. This hurts very badly knowing that the space, ambiance and people won’t likely be there after 2020. It was a safe place, full of conversation and characters. I wonder can it be bought and mothballed till we are through this?


Nooooooooooo! God dam this is sad.
And @LOrdBatCat @17, thanks for your words and your service at the bar. And the music. I had a business across the street from you all for the past 4 years (I sold my half as all this got started). Yours was the perfect spot to go after work on the regular.


trivia: The Paper Chase tv show (based on the great movie) originally aired on CBS for one season. PBS did rebroadcast those episodes, but it wasn't a PBS show. (Showtime would then make/air three more seasons of the show.)


@17 Love you, Gabe, always a joy chatting with you at the bar.


I'm also, like Gabe, someone who rarely posts to "Comments" sections, but I'm compelled to do so by his thoughtful observations and insights on the reasons for the demise of the beloved CIP. He's right, of course, about the role of Capitalism's failures in the passing of many of our longtime favorite "Adult Community Centers" and his reminder to exercise independent critical thinking about these issues makes me proud to have had the opportunity some years ago to have been on of his professors at the UW. I hope to see you, Gabe, across a table or in a park or on the street sometime in the not-to-distant future.

26 the comment right after my initial one. Not a ton of my poetry is immediately available as publishing rights are weird even if I just post it to my blog, so I keep some of that close to the chest. Thank you so much for inquiring. I'm on Spotify under "LordBatCat", on Twitter @Rev_Gabelicious, and my blog is (I'm only posting these due to you wondering about my writing, not taking a free self-promotion shot). And Dave, thank you too! Some day we'll sit in a park and talk about Slavoj Zizek, lol. Thanks to everyone else for me and on behalf of the entire Pub crew and community. I just walked out the door for the last time ever and had me a big ol cry.


@17 You've made me more than a few great drinks on days that were dark, and your music choices always nailed the mood. I agree with your reasons for the many issues that ultimately undid the financial security of the CIP, and I'm truly sorry you and the other staff lost jobs they depended on. I know that place was a second home to many of the staff and it was a beloved institution for the neighborhood and beyond.


( sigh )

That place was a favorite. It reminded me of the Pub where I used to hang out when I was an undergraduate. Looked the same. Felt the same. Smelled the same.

I was going to quote something about "To the tables down at Mory's". I went to look up the lyrics, and discovered that Mory's went out of business, too, about 12 years ago. Victims of the Great Recession. Oh well.

We're poor little lambs who have lost our way
Baa, baa, baa
We're little black sheep who have gone astray
Baa, baa, baa
Gentleman rankers out on a spree
Damned from here to eternity
God ha' mercy on such as we
Baa, baa, bah


@17 With a muddled vieo reality like this, no wonder the place went out of business.


That would be "view of" reality.


This goes back about 30 years, but what was the name of the regular who wore the foil hat so the government couldn't read his mind?